7 Great Quiche Recipes

Yes, real men do eat quiche—and happily! Quiche is simply an egg custard, seasoned with anything you desire, baked in a flaky and delicious pie crust.

Quiche can be made with spicy sausage, with lots of sautéed vegetables, or just with grated cheese and herbs.

It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and easy to make, especially if you have some frozen or prepared pie crusts on hand.

These are the best quiche recipes on the planet. Try some for a wonderful breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

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    Easiest Cheese Quiche Recipe

    Easiest cheese quiche

    The Spruce


    This super simple quiche can be in the oven in about 10 minutes. Use a refrigerated pie crust and just five more ingredients for a fluffy and cheesy quiche that is the perfect comfort food.

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    Beef Cheese Pan Quiche Recipe

    Beef Cheese Pan Quiche. Linda Larsen

    This fabulous recipe stretches a pound of ground beef to serve eight to 10 people. It's rich, cheesy, mild, and delicious. You can spice it up if you'd like by adding some minced jalapeno or habanero peppers to the onion and beef mixture, or stir in some chili powder and cumin. It's also delicious reheated in the toaster oven for breakfast or lunch.

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    Wild Rice Quiche Recipe

    Wild Rice Quiche,. Linda Larsen

    Wild rice is a delicious addition to a quiche. It may seem slightly improbable—rice in quiche—but it adds a great texture and mild nuttiness that's irresistible. Some sour cream and Dijon mustard add the perfect finishing touch.

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    Ham and Swiss Quiche Recipe

    diekatrin/Flickr/CC 2.0

    Honey mustard, thyme, and frozen chopped spinach add flavor and color to this gorgeous classic quiche. Other cheeses in the Swiss family you could use include Gruyère and Havarti.

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    Quiche Lorraine Recipe

    Quiche Lorraine
    Burwell and Burwell Photography/E+/Getty Images

    This is the classic quiche made with cheeses and bacon. It is simple, rich and elegant—perfect for a company brunch or a special Sunday breakfast for your family.

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    Pizza Quiche Recipe

    Pizza Quiche
    Mrs_2015/RooM/Getty Images

    The flavors of pizza add great interest to this easy quiche recipe. Pepperoni is an unusual quiche ingredient, but it works well here. You can serve this quiche with some heated pizza sauce if you'd like.

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    Mini Quiches Recipe

    Stacks of baby quiche
    Edwin Remsberg / Getty Images

    Mini quiches are a great choice for an appetizer or for a lunch. These small bite-sized quiches are super cute and very tasty. You can add anything you'd like to the recipe—try bacon instead of the mushrooms, or use cooked crumbled pork or chicken sausage.