The 7 Best Leek Recipes

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    Leek and Cheese Welsh Rarebit Recipe

    Leek and Cheese Rarebit
    British Leeks

    Welsh Rarebit (also known as Rabbit by some) is a classic of the Welsh Kitchen. In the traditional recipe, there would simply be cheese, a little ale and possibly some cream in the recipe. 

    A variation on that classic recipe brings this traditional favorite bang up to date using leeks and different cheeses.

    Welsh goats’ cheeses come in a variety of guises, from creamy through to quite firm and mature. For this dish, choose a mild, creamy one without a crust so it will easily melt into the sauce. Alternatively, use Y Fenni cheese which contains mustard seed and ale.

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    Chicken, Leek, Prune and Caerphilly Cheese Pie

    Chicken, Leeks and Caerphilly Cheese Recipe
    British Leeks

    Pie, what better vehicle is there for leeks and there are many classical versions out there. Here there is a wonderful combination of tasty ingredients all packed together in an easy to make chicken, leek, prune, and Caerphilly pie. Chicken and Leek are a traditional match, but here they are teamed unusually with prunes (dried plums), a fruit more used to appearing on the breakfast table. The prunes bring a sweetness and added texture to the pie and combined with the other ingredients are a sure-fire winner. A perfect way to show off leeks.

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    Easy Leek and Dolcelatte Cheese Tart Recipe

    Creamy Leek Tart
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    Another great example of the versatility of leeks is creamy leeks with a tangy, soft, melting blue cheese. This combination of luscious cheese with leeks is a match made in heaven, and if you haven't tried it, you really must. You are going to be pleasantly surprised. Add to that, herbs, eggs and a little cream and milk, and away you go.

    The leek and dolcelatte cheese tart is fine on its own, warm (not hot) from the oven and is also perfect with a salad, new potatoes, perhaps a dish of coleslaw. See how versatile it is and why this recipe is loved. 

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    Classic Cheese and Leek Souffle Recipe

    Top Tips to Make the Perfect Souffle
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    If like many, you freak at the thought of making a soufflé, then you are in the right place. Making a classic soufflé is not as many would have you believe, difficult. Follow this classic cheese and leek souffle recipe and you will be very surprised (and surprised) how straightforward it is.

    Here leeks meet cheese in what is considered a real classic of the British kitchen, once tried it will become a firm favorite. 

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    Welsh Leek and Stilton Soup

    Leek and Stilton Soup
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    An excellent alternative to a traditional leek and potato, this is a delicious thick soup with a real punch of Stilton. The addition of this pungent, strong-flavored cheese to the soup adds a real depth and flavor that you will possibly find any additional seasoning unnecessary, An innovative way to beat the winter blues. Just serve with fresh, granary bread and butter and you will discover you have a meal right there in the bowl, not much else needed after that.

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    Smoked Haddock and Leek Chowder

    Smoked Haddock and Leek Chowder

    Smoked Haddock chowder is based on the famous dish of Cullen Skink a hearty soup and traditionally made with Finnan haddock (smoked haddock), potatoes and onions. The version has added vegetables of leeks, carrots, spinach, and sweet corn, making it hearty, quite healthy and filling; so filling it can be a meal in itself.

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    Cock-a-Leekie Soup Recipe

    Chicken and Leek Soup - Cock-a-Leekie
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    Cock a Leekie soup is a rustic dish hailing from Scotland which goes back as far as the 16th century. There are many regional variations with some cooks adding chopped grilled bacon, some use beef stock, some add Jamaican pepper and many suggest offering stewed prunes with the finished dish.