The Best Parchment Paper in 2022

Whatever kitchen task you can think of, there's probably a paper for it

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The times when a simple roll of regular parchment paper was difficult to find are long past. Today, a wide range of parchment products are available for an ever-increasing number of creative uses in the kitchen. Whether it's for baking macarons, lining cake pans, layering underneath roasted vegetables, making papillotes of seafood, or even just using it to double wrap foods for the freezer—whatever you can think of, there’s a paper for it.

If the idea of making things easier in the kitchen appeals to you, we recommend buying a few kinds of parchment paper—it’s truly a very helpful product that can be used on a daily basis. But one quick pro tip: Always check the level of heat resistance and oven safety of your parchment paper, because it can vary.

Here is our collection of the best parchment papers available.

Best Overall Rounds: PaperChef Parchment Paper Rounds


Courtesy of Sur La Table

Looking for paper to line your circle baking pans and make cleanup easier? Look no further. Perfect for cakes and pies, this pre-cut parchment paper is manufactured in France by PaperChef. This pack includes 24 nonstick rounds that are available in two sizes (8 inches and 9 inches) and oven-safe to 425 degrees. Many users say it's saved them plenty of time in the kitchen. The company's mission is to educate the world about cooking with parchment. One way it aims to do so is by partnering with various nonprofits that are involved with food initiatives and culinary education.

Best Overall Roll: Wilton Parchment Paper Roll


Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

If you’re looking for a classic roll of parchment paper to line your baking pans and baking sheets—especially those that are hard to clean—this one fits the bill! There’s a lot of flexibility in this straightforward roll from the well-known Wilton brand. Measuring 60.5 square feet total and 15 inches wide, you can choose the size you need—just use the efficient finger notch for cutting into any shape you desire. This paper is freezer- and microwave-safe, as well as oven-safe to 400 degrees. Plus, this roll is useful not just for baking cookies and other desserts—some users say it's great for containing grease when cooking bacon in the oven, too.

Best Eco-Friendly: If You Care Parchment Baking Sheets

If You Care Parchment Baking Sheets

Courtesy of Amazon

This environmentally friendly parchment paper by If You Care, pre-cut into 24 sheets, is unbleached and completely chlorine-free, so you can bake to your heart's desire. The easy-to-use sheets are 12.5 by 16 inches so they fit into standard baking pans and cookie sheets; plus, they're microwave-safe and oven-safe to 428 degrees. One pro tip from the company? Reheat leftover pizza in the oven with this parchment paper—the cheese won't stick.

Best for Bamboo Steamers and Air Fryers: BY KITCHEN Air Fryer Parchment Paper

BY KITCHEN Air Fryer Parchment Paper

Courtesy of Amazon

These nonstick perforated parchment paper rounds and squares are available in a wide variety of sizes—from 6 inches to 10 inches—so you can use them in air fryer baskets, steamer baskets, and even round cake pans of all kinds. By Kitchen also claims these liners are eco-friendly because they're unbleached and made from virgin wood pulp. These rounds are also non-wax and heat-resistant to 446 degrees, and the perforations allow the steam to circulate faster. Several customers rave that these liners absorb any excess oil or liquid and help their food not stick to the bottom of the air fryer.

Best Budget: Great Value Nonstick Parchment Paper


Courtesy of Walmart

This is a very adaptable 50-foot roll by Walmart's Great Value that can be used for all cooking tasks. It’s nonstick, chlorine-free, biodegradable, and can withstand temperatures up to 420 degrees. Plus, it's kosher and comes with an attached cutting edge. Customers love that this parchment paper, for the price, is both high-quality and versatile: it can be used in a variety of tasks, from baking pizza with an evenly crispy crust to wrapping bread to store in the freezer to making stickers for arts and crafts.

