The 7 Best Pizza Stones to Buy in 2018

Ensure a crispy crust in the comfort of your own home

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Pizza stones are a must if you want to bake a crisp-crusted pizza in your oven, and the good news is that there are a huge variety of stones to choose from, some of which are not made of anything resembling stone. Not only are there different materials, but there are also different shapes and sizes to fit your grill, your oven, your smoker, and more.

While you can certainly bake a crisp-crusted pizza outdoors right on your grill grates, that can be a little bit trickier, so a pizza stone that can go on the grill is also very useful.

Pizza stones aren’t just for pizza. You can use them for baking artisan bread and buns as well, and some folks even use them for baking cookies and other sweet goods.


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    Best Overall: Baking Stone: Lodge 14-inch Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Pan

    Cast iron has a lot of advantages when it comes to cooking pizza. It retains heat well, and is nearly indestructible, so you don’t need to treat it gently. It comes pre-seasoned so you can use it right away, but with continued use and additional seasoning, it achieves a very nonstick surface. The pan can handle high heat, so besides using this in the oven or on a grill, you can use it on the stovetop or even on a campfire. Besides using this for pizza, you can use it on the stove to cook bacon, pancakes, burgers, steaks, or just about everything you’d use a cast iron frying pan for, and it’s also good for heating tortillas. In the oven, you can use it for roasting meat or vegetables, or for baking bread.

    Loop handles make it easy to handle this pan, even when you’re wearing oven mitts. Made in the USA, this 14-inch pan has so many uses, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one before.

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    Best Steel Pizza Stone: NerdChef Steel Stone

    Baking steels have become incredibly popular for baking bread or pizza, with good reason. They conduct heat well, so you’ll get a crisp crust every time, and unlike ceramic stones, it’s virtually unbreakable.

    This has a super-smooth surface and comes pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil, so it’s ready to cook with as soon as it arrives. Additional seasoning will likely be required occasionally, and the steel will get darker and more nonstick with use.

    This baking steel is 16 x 14 inches, so you can bake larger oval or rectangular pizzas, and you can use it for baking bread, as well. This is 1/2 inch thick and weighs 16 pound, so it’s a hefty piece of metal. It won’t take a lot of storage space, but you might not want to carry it very far. Finger holes make it easier to handle, and you can hang it on a wall, if you have a strong hook.

    This can also handle cold temperatures, so you can freeze it or lay it on dry ice to chill it, then use it to serve or create cold foods.

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    Best for Gas Grill: Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone

    Flame Top ceramics are unique in that they can actually be used on an open flame. This stone can be used on a gas stove or on a charcoal, wood, or gas grill up to 900 degrees. It’s safe for use in the oven as well as under the broiler. The side handles help you move the stone easily, and the glazed surface is micro-crazed to promote even browning of your pizza’s bottom. When the pizza is done baking, you don’t need to transfer it to a cutting board, since it’s safe to cut on the surface and it’s easy to clean when melted cheese drips onto the surface.

    When it’s time for cleaning and the stone has cooled, it’s easy to wash by hand since the slick surface keeps food and grease from soaking in, but this stone is also dishwasher safe, so cleanup is fast and easy.

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    Best for the Oven: Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Pizza Crisper Pan

    Cooking a pizza in the comfort of your home is pure joy. You can add whatever toppings you like, ensure you'll get a piping hot pie, and you'll know you'll get the crispiest crust yet. If you know you'll be cooking a lot of pizzas in your oven you'll want to try a pizza stone and this best seller from Wilton gives you pizzeria quality in the comfort of your own kitchen.

    Use this steel number on frozen pizzas or have a pizza making party at home. The holes in the bottom of the pan give any pizza you cook a nice a crispy texture. It is also nonstick so you won't be scraping pieces of pizza off of this when it's dinnertime, plus it can also be put in the dishwasher making clean up super fast and easy. 

    Reviews say this pan is that good! With many loving how non-stick it really is, though many note the lip on the side is not that high so be careful when putting the pizza in and out of the oven. 

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    Best for the Smoker: Pizzacraft 20 x 13.5 Rectangular ThermaBond Pizza Stone

    ThermBond is Pizzacraft’s proprietary version of cordierite material. Cordierite is a natural stone that is now being made synthetically in a way that makes it extremely resistant to thermal shock, so it’s great for baking.

    This large stone is 20 x 13 1/2 inches, so it will fit most standard ovens with ease, and can also be used on the grill or smoker with sufficient grill space. It can withstand heat to at least 900 degrees, so it can be used where standard ceramic stones might crack.

    The large rectangular shape makes this stone great for large rectangular pizzas or two modest round pies. It’s also a great shape for baguettes and long or oval loaves of bread.

    There is no need to season this stone, but it should be heated once on its own before use. To clean, food should be scraped off and then you can use a brush under hot running water to remove the rest. It should not be cleaned with soap.

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    Best for the Grill: BakerStone Pizza Oven Box

    BakerStone O-AHXXX-O-000 Pizza Oven Box

     Courtesy of Amazon

    A pizza stone is great for producing a crisp crust, but baking in the oven or on the grill doesn’t reproduce the effect you’d get from a pizza oven that has a low clearance that cooks as quickly on the top as well as the bottom of the pizza. While cooking inside a grill can provide the high heat of a pizza oven, every time you open the grill to check the pizza or other foods you’re cooking, you lose the heat trapped inside the grill, which lowers the temperature above the food. That’s where this pizza box shines. It holds the heat in its enclosed space and creates a pizza-oven environment inside your grill, since the box it is lined with pizza stone material on the top, bottom, and sides.

    There are no moving parts to worry about, and you don’t need to do anything special – just place this on your 3-burner or larger grill and bake pizzas inside the box. It can also be used on large charcoal grills.

    While you won’t be able to roast a whole chicken inside the box since the interior is just slightly taller than 3 inches, you could roast smaller foods, or bake buns or tortillas.

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    Best Pizza Stone Tiles: Outset Pizza Grill Stone Tiles, Set of 4

    Outset 76176 Pizza Grill Stone Tiles, Set of 4

    Courtesy of Amazon

    One day you’re baking a round pizza, and the next day you want to bake a long loaf of French bread, but they won’t both fit well on the same stone. These tiles solve your problem, since you get a set of four that you can arrange in your oven any way you like. A 15-inch square would be great for your pizza, and your baguette would fit nicely if you arrange the tiles in a long row.

    These tiles are made from cordierite, so they’re resistant to thermal shock, and they’re heat-safe to a whopping 1450 degrees, so you can use them in the oven or on your grill at the hottest temperature you can achieve.

    Since these are smaller individual tiles, just 7 1/2 inches square, they’re easy to move and to clean one at a time, so you won’t have to wrestle with a larger, heavier single baking stone. If you need even more baking space on your large grill, it’s simple to add a second or third set to bake more pizzas or longer loaves.

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    Best for the Big Green Egg: Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

    Cordierite sounds like something that a superhero or villain might use, but actually it’s a type of rock that can be created synthetically and used in ceramics that are incredibly resistant to thermal shock, making them perfect for use in an oven or on a grill. Thermarite is a type of cordierite material that’s made by Cast Elegance for their pizza stones.

    The material is food safe and absorbs moisture from the dough as it bakes to create a crisp crust. It also retains heat, so the pizza will bake evenly, without hot spots, and it can handle high heat in your grill.

    This stone is 16 inches in diameter, so it will fit easily in your Big Green Egg cooker or similar round cooker. It can also be used on your gas grill or in the oven. A free scraper is included, to help you clean residue off the stone after baking. A 14-inch stone is also available.