The 6 Best Propane Delivery Services of 2021

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Our Top Picks

The sizzle. The heat. The cold beer and juicy burgers. There’s no denying that summer and grilling are an unbeatable pair. But there’s a lot of prep that goes into pulling it off without a hitch, like making sure you’ve got enough meat and veggies, a killer spread of sides, and the right crew to enjoy it with.

What can easily get overlooked? Fuel for your grill. Nothing puts a damper on your backyard barbecue like running out of gas while you’re cooking. If you’re cooking with a propane gas grill, you want to make sure you’ve got enough juice. That's where propane delivery services come in handy. Here are our top picks.

Best Overall: Propane Taxi via Home Depot

Home Depot

Home Depot

Available in Atlanta and Dallas, Propane Taxi makes it completely painless to get fueled up for your cookout—it even has next-day delivery.

Using the Home Depot website, you can either order a tank exchange for about $30 or get a new tank for roughly $50. The propane tanks are certified, tested for leaks, and are precision-filled to a propane weight of 15 pounds. Shipping is included, and you don’t need to be home for the delivery person to exchange and drop off the new tank right at your doorstep.

For exchanges, Propane Taxi will take your old tank, no matter the brand or condition. Reviewers rave about the company's reliable service and ease of the whole experience. While not explicitly part of the service, some reviewers say that delivery people have even been willing to attach the new tanks to their grills.

Best for Value: Jack Gas

Jack Gas

Jack Gas

Order propane from Jack Gas for the clever name alone. Go to the site and create an account. Next, order online, or give them a call to set up delivery.

A full 20-pound tank exchange will run you about $25, and a new tank without an exchange is roughly $60. If you don’t have one to trade, just click on "order extra tank," so you get a filled tank. Jack Gas gives you more value for your money, as many hardware stores and other propane companies will fill even 20-pound tanks to just 15 pounds.

With Jack Gas, you get the full 20 pounds of propane. You do need to plan ahead from this mom-and-pop operation, as there are different delivery days for different regions, and sometimes even a one-week lead time. Note that, unfortunately, Jack Gas is not able to deliver to New York City's boroughs.

Delivery is available in New Jersey, New York state, Connecticut, and Florida.

Best for Convenience: Kangaroo Propane

Kangaroo Propane

Kangaroo Propane

Kangaroo is basically the Uber of Propane. Download the app, order the tank you want from a variety of sizes, and mark whether you want an exchange or a new tank. You can even get same-day service.

Just like Uber, you pay through the app and get tracking information so you’ll know exactly when your tank is delivered. That way, your tank doesn’t have to sit out in front of your door without you knowing. Once your order is received, a driver will be dispatched to exchange or drop off a new one at your door, no contact necessary. You can even tip the driver through the app.

A 20-pound tank exchange is around $25, but Kangaroo Propane has a variety of sizes as well. There's also 24/7 customer support through the app if you have any issues. Kangaroo is definitely the future of propane delivery, and while delivery is available in Chicago and Miami for now, it will be in other cities soon.

Best for Wide Delivery Zone: Cynch



Cynch is the grill tank propane delivery arm of AmeriGas, the country’s largest propane retailer.

You can schedule a delivery by going to the company's website and registering. Upon ordering, include whether you are doing a tank exchange or getting a new tank and propane, the date you want delivery, and where you want the driver to pick up your old tank and leave your new one. You can choose to have them pick up from your front door or backyard, and you can get delivery in as little as three days. The company delivers five days a week.

Once your delivery is scheduled, just leave out your empty tank and the delivery person will exchange it for a full one. You don’t even need to be home. The company doesn’t currently have same-day or next-day delivery, so you will need to plan ahead.

If you’re exchanging a tank, 15 pounds of propane will cost around $20. If you don’t have a tank to exchange, a spare one and propane will cost you roughly $50. Both rates include the price of delivery. Plus, you can also have Cynch remove any unwanted used propane tanks upon request.

Delivery is available in Philadelphia, Tampa, Miami, Houston, and Phoenix.

Best for Customer Service: Pacific Coast Propane

Pacific Coast Propane

Pacific Coast Propane

Pacific Coast Propane is a family-owned business that will deliver new tanks or exchange tanks with a 72-hour lead time.

A 20-pound tank exchange will run you about $34, and a new tank is roughly $59.00. Fill out the registration form on their site to schedule a delivery. They also accept payment via Venmo. The delivery person will drop the new tanks on your doorstep, no contact required.

Customers rave about how Pacific Coast Propane goes above and beyond for them, taking last-minute orders and delivering just before holiday weekends when possible. They are also lauded by how much time the company has spent on the phone (the old-fashioned way) finding solutions for customers who have any issues with their propane shipment.

Delivery is available in Southern California and Phoenix.

Best for City Grilling: Big Apple Propane

Big Apple Propane

Big Apple Propane

Riding the subway to get your propane tank refilled? Lugging it up the stairs to store it while you wait for the big barbecue? That's never ideal.

Big Apple Propane, which has been around for two decades, offers next-day service to all five boroughs of New York City with excellent customer service—though we recommend planning ahead, especially before holiday weekends.

To order, you’ll need to give them a call or email them and schedule a delivery. A 20-pound tank exchange is about $40. The company makes deliveries Monday through Saturday and will give you a specific delivery window. You’ll need to be home for the delivery because in New York City, you can’t expect a delivery to still be there if it’s left outside.

Just make sure you follow the city’s strict barbecue guidelines, and note that only one- and two-family homes are allowed to have propane grills. So, if you’re in a bigger building, you’ll have to stick to electric or charcoal ones depending on the space.

How We Chose the Best Propane Delivery Services

We researched several propane delivery services, most of which are highly localized. We looked for good customer reviews, reasonable prices, and delivery specifically of filled propane tanks for grills. We also made sure to include options that covered different delivery areas.

The best services have easy ordering instructions, feature an app that allows you to track your shipment, offer same-day or next-day delivery, provide value, and have great customer service where delivery drivers are known to go above and beyond. Propane Taxi via Home Depot earned the title of best overall for its customer service and pricing, while Kangaroo Propane was labeled most convenient for its on-demand availability.

Currently, there isn’t one national service that delivers propane for gas grills, but there are several that cater to various regions throughout the country. If you don’t see a delivery company that serves your area, you can look online for local options.

How to Tell How Much Propane Is Left

Make sure you check how much propane is left in advance of your cookout, especially if it’s been a while. If you don’t have a gauge, you can weigh your tank. You can search for the “TW” stamp on the tank, which means “tare weight.” This tells you how much the tank weighs when it’s empty. A standard 20-pound empty tank will weigh 17 pounds, so anything over that is gas still in it. A 500-square-inch grill will use about 1.5 pounds of propane per hour, so you want to have at least a few hours worth of propane.

If it turns out you’re low on gas, you’ll need to exchange your empty tank for a full one. You can either go to a hardware store, lugging the heavy tank with you and having the stress of carrying a tank of propane in your car, or, more conveniently, get a full one delivered right to your door. If you don’t already have a tank, you can order a new one, and you’ll be able to pay for both the tank and the propane.

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