The 9 Best Pie Crust Cutters

Add a beautiful, decorative pattern to your pie crusts

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Our Top Picks
"This 12-inch cutter creates a perfect lattice-top for your pie in just a few seconds."
"The leaf-themed cutter makes professional-looking autumn pies without any detailed knife work."
"Celebrate a classic cherry pie with this easy-to-use, vintage-inspired pie crust cutter."
"This design is timeless for a reason—it's a simple, easy tool that gets you clean cuts every time."
"These fall-themed presses can be used as decorative accents or layered to make a textured crust."
Best Rolling Lattice Cutter:
Ateco Lattice Dough Cutter at Amazon
"This simple roller quickly creates evenly-spaced cuts for a lattice crust without rulers or measuring."
Best for Decorative Edges:
Palksky Pie Crust Impression Mat at Amazon
"Create identical braided, beaded, or woven strips for decorative edges in seconds with this silicone mold."
"Once your dough is rolled, create a perfect circle for your top or bottom crust for pies of almost any size."
"Create multiple lattice strips at once with this six-blade crust cutter. The width between blades can be adjusted all the way up to 4 inches."

Best One-Cut Lattice: Williams Sonoma Lattice Piecrust Cutter

Traditional lattice pie crusts are made by weaving strips of pie dough on top of the pie—but there’s an easier way. With this 12-inch lattice cutter, you roll out the pie crust dough, lay the dough on top of the cutter, and use a rolling pin to press the dough onto the cutter to create a perfectly latticed crust that you can simply lay on top of your pie. All that's left is crimping the edges closed, and you've got a beautiful pie that looks professionally done.

Best for Fall Pies: Williams Sonoma Autumn Leaf Piecrust Cutter

This autumn leaf pie cutter is an easy way to take your homemade apple pie from a delicious dessert to a work of art. It's simple to use—just place your rolled pie dough on top of the cutter, use your rolling pin to press it into the design, and place the decorative top onto your pie before you bake.

The two-piece cutter makes it easy to transfer the top crust onto the pie. Once the design has been cut, lift the tab on the flat, inner plate and remove it from the base of the cutter. The flat plate provides enough support to prevent the intricate design from getting stretched or warped when you move it to the pie. Just make sure you've oiled or floured the plastic well enough that the dough won't stick when you try to move it.

Best for Cherry Pies: Williams Sonoma Cherry Piecrust Cutter

Want to give your cherry pie a stand-out decoration that really speaks for itself? Just pick up this pie cutter. It cuts a vintage-looking cherry design in the center for a professional-looking pie crust every time.

You just put the base and insert flat on the table, lay your pie crust on top, and roll over it with a rolling pin. Then, peel up the inner plate and slide your beautifully shaped top crust over your pie. It might take a few tries to get it perfect, but once you do, you'll have a pie that's sure to impress.

Best Classic Cutter: Cake Boss 59403 Stainless Steel Tools and Gadgets Pastry Wheel, Small, Red

This double-sided pastry cutter may look a lot like the one your mom or grandma had in her baking toolkit—why improve on something that's already great at what it needs to do? One wheel makes straight cuts, while the other cuts a wavy edge for a more decorative finish. When you’re not cutting pie crusts, this can also be used for cutting pasta or even for cutting thin cookie dough. This pasty wheel is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, but hand washing is recommended.

Best for Decorating: Williams Sonoma Fall Pie Crust Cutters, Set of Six

Perfect for all your fall pies, these presses can cut silhouettes or shapes with embossed designs from a sheet of pie dough for a layered top crust. You could also use them to cut a decorative vent in the middle of your top crust or bake them separately as toppers for pumpkin pies, custard pies, or no-bake pies.

The set includes six different shapes—a pinecone, a pumpkin, a sunflower, and three different leaves. While these presses are meant as fall decorations, the leaves could work for pies any time of the year and can double as cute cookie cutters. The presses are not dishwasher safe, so you'll need to give them a quick hand wash.

Best Rolling Lattice Cutter: Ateco Lattice Dough Cutter

There’s no need to weave strips of dough to create a lattice top when you’ve got this handy roller. In order to make a perfectly-spaced lattice design, roll out your pie dough and roll this cutter over in evenly-spaced columns. Then, when you gently pull the sides of the dough, a lattice design will appear, almost by magic. Place the cut lattice on top of the pie, crimp the edges, and bake. Easy!

Best for Decorative Edges: Palksky Pie Crust Impression Mat

You don't have to braid delicate ropes or mold intricate details to get an impressive decorative edge to your pie. Instead, these silicone molds let you make even, identical strips that you can place around the edge of your pies before you bake.

While these molds do make a pretty chain, it's not long enough to loop entirely around most pies. Rather than having messy meeting points, one reviewer suggests placing a decorative flower or leaf over the seams where the strips meet.

Best for Perfect Circles: Tovolo Precision Pie Crust Cutter, Dishwasher Safe

This tool will let you cut a perfect circle of pie crust in any size. Just place the knob in the center of your rolled pie dough and rotate the tool to cut a perfect circle every time. This includes four different cutters—a straight cutter and three different wavy patterns—which you can store neatly in the knob, so you’ll never lose them in your gadget drawer.

This tool can cut circles as small as 2 inches for mini pies and circles as large as 14 inches when you’re feeding a crowd. All of the parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning when your pie-making is done.

Best for Even Strips: Ateco Six Wheel Stainless Steel Cutter, 2 1/8 Inch Wheels

If your lattice strips are never even, this tool is exactly what you need. The six wheels are spaced evenly, so you can cut five perfect strips at a time. You can adjust the width of the strips all the way up to 4 inches.

Not just for pie dough, this tool can also help you make homemade pasta or cookie dough. The wheels on this cutter are 2 1/8 inch in diameter for thin doughs; a version with larger wheels is also available for cutting thicker doughs. This cutter isn't dishwasher safe, so you'll need to handwash it between uses.

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