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Mead, or honey wine, has been a traditional drink in Celtic nations for hundreds of years. It's made from fermented honey and can be dry, off-dry, or sweet. Some meads are light and balanced enough to serve anytime, while others are decidedly sweet and are meant for the dessert course. You can serve honey wine warm, similar to mulled wine, or lightly chilled, making it an all-year tipple. Since it is Celtic in origin, try serving it at your next St. Patrick's day celebration.

Many states have Meaderies and while shipping may be tricky, our top five Mead recommendations should be relatively easy to find in stores or online. Options range in price, origin, sweetness, and flavor profiles, so you're sure to find something to please any palate.

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    Chaucer's Mead (California) $16

    Chauce's Mead

    Courtesy of Chaucer's Mead

    Chaucer's Mead spotlights three unique honey profiles: orange blossom, sage, and alfalfa. This particular bottle of mead screams dessert and carries a decent dose of sugar in a full-body style with rich textures and universal flavor appeal. Served warm with mulled wine spice for a wintertime treat, or slightly chilled after a warm-weather meal. Chaucer's partners well with a variety of dessert treats or is happy to play the role of dessert itself.

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    Redstone Meadery's Mountain Honey Wine (Colorado) $22

    Redstone Meadery's Mountain Honey Wine

    Courtesy of Redstone Meadery 

    The Redstone Meadery, located in Boulder, Colorado, offers up a traditional mead with their Mountain Honey Wine. Built with a 7:2 ratio of orange blossom honey and wildflower honey, this tasty rendition carries considerable citrus tones along with the classic honeyed aspects in a medium sweet style. Weighing in at 12% alcohol and medium body, the Mountain Honey Wine is perfectly placed to enjoy chilled or warmed up a bit for cooler climates.

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    Bunratty Meade (Ireland) $18

    Bunratty Mead

    Courtesy Bunratty Mead

    Bunratty Meade is made in the shadows of Bunratty Castle. Built in the 15th century, it overlooks Ireland's famed River Shannon. Carefully crafted from an old Irish recipe that includes honey, white wine, and herbs, this Mead is fairly sweet and suitable for a variety of palates and occasions. It's a classic style of mead that's a good place to start if you're new to the drink.

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    Oliver Camelot Mead (Indiana) $10

    Oliver Camelot Mead

    Courtesy of Oliver Winery & Vineyards

    With a truly charming label, the award-winning Oliver Camelot Mead is crafted in a lighter-bodied style. It has easy-going honey aromas and sweeter flavors in full view but is refined by a hint of acidity. It's sure to please a wide range of drinkers with a balanced sweetness and is easy on your pocketbook at just $10 a bottle.

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    Golden Coast Mead Orange Blossom (San Diego) $32

    Golden Coast Meade

    Courtesy of Golden Coast Meade

    Combining the best of Southern California's orange blossom honey with spring water, this Golden Coast Mead brings citrus themes on the nose and a lighter body style with 10.5% alcohol. Refreshing and distinct, this particular mead is a versatile aperitif and can be served before or after a meal. Its lightness makes it especially nice when enjoyed chilled in the spring or summertime.