A Pro Organizer Shares the 3 Best Tools for Organizing Your Spice Jars

Prepare to take control–finally!—of all those little jars.

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A top-down view of jars of spices

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As essential as they are to life in the kitchen, jarred spices and herbs can be surprisingly difficult to organize. Most of us have more than a few of them on hand at any given time, so maximizing space is key (especially in tight kitchens). But functionality also matters. You also want to be able to easily find, grab, and use each spice jar, which means keeping them all standing on a cabinet shelf willy-nilly probably isn’t the best idea. 

Investing in the right spice-storage solution can save you time, frustration, and ultimately money (less waste!). But which one to choose? We turned to Ashley La Fond, founder of Of Space + Mind for her favorite spice organizing systems. Here are her top three.

A spice rack with lots of spices


If You’re Starting From Scratch: The Evermill Counter Rack 

If you want to start your spice collection from scratch, consider this La Fond-approved counter rack, which comes with pre-labeled, ethically sourced organic spices and a sleek counter rack (choose from four colors to match your kitchen aesthetic). No room on your counters? Evermill also sells an in-drawer rack with angled wells, which makes it easy to spot spices in a pinch. 

Bonus: Evermill has a subscription model for its spices, so you can rest assured you won’t ever be out of important ingredients when you’re cooking. 

A drawer filled with spices


If You’re Low on Cabinet Space: Jadehom Spice Drawer Organizer

Laying spices flat in a drawer is a great option if you’re low on shelf space in your cabinets or pantry. But when it comes to organizing, customization is key, because drawers are rarely uniform in size. This affordable, highly rated spice drawer insert from Amazon expands to fit any standard drawer, with a three-tiered design that keeps your spices visible and easy to find. “Made of clear, durable acrylic, this works in any kitchen design and can be easily wiped clean,” La Fond says. 

A shelf organizer filled with spices, honey, extract, and oils.

The Container Store

If You’ve Got Counter or Shelf Space: Everything Organizer Expanding 3-Tier Organizer

Expandability is also a major perk when you’re storing spices on a countertop or in a cabinet. Along with expanding to fit your cabinet width for maximum storage capacity, this three-tiered riser from The Container Store makes spotting and grabbing spices a cinch, La Fond says. You can also use the top row (or buy a whole separate organizer!) for all your oils and vinegars.