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Online vegan cooking classes provide structured, on-demand digital multimedia instruction in plant-based culinary techniques. They make it possible to develop and refine your vegan cooking skills in a disciplined and focused manner, but with the ease and comfort of working from your home kitchen, on your own schedule.

The best online vegan cooking classes deliver countless hours of high-quality content, cover many styles of vegan cuisine, and accommodate a range of skill levels. A great course will offer more than recipes and demonstrations. It will empower your creativity, which is extremely important when you've taken a broad category of ingredients (in this case, animal products) off the table. We searched long and hard to find the best online vegan cooking classes. Here's the list of our top picks.

Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes of 2021

Best Overall: Veecoco



Why We Chose It: With tons of great content, a diverse group of professional instructors, an engaged community, and a very reasonable price, Veecoco checks all the boxes.

What We Like
  • Large course library

  • Mobile app

What We Don't Like
  • Not accredited

Setting a new standard in culinary education, Veecoco is so much more than an online class. It's an ever-growing library of diverse courses, with an online community dedicated to 100 percent healthful, plant-based cooking. Created by fraternal twins Lukas and Samuel Schanderl in 2019, Veecoco grew from eight courses to 16 courses in less than two years, and the pair is always adding new ones.

The best part about Veecoco is the wide variety of cuisines and instructors. Courses include Vegan Classic Italian, Vegan Sushi and Ramen, Raw Food Essentials, and Mouthwatering Vegan Desserts, to name just a few. There's even a course on making Artisanal Vegan Cheese.

Each course on Veecoco is taught by a different professional vegan chef, each with their own specialty and unique background. It's like a virtual apprenticeship with multiple mentors that's sure to accelerate your learning.

To join Veecoco, sign up for a one-year membership. You can pay upfront for around $300, or in 12 monthly payments of about $35. If you want to check out the courses before committing, Veecoco offers a seven-day free trial with access to the entire library of over 500 lessons.

Best for Kids: Tiny Green Chef

Tiny Green Chef

Tiny Green Chef

Why We Chose It: Engaging and empowering for young cooks, Tiny Green Chef will make plant-based eating fun for your kids.

What We Like
  • Teaches basic cooking skills

  • Money-back guarantee

What We Don't Like
  • No monthly option

Every parent has experienced power struggles with their kids over healthful eating. And no one escapes childhood without being told to "eat your vegetables." It's no fun for anyone, and that's why professional chef and health coach Azizi Birkeland is on a mission to change the situation with her Tiny Green Chef program, a plant-based course designed specifically for kids.

The secret, says Birkeland, is to give your kids what they want—and no, she's not talking about cake and ice cream. What kids really want is control, and for you to have faith in their choices and abilities. The solution to the power struggle, therefore, is to empower your kids with cooking skills, inspire their natural creativity, and educate them with fun, hands-on experiments.

The program is composed of four modules, with over 30 cooking lessons, 60 skills demos, kitchen science experiments, and interactive, kid-friendly health lessons. The videos star Birkeland's two adorable daughters, helping to make the material relatable for young viewers. There are also a few bonuses for adults, like meal templates, ingredient substitution ideas, and meal prep tips.

The Tiny Green Chef Program is a one-time purchase of around $100. Birkeland is so confident it will work for your family that she offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund if you're not fully satisfied.

Best Budget: My Brownble

My Brownble

My Brownble

Why We Chose It: For around $12 per month, you can access Brownble's library of 400+ videos, plus new content every week.

What We Like
  • Low monthly cost

  • Free trial

What We Don't Like
  • Only one instructor

Brownble was created by husband and wife team Kim Sujovolsky and Carlos Marrero. Carlos is a medical doctor who also happens to be passionate about filmmaking and tech, and Kim is a certified plant-based cook. Together, they built an online platform to help others prepare healthful, vegan food.

While the platform hosts an array of courses, the offer we're focusing on here is called My Brownble, a monthly subscription to the site's main library of cooking and vegan lifestyle support videos. For a low monthly fee, you will get access to the continually expanding library of over 400 videos, printable PDFs of all the recipes, and downloadable audio versions for on-the-go listening.

For a two-person project, Brownble is extremely impressive. Take a look at the recipe list to see the huge assortment of different foods and techniques covered in the videos, from tempeh and kidney bean tortilla burgers to raspberry chia pudding and seitan wellingtons with red wine mushroom gravy.

The My Brownble program costs about $12 per month or around $120 per year. You can even get lifetime access for a one-time payment of roughly $200. No matter which way you decide to subscribe, your first week is free, so you can check out the content and see if it's for you.

