10 Best Mimosas for a Fantastic Brunch

There's a Mimosa Recipe for Every Season and Occasion

Break out the bubbly because it's time for mimosas! The famous Champagne and OJ cocktail is a fantastic drink for brunch and a brilliant addition to any special occasion. 

While the original mimosa recipe is a fabulous drink, it has served as inspiration for many new sparkling wine recipes. Today's array of mimosa flavors include cranberry, pomegranate, and pineapple. Whether you're looking for a seasonal recipe or a year-round go-to, there's sure to be a mimosa recipe for you.

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    The Classic Mimosa


    The Spruce

    It doesn't get any easier than this! The classic mimosa recipe calls for a bottle of your favorite Champagne, orange juice, and (optional) triple sec. It's extremely easy and the wine bubbles do all the mixing for you.

    A quick pour of the three ingredients and you are ready to celebrate a wedding, graduation, Mother's Day, or any other special occasion. And, nothing says "fancy brunch" like a mimosa!

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    Buck's Fizz

    Buck's Fizz Cocktail

    GSPictures / Getty Images

    The Buck's fizz likely inspired the mimosa. This is another classic cocktail and nearly the same drink, with its simple mix of orange juice and sparkling wine. There's no need for triple sec, and it's even better if you take the time to squeeze a few oranges.

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    Pineapple Mimosa

    Pineapple Mimosa
    Getty Images/Jonelle Weaver

    The pineapple mimosa offers a few extra layers of flavor for you to enjoy. It begins with a top-shelf pineapple vodka and just a little orange juice. On top of that, you'll add lemon juice and honey syrup before topping it with the Italian sparkling wine of Prosecco.

    Though it has a few more ingredients, this mimosa is just as easy to mix up. It's a truly impressive cocktail that is close enough to the original to make your guests think you have a magical mimosa touch.

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    Pomegranate Mimosa

    Pomegranate Mimosa

    Isabelle Lafrance Photography / Getty Images

    It's time for a bright red mimosa and pomegranate juice is the perfect way to get it. This delightfully easy cocktail is one that can add flair to any party, big or small.

    The pomegranate is a winter fruit so this is perfect for the holidays, particularly if you're using the seeds as a garnish. Yet, it can be a trick to juice the fruits so it might be easier to buy that ingredient. Another option is to use a pomegranate liqueur such as Pama.

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    Pomegranate Tequila Sunrise Mimosa

    Tequila Sunrise Mimosa
    Leah Maroney

    The tequila sunrise is a beautiful drink inside and out. With one small addition, it can become even more amazing and the transformation relies on sparkling wine.

    In the pomegranate tequila sunrise mimosa, the two popular cocktails become one magical drink. Choose a great tequila and a fresh orange juice to go with the Prosecco. The pomegranate flavor comes in via juice, though grenadine will make it a bit sweeter and offer a more pronounced sunrise effect.

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    The Spruce

    You can take your mimosa in many different ways and use any fruit you like. If you decide to go with peaches, then you have another popular brunch cocktail known as the Bellini.

    The mimosa and Bellini really do vie for the title of best brunch cocktail and you don't have to choose between the two. The juice and triple sec are the only real differences, so it's easy to offer both and let your guests choose which they'd like. It won't cost much more or add any hassle and it's always nice to offer options.

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    Poinsettia champagne cocktail

    The Spruce

    The classic poinsettia is a favorite for holiday parties, but it works year-round and for any occasion. The juice of choice for this cocktail is the popular and easy to find cranberry. Other than that, it's a tried and true mimosa.

    This is another cocktail that can easily be served in a pitcher, so feel free to make a larger batch. It takes some of the hosting duties off you and allows guests to pour a drink whenever they like.

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    Christmas Mimosa

    Pine infused Christmas mimosa recipe

    ​The Spruce Eats / Teena Agnel

    All the best flavors of the holidays come together in the Christmas mimosa. This recipe uses both pomegranate liqueur and cranberry juice, along with your favorite sparkling wine.

    The real magic happens when you allow a sprig of pine to infuse its flavor into the drink. If you prefer, rosemary is an option. The cocktail becomes even more elegant and impressive when garnished with a few fresh cranberries.

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    St. Germain Cocktail

    St. Germain Cocktail
    Leah Maroney

    For spring affairs, a light, airy, and floral Champagne cocktail is a perfect fit. The St. Germain cocktail is one of the best recipes for the season and it requires one simple substitution from the Buck's fizz.

    Instead of a juice, the sparkling wine in this recipe is paired with St. Germain Liqueur. It offers the refreshing flavor of elderflowers and the wine opens it up beautifully. As with many mimosa-like recipes, it's an easy one to transform into a ​nonalcoholic mocktail as well.

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    Champagne and Chambord

    Champagne and Chambord Cocktail
    Rob Lawson / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    You will need just two ingredients for this delightfully simple cocktail. Better yet, there's no guesswork because the name Champagne and Chambord says it all!

    The recipe combines a half shot of Chambord Liqueur with your favorite Champagne, though any sparkling wine will do. It offers the sweet taste of black raspberries enhanced with effervescence and is sure to please anyone who drinks it.