The 7 Best Online Cookie Decorating Classes of 2021

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Cookie decorating is an accessible craft—and a highly addictive hobby. That's because cookies, specifically sugar cookies decorated with royal icing, are now a medium of artistic expression, and though the subject matter is lighthearted, this once humble craft is now pursued with the seriousness and dedication of fine artists.

If you're ready to get serious, online cookie decorating classes are a great way to learn, both from the world's best cookie artists and your fellow students, without leaving the comfort of your home kitchen.

McGoo U: Best Overall

Arty McGoo

 Arty McGoo

In the beginning, Arty McGoo was the title of Elizabeth Adams's art blog, which she began in 2010 to chronicle her myriad creative projects. When cookies became Adams' preferred medium of artistic expression, the blog struck its niche, and Arty became the moniker of Adams's cookie alter ego. Her hand-painting skills, in particular, proved so impressive that cookiers around the world began to ask Adams to share her knowledge. In 2013, McGoo U was born.

McGoo U earns the best overall title for the depth, breadth, and regularity of its high-quality cookie content. You will encounter all the major decorating techniques, including airbrushing, hand-painting, piping, stenciling, stamping, wet-on-wet decoration, dimensional flood, and much more.

Adams produces about six videos per month on McGoo U: a cookie class, two guest segments featuring a prominent artist, a segment on the business of baking, a time-lapse of Adams improvising a design, and a fun, goofy segment called "after school" composed of sketches on subjects like cookie poetry and cookie ASMR.

McGoo U has two tiers of membership: monthly and annually. A monthly membership costs about $10 per month and gets you access to the current month's content. The annual membership costs roughly $105 per year and includes access to ALL McGoo U content, plus occasional giveaways and bonus videos. Both membership tiers include access to the McGoo U social network and private Facebook group.

Craftsy: Best Budget



Craftsy started out as Craftsy, then became Bluprint for a couple of years, and is now back to being Craftsy again. Though the name has flip-flopped, the concept hasn't changed. Craftsy remains an online platform hosting high-quality educational content for creatives and aims to "make people's lives better through creativity."

Craftsy is currently home to a very nice assortment of cookie decorating classes, hosted by several different instructors. Courses include Better Basics for Exceptional Cookies; Smart Cookies: Better Faster and More Efficient Decorating; Cookie Pop Presentations: Bouquets and More; 21 Techniques for Playful Cookies; Creative Techniques for Endless Cookies; and Piping Cookies that Pop. Instructors include well-known cookiers like Amber Spiegel, Stephanie Kappel, Anne Yorks, and Georgeanne Bell.

Classes are available on an a la carte basis, but the real bang for the buck is in the membership subscription. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available at about $8 per month and roughly $80 per year, respectively. With each class lesson lasting around two hours, Craftsy offers a lot of cookie content for the money.

The Gingerbread Artist: Best Old-School

The Gingerbread Artist

 The Gingerbread Artist

Tunde Dugantsi is a Hungarian gingerbread artist and cookie decorating instructor out of Bowling Green, Kentucky, whose beautiful, intricate, and elegant designs are drawn from the folk art traditions of her native country.

Dugantsi is considered a true artist by many of her students, who study with her as though apprenticing to a revered master. As one student puts it, "Ms. Dugantsi is very clear and precise in her teachings. I really love these classes, and I am very happy I found her, and that she keeps them very affordable. Ms. Dugantsi is a true artist, and I really appreciate that she is willing to share her knowledge."

There are many ways to learn from Dugantsi. She oversees a private Facebook group called Club Cookie Academy, where she hosts two classes monthly at a cost of around $10 per month. Dugantsi has also produced several pre-recorded courses and numerous standalone project tutorials available through Vimeo on-demand.

The Cookie Academy Basics course, for example, is comprised of seven lessons, available individually for about $5 or roughly $30 for the entire course. The shorter cookie project tutorials cost around $10 each. If you seek to learn one-on-one from the master herself, Dugantsi teaches private online classes through Zoom, starting at approximately $200 for a three- to four-hour session.

Edible Impressions: Best for Events

Edible Impressions

 Edible Impressions

If you are looking for a custom-designed, cookie decorating class to incorporate into an event, such as a birthday party, bridal shower, or team-building exercise, then Edible Impressions is your huckleberry.

Founder Annette Conrad is a veteran event planner, self-taught baker, and full-time cookier. She specializes in creating custom cookies and has produced virtual courses for companies like Verizon, Adobe, and IBM.

Conrad and her team consult with you to create a custom design, which they use to produce decorating kits catered to you, and then they ship the kits to each participant in advance of your event. The kits contain everything needed to produce your custom cookies, including sugar cookies and piping bags with colored icings, brushes, and sprinkles. On the day of the course, Conrad herself provides instruction while you and your guests follow along.

