The Best Early Black Friday Mail Order Meat Deals for 2021

Because it's easier than grocery shopping

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Best Mail Order Meat Deals

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Whether you're ready to try a new pork rib seasoning recipe or craft the perfect Mediterranean lamb burger, you want to start with the proper cut of meat, that's ideally also on sale. Now, instead of going to the grocery store and feeling overwhelmed by all the options, you can get those special cuts of meat delivered right to your door. Take all the time you need and save money online, too.

Many companies offer deals on different sizes and cuts of meat, and combos can save you up to 50 percent off standard orders. And it's not just steaks or turkeys: You can order anything from seasoned herb chicken to tender pork chops. Plus, there are curated side and dessert options—like creamy fettuccine alfredo or decadent pies—to complete the meal.

And don't forget, many sites and stores will be offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals (some have already started!), along with weekly specials.

From now through October 22, D’Artagnan is offering 20% off select products across the site. Just apply promo code SITEWIDE at checkout.

Here are the best mail-order meat deals right now.

We update these sales weekly, but products go fast! If something is out of stock or not on sale, check back next week for a batch of new deals.

Westholme Wagyu Manhattan Filet Steaks for Two

Westholme Wagyu Manhattan Filet Steaks for Two

Normally $149, Now $139

For special occasions there is nothing like Wagyu-style beef. Hailing from the lauded free range cattle ranges of Queensland, Northern Australia, these trimmed fillets hit with a marble score of 11 to 12 (near the top of the grading scale) for the creamiest, most tender steak you can find. Arrives frozen, cook within three days of thawing.

Hickory Farms 10 oz New York Strip Steaks (4 Count)

Hickory Farms 10 oz New York Strip Steaks

Normally $120, Now $102

This classic cut of meat is versatile and tender. Broil it, grill it, sauté it, you name it. Holds moisture well and spices up beautifully. You’ll get four juicy steaks, flash-frozen (no Saturday to Monday delivery) ready to thaw and enjoy. The eight-count pack is also on sale.

D'Artagnan Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon Ends & Pieces

D'Artagnan Applewood Smoked Bacon Ends

Normally $8, Now $7 with promo code SITEWIDE

New to the site and certain to become a fan favorite, these frozen packs of thick trimmings come from heritage-bred hogs raised on small farms. Smoked over applewood chips, these will add richness to any bean dish, slow-cooked stew or cooked crispy for salads.

The Elegant Farmer Half Ham and Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag

The Elegant Farmer Half Ham and Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag

Normally $110, Now $100

The Elegant Farmer is famous for its “Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag.” The Wisconsin-based producer is pairing its signature pie alongside a tasty boneless half-ham at a special price. Baking the ham in apple cider results in tender, flavorful meat. Arrives fully cooked and ready to serve eight to ten people.

D'Artagnan Veal Osso Buco

D'Artagnan Veal Osso Buco

Normally $250, Now $200 with promo code SITEWIDE

French milk-fed veal provides delicate, flavorful cuts for slow-cooked classic Italian stews. Marrow-rich bone-in cuts ensure both flavor and accuracy. You’ll receive ten pieces, frozen and ready to thaw and cook. D’Artagnan is the exclusive US importer for these southern French farms, and points out the animals are certified humanely raised and never caged or tethered.

Omaha Steaks Bacon-Wrapped Family Pack

Omaha Steaks Bacon-Wrapped Family Pack

Normally $294, Now $146

Admit it: we had you at bacon. Now throw in 27 items and take 50 percent off. This kit includes four bacon-wrapped filet mignon steaks, four pork chops, four Omaha steak burgers, chicken skewers with vegetables, ground beef, scalloped potatoes, and caramel apple tartlets for a striking number of meals or guests.

Pro Tip: Grill over medium heat for 24 - 30 minutes, flipping every 6 minutes, for tender steak and crispy bacon.

Meat District Ultimate Grilling Pack

Meat District Ultimate Grilling Pack

Normally $120 (if purchased separately), Now $100

Sample Meat District’s flavor-filled range of mouth-watering meats with this grill-ready kit. The pack includes The O.G. burgers (a blend of angus brisket, chuck and short rib), pre-seasoned chicken wings, drumsticks and thighs, a garlic peppercorn-spiced pork tenderloin, and Steak House Premium Angus Beef Tri-Tip (you’ll also find new flavor pack variations of the Tri-Tip on the site). If you like what you taste, head to your local Safeway or Food Lion for additional options. As a bonus, shipping is free.

Grass Roots Uncured Bone-In Ham Steak

Grass Roots Uncured Bone-In Ham Steak

Normally $20, Now $16

This uncured, unsmoked ham steak brings out all the fresh goodness of the meat and is especially good the next day in chilled ham sandwiches. Forested pork is raised outdoors for peak flavor, and is additive / hormone free. Raised on small family farms on non-GMO feed, you know this is gonna taste so good.