Best Silicone: Baker's Signature Parchment Paper Baking Sheets, Pack of 220

Baker's Signature Parchment Paper Baking Sheets, Pack of 220

Courtesy of Amazon

Baker’s Signature pre-cut, unbleached parchment paper sheets are available in a variety of sizes: 12 by 16, 4 by 4, 5 by 5, 8 by 12 inches, 9-inch cake pan round liners, and tulip baking cups. Plus, unlike white parchment paper, these are more pliable, and they're microwave-safe and heat-tolerant up to 450 degrees. These sheets come packed in a flat box so they keep their shape, making it easier to spread them out on your pan or sheet. Many users love that their baked goods release from the paper very easily and that the sheets can be reused a few times without affecting results.

Best Heavy-Duty: Katbite Heavy Duty Flat Parchment Paper


Courtesy of Katbite

If you prefer white parchment paper, you can't go wrong with this heavy-duty flat pack from Katbite. It’s available in two pre-cut sizes: 12 by 16 inches and 9 by 13 inches. With a thickness of 45 grams per square meter (gsm), these sheets are at least 12 percent thicker than general parchment paper sheets, which are typically 35 gsm to 40 gsm—which means they're thick enough if you need to extend the time on the food baking in your oven. They're also made from 100 percent wood pulp, are microwave- and freezer-safe, and temperature-resistant from -65 to 450 degrees.

Best Printed for Spacing: Wilton Pre-Cut Printed Parchment Paper Sheets

Wilton Pre-Cut Printed Parchment Paper Sheets

Courtesy of Amazon

This roll of 24 printed parchment paper sheets, measuring 11 by 17 inches, is great for those times when a little guidance would be helpful when scooping cookies or piping macarons. Eighteen perfectly spaced 2-inch rounds are printed on each nonstick sheet, so you can rest easy knowing you'll end up with a batch of uniformly baked cookies and biscuits. Not only that, but these sheets are also pre-cut so you don't need scissors, they're compostable, and they're oven-safe to 450 degrees.

Final Verdict

If sustainability is high on your to-do list, the unbleached, chlorine-free If You Care Parchment Baking Sheets are the best choice (view at Amazon). Looking for something new to transform your experience with your air fryer or bamboo steamer? Go for By Kitchen's Air Fryer Liner/Bamboo Steamer Perforated Parchment Paper (view at Amazon).

What to Look for When Buying Parchment Paper


Parchment paper comes in two different types: bleached and unbleached. The difference between bleached and unbleached parchment paper is the bleached is white in color and has been processed with chlorine, while the unbleached is brown and is chlorine free. Whether baking or cooking, either one works—that being said, it is up to you which one you choose to use.


This paper comes in different shapes and sizes, and if you bake or cook a lot, you might decide to have a few of these available in your kitchen. From the roll where you can select how much you need, to ones that are precut in round shapes to fit a round cake pan or lengths to fit a cookie sheet, to ones that have preprinted shapes for laying out cookies, there are many options available to fit your needs and preferences.


Parchment paper is a very versatile and useful product to keep handy. Cleanup is much easier when you use parchment paper. You can cover countertops, line baking sheets or cake pans, pour ingredients, and wrap vegetables or fish. But what about how it's packaged? You want the packaging to be sturdy enough to handle sheets to be torn off neatly and to have a tear strip allowing the capability to cut those sheets. If the paper comes folded or rolled, will it lay out flat on the pan you're using, or will it roll back up or cause creases in whatever you're baking? Look at how the parchment paper is packaged and how it might affect what you're baking or cooking. 


Can you reuse parchment paper?

Yes! Parchment paper can be used over again and again. Just don't reuse pieces that have gotten messy with things like melted chocolate or food residue, or if the paper has gotten dark and brittle.

Is parchment paper recyclable?

Since parchment paper has a silicone coating to make it nonstick, it cannot be recycled.

Is there another name for parchment paper?

Parchment paper is also known as baking paper.

What can you use in place of parchment paper?

Grease the pan with shortening or cooking spray and use aluminum foil or a silicone pad, instead of parchment paper.

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