No Bake Desserts

Easy Dessert Recipes You Don't Have to Turn on the Oven to Make

No-bake desserts are perfect for the warmer months when you don't feel like turning on the oven or when you want a quick and tasty treat. These recipes are also great for when you want to get in the kitchen and cook with the kids -- no hot stoves to worry about.

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    Chocolate Pudding Pie

    Easy Chocolate Pudding Pie

    The Spruce

    A graham cracker crumb crust is the ideal contrast to a creamy chocolate pudding filling in this easy, no-bake pie. Top with homemade whipped cream, fresh raspberries and shaved chocolate.

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    Butterscotch Haystacks Recipe

    Butterscotch Haystacks
    Butterscotch Haystacks. Stephanie Gallagher

    This is an old-fashioned recipe that never goes out of style. With just four ingredients, it's super easy and super fast, too. Even better: Kids love these haystacks. Store in an airtight container in a cool place.

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    Oreo Milkshake Recipe

    Oreo Milkshake
    Oreo Milkshake. Stephanie Gallagher

    This is the first recipe my oldest learned to make. It's simple and tastes as good as any milkshake you'd get in an ice cream shop. Try this recipe with chocolate ice cream, too.

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    Ice Cream Cone Cannoli Recipe

    Ice Cream Cone Cannoli
    Ice Cream Cone Cannoli. Stephanie Gallagher

    Forget the Italian deli or restaurant, you can have cannoli any time you like with this simple recipe. Sugar cones serve as the cannoli shells, and the filling is a delightful blend of ricotta cheese, confectioner's sugar, mini chocolate chips and orange zest.

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe

    Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
    Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. Stephanie Gallagher

    Everyone who tries this dessert loves it. And you will love how easy it is to make. It's so easy, in fact, the kids can truly make this one by themselves. For variety, try different flavored ice cream sandwiches.

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    Peanutty Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Peanut Chocolate Covered Strawberries
    Peanut Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Stephanie Gallagher

    Fresh strawberries are dipped in semisweet chocolate, then rolled in chopped peanuts in this sweet and juicy dessert that is guaranteed to be a hit with the family. A chocolate melter (compare prices) makes this recipe easy to prepare.

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    Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

    Classic rice crispy treat

    The Spruce


    These are the classic no-bake treat that kids have adored for generations. To make these treats a little healthier, use crispy brown rice cereal.