Honolulu Fish Company Ora King Salmon Sashimi Cut

Honolulu Fish Company Ora King Salmon Sashimi Cut

Normally $159, Now $144

Get three pounds of ultra-fresh, skinned and pin-boned king salmon ready to slice for sashimi or to sear on the grill. Feeds six to eight. Honolulu Fish Company strives to select and distribute sustainable, wild-caught fish, including local Hawaiian delicacies.

D'Artagnan Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steak

Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steak

Normally $106, Now $85 with promo code SITEWIDE

What’s so special about this cut? Well, it’s 100 percent grass-fed beef, for one. But what really makes this cut unique is the fact that the beef is from the rib primal and raised without hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics. These extremely juicy, flavorful ribeyes cook up perfectly every time thanks to their thicker size, which allows for a more uniform distribution of heat. Your days of overcooking ribeyes are over.

Grass Roots Chicken Flats and Drumettes

Grass Roots Chicken Flats and Drumettes

Normally $30, Now $25

Make top-notch Buffalo wings at home for your next football game, backyard get-together or tailgating party. Tips are already removed and wings are split for even, fast cooking. The meat is everything you expect from Grass Roots: Additive free, non-GMO feed, and raised on small family farms. Pair with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy.

Chicago Steak Company Eight Cold Water Lobster Tails

Chicago Steak Company Eight Cold Water Lobster Tails

Normally $210, Now $170

Complement your turf with some fresh surf, with these certified Main Cold Water Lobster Tails, caught by local lobstermen. You’ll get eight tails (shipped flash frozen), each about five to six ounces. Each tail is individually registered and numbered.

Chicago Steak Company The Entrepreneur's Selection

The Entrepreneur's Selection at Chicago Steak Company

Normally $340, Now $300

Yes, this is a lot of meat. The Entrepreneur's Selection includes six 5-ounce filet mignon steaks, six 6-ounce top sirloins, six 9-ounce frenched pork chops, six 6-ounce marinated chicken breasts, and one bottle of steak seasoning.

Promo code FREEGIFTS earns you free standard shipping and twelve 4-oz Premium Angus Steakburgers on orders of $99 or more.

Carnivore Club Mega Meat Bundle

Carnivore Club Mega Meat Bundle

Normally $99, Now $70

Surprise someone special with this veritable cornucopia of sweet and spicy dried meats. Inside the box, you’ll find 18 different packages, including eight various meat sticks, eight different jerkies, and two whole or sliced salamis, all of the highest artisan quality.

$60 is the lowest we've seen this product.

Crowd Cow Ground Turkey Family Pack

Crowd Cow Ground Turkey

Normally $32, Now $19

For four pounds of ground turkey meat, you can make chili, tacos, turkey burgers, and lots more. If you're trying to lower your consumption of red meat, swap out your ground beef for ground turkey. Crowd Cow members receive an additional discount.

Grass Roots Farmers' Collective Ground Turkey

Grass Roots Farmers Collective Ground Turkey

Normally $30, Now $15

The meats at Grass Roots come from a cooperative of real family farms, focused on quality and sustainability. Meats are free of GMOs, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Right now, you’ll find deals up to 50 percent on select items as part of the site's Customer Appreciation Sale. Lighten up tacos, meatloaf, chili, and more with this carefully crafted, lean ground turkey. A balance of light and dark meat and no gristle ensures a tasty end product every time.

Belcampo Organic Shasta Steak 4 Pack

Belcampo Organic Shasta Steak 4 Pack

Normally $56, Now $55

Sure, it’s only a dollar off, but the prices are already pretty great on this 4-pack bundle of organic, grass-fed and certified humane Top Round cuts. Add your favorite marinade and quick-sear on the grill and your summer will be even tastier.

Chomps Meat Sticks Custom Variety Pack

Chomps Meat Sticks Custom Variety Pack

Normally $67, Now $60

Gear up for your next roadtrip or campout. Chomps’s creative flavors are packed into all-natural sticks with no added sugar, no gluten or dairy and are keto-friendly. This sampler pack lets you pick and choose among any of the brand’s flavors, including Original Beef or Turkey, Salt & Pepper Venison, Cranberry Habanero Beef and more. New subscribers can receive an additional 10 percent off their first order.

Belcampo Original Bone Broth Pouch 6 Pack

Belcampo Original Bone Broth Pouch 6 Pack

Normally $96, Now $94

Tasty on its own as a Keto-style pick-me-up, or used in your favorite recipes, both broth is an excellent addition to your kitchen or camp kit. Belcampo’s signature recipe featuring a mix of grass-fed beef and pork broth, in individual pouches, makes it all very convenient. A bundle featuring a mix of broths is also available.

D'Artagnan Semi-Boneless Quail

D'Artagnan Semi-Boneless Quail

Normally $27, Now $22

This week, D'Artagnan has a special of up to 25 percent off a variety of frozen products, including this semi-boneless quail. Like all D'Artagnan's products, you'll find no antibiotics or hormones.

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