Top 15 Labor Day Cookout Recipes

Try these recipes for Labor Day, the last big cookout day of the Summer

cajun style cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries
Jeff Wasserman / Stocksy United

As the kids head back to school and the end of summer approaches it's time to end the season with one last, big cookout. Try these recipes for your Labor Day Cookout and make it spectacular. As you can see from this list the most popular foods for labor day include ​BBQ Ribs and Beer Can Chicken.

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    Sliced brisket and biscuits on cutting board
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    This traditional Texas-style Beef Brisket recipe will produce a great piece of smoked meat. This basic recipe gives you all you need to know to smoke a brisket. From here you can learn to take your brisket to a whole new level.

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    Carolina Ribs with Red Pepper Sauce
    Carolina Ribs with Red Pepper Sauce. luchezar / Getty Images

    These ribs are coated with a Carolina style rub and basted with a tangy red pepper sauce. A truly delicious experience!

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    High Angle View Of Orange Smoked Salmon Over Blue Background
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    Marinated in a rich Asian-style mixture of spicy heat and savory flavors, this salmon picks up a little kick and a lot of flavors. If you want to turn up the heat, double the number of red pepper flakes.

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    Grilled Apple and Brie Flatbread
    Grilled Apple and Brie Flatbread. Sabrina S. Baksh / Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    A quick and delicious flatbread recipe utilizing the grill.  Apples and brie cheese work really well together, so give this recipe a try and you'll be pleased with the results. 

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    tenderloin beef Burger cooking with french style on light and relax table
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    This is sure to be one of the best gourmet burgers you'll ever try. Large, well-seasoned patties are grilled to perfection, placed onto toasted Ciabatta bread with melted cheese and topped with a delectable port wine spread. Definitely a great burger for any occasion.

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    Three hot dogs with mustard, mayonnaise and arugula
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    Who doesn't love bacon and cheese? Add a few jalapenos to the mix and you'll have a fantastic hot dog to serve at cookouts, birthday parties, and on game nights.

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    Chicken Roast
    Svitlana Pavelko / EyeEm / Getty Images

    This is the classic beer in the butt chicken recipe, developed by a couple of guys with too many beer cans and not enough pans. This chicken is moist and flavorful. About the best way, there is to cook a chicken. This recipe uses a smoker to slow roast the chicken with lots of smoky flavors.

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    Marinated Vegetable Kebabs
    Marinated Vegetable Kebabs. Rachel Slepekis / Getty Images

    These quick and easy veggie kebabs make a great main or side dish. You can even put them together and freeze them for when you need a quick, grilled meal.

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    Veggie Burger
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    These refreshing grilled herb burgers are sure to please! You can use either burger buns or baguettes and your favorite condiments.

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    High Angle View Of Meat On Cutting Board
    Roman Larin / EyeEm / Getty Images

    If you love steak, then I recommend this flat-iron recipe. The combination of red wine, mustard and fresh herbs really brightens this already flavorful cut of beef.

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    Kansas City ribs
    Alan Richardson/Riser / Getty Images

    If you're in the good a sweet, sticky, delicious pork bbq ribs recipe, then Kansas City Ribs are what you're looking for!

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    fresh fig pizza
    monika dabrowski / Getty Images

    It's an established fact that figs and arugula work really well together. Factor in a nicely grilled pizza ​crust, and the end result is perfection. Choose a good, sharp cheese to round out the flavor of this dish.

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    Grilled Honey Basted Nectarines
    Grilled Honey Basted Nectarines. nicolebranan / Getty Images

    This grilled fruit recipe can be transformed into any dessert you wish. You can add a scoop of ice cream and crumbled cookies to make a sundae or slice and place on top of baked sugar cookie dough to make a dessert pizza.

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    cajun style cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries
    Jeff Wasserman / Stocksy United

    This burger recipe is filled with delicious flavor. Not only do these patties have a Cajun flair, but there is also a mildly spiced barbecue sauce to accompany it. You can step up the heat any way you want on these. Try a thick slice of pepper jack cheese (I like the habanero variety) or a hot and spicy barbecue sauce. If you make an extra messy burger try and extra hearty (and crunchy) bread for the bun.

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    Close-Up Of Potato Salad In Plate On Table
    Christopher Kimball / EyeEm / Getty Images

    This recipe is an alternative take on German-style potato salad. The onions and potatoes are baked, caramelized, and slightly crisped, before adding the dressing. This is a must try recipe.