The Best Mail Order Meat Deals for April 2021

Because it's easier than grocery shopping

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Whether you want to give a crown of lamb a go, or show off your spiral sliced ham, you want to start with the proper cut of meat, that's ideally also on sale. And now, instead of going to the grocery store and feeling overwhelmed by all the options, you can get those special cuts of meat delivered right to your door. Take all the time you need to pick out exactly what you want without worrying about holding up the line. Did we mention it's easier to save money online, too?

Many companies offer deals on different sizes and cuts of meat, and if you want to go all out, combos can save you up to 50 percent off standard orders. Indulge without the high price tag. And it's not just steaks or turkeys that get shipped to your door, these mail-delivery meat companies have vast libraries. You can order everything from seasoned herby chicken to tender pork chops in addition to fully cooked meals. Plus, there are curated side and dessert options, like creamy fettuccine alfredo, or decadent pies to complete the meal.

The deals below are an incredible mix of meats, plus some bonus items as well. For the cooking averse among us, there are some fully cooked options, and for those who identify more with Julia Child, you can season and sear as you see fit. With deals like these, who needs to go to a restaurant?

Shop while you can as these deals are sure to go fast. Here are the best mail-order meat deals right now.

We update these sales weekly, but products go fast! If something is out of stock or no longer discounted, check back next week for a batch of new sales.

D'Artagnan Sliced Mangalica

D'Artagnan Sliced Mangalica

Normally $20, Now $12

You can save 40 percent off select meats and extras at D'Artagnan now. This fully air-cured ham sliced from heritage-breed pork is jamón at its finest. Use code JAMON at check-out. You'll need to spend at least $50 to take advantage of D'Artagnan's online ordering.

D'Artagnan Grass-Fed Lamb Lollipop Chop

Grass-Fed Lamb Lollipop Chop

Normally $70, Now $56

This 100 percent grass-fed lamb is humanely raised—think open green pastures in the farmland of New Zealand. These are a two-bite appetizer or great addition to the main course.

D'Artagnan Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steak

Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steak

Normally $106, Now $80

What’s so special about this cut? Well, it’s 100 percent grass-fed beef, for one. But what really makes this cut unique is the fact that the beef is from the rib primal and raised without hormones, stimulants or antibiotics. These extremely juicy, flavorful ribeyes cook up perfectly every time thanks to their thicker size, which allows for a more uniform distribution of heat. Your days of overcooking ribeyes are over.

Crowd Cow Ground Beef Family Pack

Crowd Cow Ground Beef

Normally $47.50, Now $38

Premium ground beef made from Painted Hills Natural Beef, this a super-rich and juicy option, thanks to only 17 to 20 percent fat. Think burgers, meatloaf, stuffed tacos—whatever your heart desires.

D'Artagnan Semi-Boneless Quail

D'Artagnan Semi-Boneless Quail

Normally $23, Now $18

This week, D'Artagnan has a special of up to 25 percent off a variety of frozen products, including this semi-boneless quail. Like all D'Artagnan's products, you'll find no antibiotics or hormones.

Hickory Farms Savory Sausage Sampler

Hickory Farms Savory Sausage Sampler

Normally $23, Now $16

This gift basket comes prepped with sausage, an onion cheese, sweet hot mustard, crackers and some bonbons for dessert. Whether you're looking for some stellar snacking options, or a platter to entertain, this sampler does it all.

Crowd Cow Japanese A5 Wagyu Ground Beef

Crowd Cow Japanese A5 Wagyu Ground Beef

Normally $35, Now $28

Pick up a full pound of this Japanese Wagyu ground beef. Flavor-wise, you can expect something a bit buttery with umami. Crowd Cow sources this from Kagoshima Farms in Japan.

Chicago Steak Company The Entrepreneur's Selection

The Entrepreneur's Selection at Chicago Steak Company

Normally $400, Now $300

Yes, this is a lot of meat. The Entrepreneur's Selection includes six 5-ounce filet mignon steaks, six 6-ounce top sirloins, six 9-ounce frenched pork chops, six 6-ounce marinated chicken breasts, and one bottle of steak seasoning.

As a bonus, you also get a cheesecake sampler since your purchase is over $99.

Williams Sonoma Kurobuta Bone-In Ham

Kurobuta Bone-In Ham

Normally $200, Now $100 for 12-lbs.

While the sale is only on the most expensive and heaviest cut of meat, this bone-in ham will serve 14 to 18. It's shipped frozen with dry ice, so you can place it directly in the fridge or freezer when it arrives.

Omaha Steaks T-Bone for Two

T-Bone for Two

Normally $257, Now $150

If you don’t know what Omaha Steaks is, you’re missing out. Launched in 1917, what started as a small-scale butcher shop in Omaha became a mail-order venture in 1953, which it remains today (though they also have Omaha stores as well). And it's the perfect thing for fancy date nights. While going out may be off the table for the foreseeable future, this T-Bone dinner set will make you feel like you’re out for a night on the town. The steak is aged at least 21 days for maximum tenderness and flavor, so you don't have to worry about tenderizing.

Chicago Steak Company Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignon

My Chicago Steak Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignon

Normally $85, Now $70

Bring home two 6-ounce premium Angus beef filet mignons in honor of this week's Chicago Steak Company specials. The discounts continue on 5-, 8-, and 10-ounce cuts.

Omaha Steaks Stock-Up Family Meals

Omaha Steaks Stock Up Family Meals

Normally $314, Now $157

If you’re looking for enough food to feed a whole family for a week, you need this box. Everything comes completely frozen for easy storage, and just look at the variety: shepherd’s pie, lasagne, chicken fried steak, sesame chicken, baked chicken and dumplings, a fully cooked pork roast, and a breast of chicken with broccoli and cheese. An easy feast for such an affordable price.

Omaha Steaks Butcher's Cut Assortment

Omaha Steaks Butcher's Cut Assortment

Normally $334, Now $180

If you want to know what the experts are recommending, this is the platter to get: filet mignons, top sirloins, pork chops, burgers, even baked potatoes and apple tarts. It’s all aged perfectly for maximum satisfaction, and is super easy to cook, thanks to its convenient packaging.

Omaha Steaks Fully Cooked Beef Brisket and Barbeque Sauce

Omaha Steaks Fully Cooked Beef Brisket and Barbecue Sauce

Normally $160, Now $40

Tender beef brisket is hand-cut and seasoned with salt, sugar, onion, garlic, and paprika. All you have to do is heat, serve, and enjoy with a bottle of their signature barbecue sauce for an added punch. This price ($40) is the lowest we've seen.

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