The 3 Best Tools for Organizing Your Food Storage Containers, According to a Pro

Because nobody likes a Tupperware avalanche.

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A person closing the lid on glass food storage containers.

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When it comes to organizing my glass and plastic food storage containers, I don’t have the best track record. Even if I come up with a system that seems to work, I have a hard time maintaining it; I end up shoving clean containers in my lower cabinet and hoping for the best.

That hurried approach might save time when I’m putting things away, but I usually end up with a frustrating (and time-consuming) Tupperware avalanche when I need them for leftovers. So suffice it to say, I’m in dire need of a new system—one that corrals my storage containers without requiring a ton of extra time on the front end.

What would a professional organizer do? I turned to New York-based pro organizer Caroline Solomon for help. First off, she said, some people with ample cabinet space may not need additional organizing tools. “If you have the cabinet or shelf space, I’m a big proponent of stacking whole food containers on top of each other, with the lids on top,” Solomon says. “This way, you’ll never run into trouble searching for a stray lid or bottom.” Not enough room? You can also nest the containers, with the smallest inside the larger ones and all the lids on top or to the side. 

For folks who can stay on top of a system, this sounds great. I, on the other hand, might need a bit more… structure. Here, then, are Solomon’s 3 favorite tools to organize glass and plastic storage containers—and their lids. See if they don’t bring serenity to your Tupperware universe.

Umbra kitchen cupboard filled with containers and lids


For Drawer Storage: Umbra Peggy Drawer Organizer

If you store your food containers in a drawer instead of a cabinet, consider this sleek organizer from Umbra, which comes in two colors. “I love that you can adjust and reposition the pegs to suit the dimensions of your food containers,” says Solomon. “Stacking food containers on top of each other has never been more satisfying.”

A YouCopia storage container filled with lids


For Lots of Lids: YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer

This is a simple system that instantly streamlines all your different-sized food storage lids, whether you’re using a drawer or a cabinet to organize them. Solomon recommends nesting your food container bases or bottoms right next to the lid organizer so you can easily match them up when you need them.

An Elf Easy Glider filled with containers

The Container Store

For Overall Storage: Elfa 5-Section Pull Out Easy Glider

Looking for a sturdier option? Solomon is also a big fan of these handy mesh organizers from The Container Store, which also have a glider base option for easy access to storage containers (or, honestly, anything else you can fit). “The compartments allow for a variety of different food container storage, and I love that the material is steel, which is more durable than plastic,” she says.