The 9 Best Places to Order Meat Online in 2019

Discover familiar and unusual meats to enjoy

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Supermarkets have made meat-buying easy when you’re looking for the popular cuts and average quality. Yet, when you’re looking for something really special, you might have to look a little harder. If you’re lucky enough to have a local butcher you have a few more options, but buying online can bring extra-special heirloom meats and regional specialties right to your door.

To make sure your high-quality specialty meats arrive in the best condition, they’re usually shipped frozen, packed in a Styrofoam cooler, and kept chilled with dry ice or ice packs. That special packing and quick shipping add to the cost, so check to see if there are price breaks for larger quantity shipments.​

Whether you’re looking for heirloom pork, premium beef, heritage breed turkey, or wild game, there are online sellers who have what you need. But that’s not all. Many sellers also have artisan sausages, specialty smoked meats, and specialty products that might be new to you. We've found the best places to buy top-quality meat online for you to check out.

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    Chicago Steak Company

    My Chicago Steak
    Courtesy of My Chicago Steak

    Don’t let the name fool you – there’s a lot more than steak for sale here. But if you’re looking for a steak, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you want at Chicago Steak Company.

    Whether you want a premium Angus, wet-aged, dry-aged, or even Wagyu (the American version of Kobe beef) steak, they have it. Beyond steaks, you’ll find burgers, roasts, pork, poultry, seafood, and even some desserts.

    The Steak University tab on their website will take you to recipes, cooking instructions, and even videos to help you cook your meat properly. It's just a little assurance that you’ll treat that special meat with the care it deserves.

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    Marx Foods

    Marx Foods
    Courtesy of Marx Foods

    You’ll find the unusual at Marx Foods, including alligator, bison, goat, and ostrich. They also have a few truly weird types of meat like snake, camel, and insects. For something much more familiar, there's high-quality steak, pork, and poultry as well.

    When you’re looking at beef, you’ll find grass-fed as well as Wagyu. The pork selections include Kurobuta, Mangalitsa, and Iberico along with wild boar. There are also hard-to-find items like caul fat and cheek meat, so you’ll be ready to make just about any authentic recipe you have.

    When you’re done choosing the main dish, you can shop for pantry items, exotic mushrooms, unusual vegetables, cheeses, spices, and much, much more. Prices include shipping, so you’ll know how much you’re spending before you get to the shopping cart.

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    Snake River Farms

    Snake River Farms
    Courtesy of Snake River Farms

    A single website is your go-to stop for two top American meat producers. It not only features American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork from Snake River Farms, but you'll also find prime Northwestern beef from Double R Ranch.

    In the beef categories, you’ll find everything from ground meat to beef hot dogs and roasts to filets. Pork selections include fresh meats like chops, roasts, and ribs, along with smoked ham and bacon. The gift section is where you’ll find packages that include several different items for one cost, which is perfect for a special gift or for your own freezer.

    The Snake River Farms Kitchen tab has videos, recipes, and plenty of tips for cooking your high-quality meat. This site focuses on beef and pork, so you won’t find a lot of extras except for a few cooking accessories and logo clothing items.

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    Fossil Farms

    Fossil Farms
    Courtesy of Fossil Farms

    If you fancy foie gras or you yearn for yak, this is the place for you. At Fossil Farms, you'll find Scottish game meats, emu, reptiles, guinea hens, and kangaroo. There are cured meats, fresh sausages, and jerkies, too. If you’re looking for less exotic meats, there’s Angus beef, Iberico pork, and all-natural chicken as well.

    Package specials are great as gifts or for sampling several items at one price. While most of the site is dedicated to meat, there are pantry items, including Hoboken Eddie’s sauces, Greenpoint Trading seasonings, Wild Eats dry rubs, and Bourbon Barrel spices and sauces.

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    Steaks and Game

    Steaks and Game
    Courtesy of Steaks and Game

    It’s hard to imagine that there’s a meat you want that you won’t find Steaks and Game, whether it’s antelope, lamb, or quail. Of course, you can also find beef, chicken, pork, smoked meats, and sausages. Wagyu beef is available in a wide variety of marble grades, so you can choose the quality from MS3 and above.