Best Celebrity Chef Class: Food Future Institute

Food Future Institute

Food Future Institute

Why We Chose It: Matthew Kenney is a well-known vegan chef with dozens of restaurants, cookbooks, and an online cooking school.

What We Like
  • 17 modules

  • Detailed syllabus

What We Don't Like
  • No free trial

Vegan chef Matthew Kenney operates 16 restaurants in 10 countries, has written 18 cookbooks, and has a line of frozen vegan meals. To anyone who thinks you can't get energy from a plant-based diet, Kenney stands as a living rejoinder.

Kenney believes that plant-based food is the future, so it's not surprising that he named his online vegan culinary school the Food Future Institute. The course is very substantial, with about 200 hours of learning material. FFI estimates that a student working full-time will need three months to complete the work, including two exams and a final project. While students get access to all the materials for life, instructor feedback is only available for one year, so you are encouraged to finish the course within that time frame.

Download the course catalog to view the comprehensive syllabus, which maps out the progression through 17 modules, each filled with roughly five to seven recipe-based lessons. You'll learn everything from basic knife skills to how to make kombucha, vegan cheeses, beet tartare, lentil pate, vegetable terrines, and much, much more.

FFI is not a subscription. To enroll, students make a one-time payment of $350. While open to all skill levels, some recipes rely on techniques like dehydration and high-speed blending that require specialty appliances. See the equipment list in the syllabus before enrolling to make sure you can do the required work.

Best for New Vegans: Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives

Why We Chose It: Forks Over Knives will give recent plant-based converts the foundation necessary to stick to their commitment.

What We Like
  • Detailed syllabus

  • Instructor support

What We Don't Like
  • Limited dessert instruction

In 2001, Brian Wendel attended a nutrition conference that changed his life. Inspired by a lecture from a plant-based eating expert, Wendel immersed himself in the vegan lifestyle. As he did so, the information he discovered and the changes that he noticed in his own life kindled a burning desire to share the impact of a plant-based diet with the world.

To kick off this broader mission, Wendel produced the documentary film "Forks Over Knives," which was released in 2011. The response was overwhelming, allowing Wendel to publish four books, a website, a recipe app, and a cooking course, all with the goal of helping others adopt and benefit from a plant-based lifestyle.

The Forks Over Knives course is available in two levels. The Essentials Course consists of 20 hours of instruction in foundational plant-based knowledge, including lifestyle and nutrition, setting up your pantry, and basic cooking skills. The Ultimate Course clocks in at 55 hours and covers everything in the Essentials course, plus four more units, with 25 more lessons, in excess of 100 recipes, and instructor support and feedback. You'll also get 30 credits with the American Culinary Federation, which you can use if you want to pursue professional certification.

The Essentials Course costs about $100, while the Ultimate Course sells for roughly $250. The courses are produced through Rouxbe, a well-known online culinary school. You can sample a number of the course videos before you commit.

Final Verdict

Culinary education has changed dramatically. It's no longer necessary to pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend a special facility in order to receive high-quality expert instruction. As long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you can now cultivate your skills in your home kitchen. 

Your decision about which specific course to take will come down to your goals. Are you a skilled cook or are you looking to acquire a culinary foundation? Do you want something more structured? Or do you want to explore at your own pace? We think Veecoco offers the best overall combination of variety, flexibility, community, and cost for most people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Online Vegan Cooking Class?

An online vegan cooking class delivers multimedia instruction in plant-based cooking. Some offer interaction and instructor feedback, while others are more of a one-way street. A good class will teach you more than just recipes and will inspire you to be creative.

Do I Have to Be an Experienced Cook?

While having a cooking background certainly helps, most online classes aim to be as accessible as possible, offering instruction in basic techniques like knife skills and steaming vegetables. Like all skills, cooking takes practice. You've got to start somewhere! Don't let a lack of experience stop you from getting your hands dirty.

How Much Do Online Vegan Cooking Classes Cost?

Costs vary but in general, a structured, comprehensive course that will help you build a solid foundation in vegan cooking will cost you about $300. That said, there are many lower-cost options. Either way, online classes are much more affordable than culinary school.

How We Chose the Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes

There is a lot of instructional vegan cooking content out there. We focused on the most comprehensive classes developed for folks who want to learn more than just a few recipes or techniques and really dive into the underlying principles and processes of vegan cooking.

Veecoco, our choice for best overall, offers instruction in many styles of regional cuisine. Tiny Green Chef aims to help kids lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthful eating. My Brownble offers extensive support for your vegan lifestyle. Food Future Institute delivers structured, in-depth instruction from a giant of plant-based cooking. And Forks Over Knives helps new vegans acquire the skills they need for the journey ahead.

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