The 8 Best Personalized Cutting Boards in 2022

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Cutting boards are an essential kitchen item, and a personalized cutting board makes a thoughtful and enduring gift for anyone who loves to cook. Not only are they necessary for chopping, slicing, and dicing, but they can also serve as cheese and charcuterie boards for entertaining. A personalized cutting board is ideal for a housewarming or wedding present or to celebrate a special occasion. Options for customizing a cutting board range from simple monograms to handwritten recipes, and they’re available in many different materials and sizes.

Here are our picks for the best personalized cutting boards available.

Our Top Picks
This John Boos block board is available with a personalized laser engraving and in three different sizes.
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These commercial-grade, dishwasher-safe boards can be engraved with a name, words, or initials.
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This personalized cutting board offers a unique way to preserve and share a cherished family recipe.
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This classy yet practical bamboo board features an area for serving cheeses, three cheese tools, and a small ceramic dish.
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It features a deep juice-catching groove around the edge and rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around on a work surface.
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This cutting board made from edge-grain cherry wood is designed to catch liquid, making it perfect for carving meats.
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It features inch markings handy for measuring and cutting dough for tarts, pies, and pastries.
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This olive wood board can be engraved with the first names of a couple in an elegant, handwriting-style font.
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Best Overall: Banyan Tree Gifts John Boos Personalized Engraved Cutting Board


Our top overall pick for a wood cutting board is a sturdy and substantial Boos Block board, made from edge-grain maple wood. Our tester put a Boos Block board to work in her kitchen and found that it was attractive, useful, and highly durable—in fact, she suggested you could put it in your will she expects it to last so long. This same board—but with the addition of a groove around the edges for catching juices and a hole for hanging—is available with a personalized laser engraving and in three different sizes.

You can choose from 30 different designs that are customizable with names, initials, dates, or a location. The board is reversible, so either the engraved surface with the juice groove or the flat backside (with no engraving) can be used as the cutting surface. It's a perfect idea for a housewarming, anniversary, or wedding gift. One thing to note with John Boos boards is the fact that they do require some special care and maintenance, like oiling the board before use, particularly if you plan to use it more professionally.

"Because this board is so thick, it can be used for chopping. By that we don’t mean chopping an onion—we mean whacking a chicken into pieces."Donna Currie, Product Tester

Best Plastic: Blackbird Design Monogrammed Commercial Plastic Cutting Board


Unlike boards made from wood and bamboo, plastic cutting boards are dishwasher safe, making them easier to clean and sanitize. They're also easier to store as they tend to be thinner and lightweight. These NSF-certified, commercial-grade plastic boards feature a juice groove around the edge, are available in six different colors, and can be personalized with the word, name, number, or monogrammed initials of your choice. A full set would be a great gift idea for a practical or professional cook.

Best with Recipe: Uncommon Goods Personalized Family Recipe Board


This personalized cutting board offers a unique way to preserve and share a cherished family recipe. You just need to send a scan of any handwritten recipe and it will be laser-etched onto a sturdy and attractive cherrywood board. Alternatively, the recipe to be etched can be typed in a handwriting-style font. The result is both a sentimental keepsake and a practical way to conserve an heirloom recipe, keeping it handy for regular use while the original can be safely stored away, protected from stains and spills.

Best for Cheese: Promozone Personalized Family Name Engraved Cheese Board Set


This classy, yet practical bamboo board features an area for serving cheeses, three cheese tools that store in the top of the board, and a small, shallow ceramic dish that could be used for serving olives or holding jams and chutneys to pair with cheese. The board’s surface can be engraved with a family name or the text of your choice. At 13 x 13 inches, it's a nice size to be able to serve a few different cheeses—you don't want your cheeses to touch—and the included cheese tools allow you to serve hard cheeses as well as softer, more spreadable cheeses.

Best Butcher Block: Ikonic Personalized End-Grain Maple Butcher Block


This hefty, 2-inch-thick butcher block is made from end-grain chunks of maple wood. End-grain boards (where the ends of the board are pieced together) can be more expensive than other wood boards because cut marks are not as visible as on other wood boards. The board is also much easier on your knife blade because it’s hitting the vertical wood fibers.