Edible Impressions' virtual cookie decorating classes cost about $85 per hour of instruction, plus the cost of the custom kits, which start at roughly $24 per kit, plus shipping and handling.

Julia M. Usher: Best One-on-One



Julia M. Usher is an award-winning author, stylist, and pastry chef with a long list of accomplishments in the world of sugar arts. Her work has been featured in Bon Appetit, "Vera Wang on Weddings," and Better Homes and Gardens, and she regularly judges cookie competitions, in addition to leading workshops and seminars all over the world.

Usher frequently showcases her astounding skills in exquisitely detailed how-to videos on her popular YouTube channel. Her specialty is 3D cookies: edible cookie sculptures that take the form of jewel boxes, teacups, castles, lizards, and even BBQ grills.

Now, thanks to a new video call platform called Superpeer, you can make her special cookies with Usher herself in a one-on-one setting. Whether there's a specific technique you'd like help mastering or a tricky cookie problem you can't quite solve, Usher can help. A 30-minute consult costs about $50, and a 60-minute in-depth session is roughly $100.

Arlos Cookies: Best Live

Arlos Cookies

Arlos Cookies

In 2019 while planning for her son Arlo's first birthday, Luna Ellis was struck by a photograph of decorated sugar cookies. She tried her hand at the craft and immediately fell in love. Drawing on her background in art, design, and marketing, Ellis founded Arlos Cookies the same year.

Though relatively new to the cookie scene, Arlos is making a substantial impact. The company has accumulated almost 50,000 Instagram followers and is sure to gain more and more as time goes by. One look at the cookies and you will see why. The clean, detail-oriented designs, thoughtful color palettes, and unique themes like succulents, fruit, and a Christmas tree-bearing camper van announce the presence of a visionary cookie artist.

Arlos Cookies' live classes are conducted in a private Facebook group. Each one includes a digital workbook with a supply list, templates, step-by-step guides, color mixing formulas, recipes, and more. You can download the workbook in advance to get prepared.

If something comes up and you miss the class, or if you want to rewatch again later, all the video content is saved. Most classes cost around $30 each.

Miss Biscuit: Best Teacher

Miss Biscuit

 Miss Biscuit

Originally a speech pathologist, Julia Day started Miss Biscuit in 2012 out of her home kitchen, fulfilling custom orders and selling her decorated cakes and cookies to local markets.

At the same time, her approachable warmth and effervescent personality began to win her a substantial following on social media. Day soon realized that more people wanted to interact with and learn from her than wanted to merely purchase her products. And so Miss Biscuit pivoted to exclusively offering cookie decorating instruction and supplies. Today, Day has two teaching studios—one in Melbourne and another in Sydney—and has taught workshops as far afield as London, New York City, and Dubai.

Luckily for everyone outside of Australia, Miss Biscuit has developed an online classroom and community on her website. To access all the content, you must take one of the beginners' classes, which cost around $99. Each of these courses provides almost two hours of high-quality cookie instruction, access to the private Miss Biscuit Facebook group, downloadable resources such as technical tips and recipes, and, of course, Day's delightful presence and charming Australian accent.

How We Chose the Best Online Cookie Decorating Classes

The cookie-verse is vast and growing. We painstakingly sorted through dozens of online classes and tutorials to find the highest quality educational cookie content available. Our top pick, Arty McGoo, has four years' worth (and counting) of excellent monthly content available for a very reasonable price.

Next, we wanted to include a range of styles and approaches, from the old-school aesthetic of the Gingerbread Artist, to innovative technicians like Julia Usher, to modern cookie artists like Arlos Cookies. Whether you're a curious beginner, a passionate hobbyist, or a full-time cookier, this list has an educational resource for you. Arlos Cookies stood out for its live classes, which feel intimate because they take place in a private Facebook group.

What Are Online Cookie Decorating Classes?

Online Cookie Decorating Classes consist of either pre-recorded videos or live demonstrations via Zoom, Facebook, or a similar online platform. Frequently downloadable assets such as templates and workbooks accompany the video content.

How Long Are Online Cookie Decorating Classes?

It varies, but they generally last around one to two hours.

How Much Do Online Cookie Decorating Classes Cost?

It depends on the instructor's business model. Standalone pre-recorded classes usually cost around $30, but some come in at roughly $100. Subscription-based services generally cost about $10 per month.

What Supplies Do I Need for an Online Cookie Decorating Class?

Cookie decorating is an equipment-intensive hobby. To fully participate you'll need supplies. Depending on the project, you may need tools such as brushes, piping bags, food coloring, an electric mixer for making royal icing, assorted spatulas, and, of course, cookies.

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