The 7 Best Plastic Drinking Glasses of 2021

Durable glasses for stress-free drinking

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If you want the feel of real glass with the durability of plastic, opt for this set.
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While these glasses are built for frozen drinks, it doubles as the perfect vessel for ice cream.
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A cozy silicone band protects your hand from the cold and your drink from the warmth of your hand.
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They have the appeal of real crystal with a brilliant reflective finish.
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It's the most chic and environmentally friendly option to take on picnics.
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The brand declares these virtually unbreakable, which is great if you’re prone to breaking glasses.
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Even though they aren’t glass, the cups have an elegant clarity for upscale drinking.
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Plastic glasses are no longer just red Solo cups and other single-use chalices. Thanks to incredible innovations in the glassware field, the plastic glasses of today are heavy-duty, reusable, and designed with style in mind. They're made to withstand everyday use, combining crystal-like quality with dishwasher-safe durability. Whether you’re klutzy, have little hands around, or are looking for shatterproof options for outdoor affairs, we've got you covered.

Here are the best plastic drinking glasses.

Best Overall: Cocktail Kingdom Yarai Acrylic Tumbler Set

Cocktail Kingdom's acrylic line is "quite deceiving," says Dean Hurst, beverage director at Datz Restaurant Group in Tampa. Why? They have the bright look of glass and feel great in the hand with just the right amount of weight, making them a safe and durable choice for a pool deck or active home bar. Whiskey lovers, take note: These stackable 10-ounce glasses are wide enough to hold a large ice ball or cube. They come in a case of 24.

Especially ideal for the glassware snob, the design takes the cut crystal patterns of Japanese Yarai mixing glasses and translates them into acrylic that withstands drops and spills. You can pop these in the dishwasher after use, but hand washing will increase the lifespan. If you want the feel of real glass with the durability of plastic, opt for this set.

Best for Frozen Drinks: Host Margarita Freeze 12-Ounce Plastic Margarita Glass

For piña colada hour, these 12-ounce cocktail glasses are designed with frozen drinks in mind. They're specifically engineered to keep drinks cold without having to add ice, while keeping the drink at the perfect sipping temperature. An insulated silicone grip wraps around the base and keeps your hand away from the cold. 

Pop these glasses in your fridge for at least two hours before you plan on mixing cocktails. When you pull them out, the proprietary cooling gel and double-walled insulation will keep your drink frozen for far longer than the average cup, whether you’re enjoying a margarita, daiquiri, smoothie, or even ice cream. These durable cups are made from BPA-free plastic, and two glasses come in each order. 

Best for Cold Drinks: Host Whiskey Freeze Cooling 9-Ounce Acrylic Glass

If you like ice-cold drinks, these glasses are crafted to keep your beverage freezer-level chilled sans the dilution of an ice cube. Simply store them in your freezer and when you’re thirsty, take them out, pour your drink of choice, and sip away.

How do they stay cold? The double-walled construction features a proprietary cooling gel, which keeps drinks between 43 and 53 degrees. A cozy silicone band protects your hand from the cold and your drink from the warmth of your hand. While they're designed specifically for whiskey, these glasses will keep a rainbow of beverages cold, from lemonade to Moscow mules. Each one holds 9 ounces of liquid.

Best for Wine: GoVino Shatterproof Outdoor Wine Glasses

There’s a lot to love about these plastic wine glasses. They have the appeal of real crystal with a brilliant reflective finish. Made from lightweight, bendable material, these glasses are completely shatterproof. They look great, are environmentally friendly, and are completely serviceable for even the biggest wine nerds. 

The design is particularly clever—a contoured shape and small dent in the side of each glass lets your thumb sit comfortably, making it easier to hold. They can be reused again and again, and are completely recyclable should you one day decide you’re done with them. Other options include a Champagne flute, beer glass, cocktail glass, or whiskey glass, all of which are shatterproof. There’s even a matching decanter for serving.

Best Set: Sugar & Cloth Ombre Plastic Pitcher & Tumbler Set

There are plenty of universal clear plastic glasses, but if you want something visually appealing, these quirky ombre tumblers with a matching pitcher are an excellent choice. The set is the "chicest and most environmentally friendly option to take on your picnics,” says Jules Aron, author of "Low-Proof Happy Hour."

Each glass holds 6 ounces and measures 3.75 inches high, while the pitcher holds 56 ounces and stands 11 inches high with a mint ombre finish. To match, the glasses have a playful pastel ombre detailing in mint, peach, blue, and rose. While they look delicate, they’re made from strong BPA-free plastic. This set is a beautiful option for any occasion—inside or out—although you should keep in mind that it is not dishwasher safe.

Best Unbreakable: Lawei 6-Pack Unbreakable Plastic Drinking Glasses

For durable, regular use, these multi-hued glasses add a little bit of color to your daily dining. The set of six glasses comes in a rainbow of colors, including pink, violet, orange, and clear, with a crystal effect that gives them an effervescent appeal. The interior has slight dabbling to ensure they won’t stick together when stacking and storing.

Break them out for poolside hangs, picnics, camping trips, and more. Since these glasses won’t break or chip when they fall, kids can use them worry-free. Be cautious when cleaning, though. While they are great for every occasion, they will crack in the heat of a dishwasher, so they should be hand washed carefully. Beyond that, the brand declares these virtually unbreakable, so if you’re prone to breaking glasses, they're a solid solution. Each one holds 12 ounces and stands about 3.5 inches high.

Best Clear: Le'raze Classic 16-Piece Premium Quality Acrylic Tumblers

Looking to stock up your outdoor home bar? This set of 16 high-quality acrylic glasses will do just that. Included are a total of 16 glasses (eight 12-ounce rocks glasses and eight 16-ounce highball glasses) made with unbreakable, BPA-free acrylic. Even though they aren’t glass, the cups have an elegant clarity for upscale drinking. 

Unlike lower-quality plastic glasses, these ones are completely reusable. Break them out for any occasion and once you're done, place them in the dishwasher to use all over again. They're stackable and easy to store.

Final Verdict

Skip single-use disposable cups and opt for sturdy plastic glasses, like Cocktail Kingdom's shatterproof Yarai Tumbler Set (view at Amazon). For a pop of color that'll brighten up any kitchen, pool deck, or picnic, we recommend Sugar & Cloth’s Ombre Plastic Pitcher and Tumbler Set (view at Amazon).

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