    What sets this site apart from many others is the cut-to-order option for wagyu beef, grass-fed beef, and buffalo. Depending on the type of meat and the cut, you can opt for steaks as thin as 3/4-inch or as thick as 3 1/2-inches, or you can order the entire piece uncut.

    As you’re shopping, you will see the country of origin as well as the name of the farm for each cut. After all, it's always nice to know where your meat is coming from.

    This site focuses entirely on meats, so you won’t find any pantry items or other extras here.

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    Teets Food Store

    Teets Food Store
    Courtesy of Teets Food Store 

    A family-owned Louisiana food store, Teets Food Store focuses on local specialties that aren't easy to find elsewhere. From Boudin sausage to ponce and hog head cheese to tasso, you’ll be savoring the flavors of Cajun cuisine here.

    While you’ll find fresh meats and sausages, there’s a focus on smoked meats, including some unusual ones. There are also more familiar items like slab bacon, smoked chicken, meatballs, and just plain fresh chicken.

    Teets also has a selection of Cajun spices, sauces, and mixes, as well as barbecue sauces and dried beans. One of the most time-saving products you’ll find is roux in a jar. It's essential for a perfect gumbo or gravy without the time-consuming cooking and stirring required to get deep, dark roux.

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    American West Beef Company

    American West Beef Company
    Courtesy of American West Beef Company 

    Beef is in the name, but there’s so much more, including lamb, chicken, pork, and seafood. Based in Colorado, American West Beef Company sells products sourced from U.S. suppliers. You’ll find a wide variety of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry, but no exotic imports.

    The beef is aged for the best flavor, and all meats are flash frozen so they’ll arrive in the best condition. The cowboy steak—a large ribeye with a protruding bone—is a particularly impressive cut. The story is that cowboys would hold the bone as they roasted the meat over a campfire.

    For appetites that are less robust, there are petite filets, pinwheel steaks, lamb chops, and chicken cordon bleu. Gift packs offer savings over buying individual items separately. There are also discounts for larger quantities as well as free shipping offers to make the prices more affordable.

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    Courtesy of D’artagnan

    You might not know how to pronounce it, but the name might seem familiar anyway. This company has a reputation for fine foods, as well as some D’artagnan-labeled products that are sold at gourmet stores.

    In the meat department, you’ll find many of the usual meats. They also offer a smattering of the more unusual, like wild boar, guinea hen, and venison, as well as some products that are sourced from small suppliers and exclusive to D’artagnan. Among the exclusive items are a cassoulet recipe kit, a game sausage sampler, and heritage chicken with head and feet still attached.

    Beef choices included Angus beef, grass-fed beef, American Wagyu beef, and imported Japanese Wagyu beef. The most unusual pork product is Porcelet, which is milk-fed pork that’s raised to a larger size than suckling pig. There’s also a selection of sausages, smoked meats, rillettes, and even caviar.

    When you’re done browsing meats, there are pantry items, truffles, mushrooms, butters, and oils, as well as gift boxes with selections of a variety of products. While you won’t find cheeses or vegetables, it’s a good bet you’ll find at least a little something you just have to try.

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    Cajun Grocer

    Cajun Grocer
    Courtesy of Cajun Grocer

    While Cajun Grocer sells a wide variety of meats and poultry, the star of this site is the turducken. If you’re not familiar with it, turducken is a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, with a flavorful stuffing in the center of all of it.

    Turduckens are available in two sizes. You also get a choice of stuffing, including Creole pork sausage, seafood jambalaya, cornbread and pork rice stuffing, or chicken sausage. If a turducken is a little too large, there’s also a turducken roll that starts with a turkey breast. For something a little different, there’s a qua-duc-ant, which is quail, duck, and pheasant.

    The Cajun theme continues with stuffed chicken breasts or pork chops, crawfish, and sausages. Favorite Cajun side dishes can round out your meal, like praline pecan sweet potato casserole, shrimp and mirliton dressing, or green bean and artichoke casserole. You’ll also find spices, condiments, beans, coffee, dessert, and even non-food items to round out your next Cajun-themed dinner experience perfectly.