This board features a deep juice-catching groove around the edge and rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around on a work surface. Its price includes a custom engraving on its surface, which could be a monogram, name, or any text message. You can optionally add a personalized message engraved on the back of the board as well, and choose to add a bottle of food-grade mineral oil to keep the board in top condition.

Best for BBQ: Uncommon Goods Personalized Juice-Catching Cutting Board by Kim Strassner and Mike Pararas


Edge-grain wood boards offer long, clean strips of vertical wood with fewer seams than end-grain boards, which means they are less likely to crack or warp. This substantial and elegant cutting board, handcrafted in edge-grain cherry wood, features a deep, sloping top surrounded by a lip, designed to catch liquid and making this board perfect for carving grilled meats or slicing a juicy watermelon at a backyard BBQ.

There are two indented handles on the sides of this model, so the board is easier to lift and carry. It can be customized with a name or words (up to 18 characters) that will be engraved on the front edge of the board.

Best for Bakers: Mark & Graham Maple Wood Pastry Board


If you’re looking for a gift for an avid baker, this refined Maplewood pastry board might be just the thing. It features inch markings along the left and bottom edges as well as circular markings in five different sizes, from 5 inches up to 14 inches, handy for measuring and cutting dough for tarts, pies, and pastries. The board also has a built-in lip on the underside of the front edge to prevent the board from slipping when rolling dough and a groove on the top right corner to hold a rolling pin in place.

The board can be personalized with a custom engraving of up to two lines of text (up to 16 characters each) in your choice of eight fonts.

Best Wedding Gift: Dragon Forged Studios Custom Olive Wood Cheese Board


This rustic-chic board, handmade from a solid piece of olive wood that retains its natural edge, is available in many different sizes and either with or without a handle or juice groove. Olive wood has a prominent and lovely grain and it’s durable and long-lasting and a bit more stain-resistant than softer woods.

It can be engraved with the first names of a couple in an elegant, handwriting-style font, making it a charming and unique present for newlyweds. It could be used as a serving board, a cheese and charcuterie board, or a cutting board, or even displayed as decoration in a new home. 

Final Verdict

If you want to personalize a cutting board that will be both practical and stylish in the kitchen and last for years to come, the Banyan Tree Gifts John Boos Personalized Engraved Cutting Board (view at Etsy) is our top choice. Looking for a wedding gift? We like Dragon Forged Studios Custom Olive Wood Cheese Board (view at Etsy), which can be engraved with the couple's names and makes a beautiful addition to any new home.

What to Look for When Buying a Personalized Cutting Board


Although its appeal may be its beauty, a cutting board is one of the most used tools in the kitchen. So when shopping for a personalized cutting board, it's important that it be sturdy and useful. The size should be practical, in both function and storage—a large cutting board that can fit a heartfelt message is a nice gift, but not if there's nowhere to put it in a small city apartment.


Many of us are thinking about the environment before we purchase goods, so it's smart to keep sustainability in mind when buying a gift for someone. Look for a cutting board that is eco-friendly and made with things such as recycled materials, bamboo, and salvaged wood.


Before clicking "buy now," read the product description carefully to ensure the cutting board can be used with food; some products may be for display only.


Which is better: wood or plastic?

When it comes to appearance, wood wins top billing, but plastic or glass is best when talking food safety. The crevices in wood can harbor bacteria, and since wood is porous, it can cross-contaminate if raw meat is cut on it before vegetables, for example. Therefore, it is best to use separate types of cutting boards—like plastic or glass—to prep raw meats, and then save the wood boards for fruits, vegetables, and bread.

What is the best way to clean an engraved cutting board?

You should read the care instructions before purchasing or cleaning a personalized cutting board as each product will have its own set of cleaning guidelines. Most wooden boards should be washed by hand with warm, soapy water and towel dried, while glass and plastic are often dishwasher safe.

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