14 Delightful No-Bake Cookies

No bake chocolate peanut butter cookies

The Spruce / Claire Cohen

If you've got a-hankerin' for a sweet but want to keep the oven out of it, look no further than these excellent no-bake cookie recipes. While none of them require turning that particular dial, some will require cooking some ingredients on the stove or in the microwave. Make sure you plan ahead accordingly.

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    Penuche Cookies

    Penuche Cookies

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    Sick of chocolate and peanut butter no-bake cookie combos? Try these penuche cookies instead. While they do require boiling on the stove, these oat-based cookies don't need any oven time. They will remain slightly soft as they set, and also work well with other nuts or dried fruit.

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    Classic Haystack Cookies

    Classic Haystack Cookies

    Katie Workman / themom100.com

    You might remember these crunchy, chocolate-y haystack cookies from childhood and might even have the ingredients in your pantry, today. These classic haystack cookies use packaged chow mein noodles for their signature look, and can also be made with crushed pretzels for extra saltiness. Try mixing up this tasty treat with butterscotch, peanut butter, or other chip flavors.

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    No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

    No bake chocolate peanut butter cookies
    Claire Cohen

    If you like chocolate and peanut butter—and who doesn't?—these easy no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies are your dream combo. Note that this recipe does require cooking the ingredients on the stove first, but you can also use the microwave if you prefer. Add flaked coconut, chopped peanuts, or chocolate chips for extra texture.

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    Skinny Mint Cookies

    Skinny Mint Cookies

    The Spruce / Julia Estrada

    These delightful no-bake skinny mint cookies taste just like your favorite Girl Scout variety, but you can whip them up in your own kitchen all year-round. Because they use packaged wafer cookies and candies, this simple recipe also comes together without breaking a sweat. To pump up the flavor, use mint wafer cookies.

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    Chocolate Peanut Butter Bonbons

    chocolate balls

    Sloniki / Getty Images

    Make these chocolate peanut butter bonbons a traditional holiday cooking event with the kids. These are sort of like an upscale Reese's peanut butter cup made seasonal for Christmas with dates and richer with dark chocolate. Be sure to buy unchopped dates and chop them yourself; the prechopped type coated in sugar are too dry for the recipe.

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    Graham Cracker Sandwich Cookies

    Graham Cracker Sandwiches
    Linda Larsen

    These graham cracker sandwich cookies are an old and well-known recipe. Basic and yummy. You probably always have the ingredients in the house, and they are easy to whip up in a jiffy if someone has a taste for something sweet, and the cupboard is bare. Who needs to go to the grocery store? All you are really making here is buttercream frosting. You can make them any size you want: Use a whole graham cracker square or break the squares into little rectangles and frost those. You can flavor the frosting any way you'd like, too. Add peanut butter, make it plain vanilla, or add some melted chocolate.

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    Almond Joy Cookies

    Almond Joy Cookies

    Kristina Vanni 

    With all the flavors of the classic candy bar, Almond Joy cookies are quick and easy to make. Coconut, chocolate, and almond are a delicious combo, and other than melting the chocolate, these cookies require no cooking at all. They're great for picnics or bake sales since they keep and travel well, and the whole almond on tops makes them an attractive treat.

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    Cornflake Cookies

    Cornflake Cookies

     Kristina Vanni

    The perfect recipe when you need a last-minute cookie, these no-bake treats call for only three ingredients and 15 minutes of time. Peanut butter and butterscotch chips are melted together and combined with cornflakes; the mixture is formed into mounds and refrigerated until set. Include in the kids' lunchboxes, offer as an after-school snack, or serve up for a dessert.

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    Oven-Free Cookie Dough Pops

    Oven-Free Cookie Dough Pops

    The Spruce / Diane Rattray

    Those of us who enjoy licking the bowl when baking will love this egg-free oven-free cookie dough pops recipe. These no-bake cookie dough pops make a great gift or special-looking snack for a bridal or baby shower, birthday party, or any get-together. Get the kids involved applying whatever coatings or toppings your little heart desires.

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    Vegan Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

    Vegan Chocolate Drops

    slgc / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    Many no-bake cookies rely on butter or margarine, but not this allergy-friendly vegan chocolate oatmeal cookies recipe. By using moist dates and dairy-free chocolate chips, they retain the texture and sweetness of other cookies, while remaining totally dairy, oil, gluten, and animal-product free. Take this one to the potluck and watch parents rejoice.

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    Special K Bar Cookies

    Special kay bars

    The Spruce Eats / Katarina Zunic

    Sometimes you end up with a sad box of cereal in your pantry heading toward stale—cereal bar cookies to the rescue! Use Special K or other flaked cereal for this Special K bar cookies recipe. Puffed rice cereal will get too soggy and will not create the crunchy bar you need to contrast with the creamy chocolate-peanut butter topping.

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    Peanut Butter Cornflake Cookies

    pb cornflake cookies

     Leah Maroney

    Peanut butter cornflake cookies are quick, easy, and addictive. Crispy cornflake cereal is mixed with melted sugar and creamy peanut butter for a crispy, chewy, salty, and sweet treat. They only take a few minutes to mix up, making them a good project for kids. Mix in chocolate chips or drizzle with melted chocolate for a classic combination of flavors.

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    Flexible Crispy Bar Cookies

    Flexible Crispy Bar Cookies

    Jason Lugo / E+ / Getty Images 

    The kids will love these versatile no-bake flexible crispy bar cookies, made with crisped rice cereal. This recipe calls for peanut butter, but you can omit it if you don't like the taste. Add in chocolate chips, candies, nuts, and fruit, or whatever toppings suit your family's fancy. They're perfect for the big game potluck or a fun weekend activity with the kids.

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    Easy Nanaimo Bar Cookies

    Easy Nanaimo Bar Cookies

    Lauri Patterson/ E+ / Getty Images

    This easy Nanaimo bar cookies recipe doesn't require turning on the oven, but still comes out layered and pretty enough for the bake sale. You can bake off the crust if you like it a little firmer, but it's not required. Feel free to change up the pudding flavor or toss in additional mix-ins, if you're feeling frisky. These stand up well to improvisation.