The 7 Best Salad Spinners to Buy in 2018

Get your greens clean with one of the seven best salad spinners on the market

Green salad with strawberries
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You might not think a salad spinner is a necessity in your kitchen, but if you want your salad greens to really be clean and pesticide free, it’s a smart investment. Not only does a salad spinner allow you to fully immerse your greens in the bowl, but if you wash them immediately after returning from the farmers’ market or grocery store, spinning them dry can help prevent them from spoiling while stored in your fridge.

While many salad spinners are similar—they all have a bowl, a colander or...MORE strainer basket, and a mechanism that spins everything—there are some that hold up better than others. You’ll also want to consider their size, whether they can collapse for storage, and whether they have any additional multitasking features.

Here are the best options on the market to help you find the one that’s right for you.

  • OXO Good Grips Green Salad Spinner

    Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Green Salad Spinner, Large

    When it comes to cleaning your salad greens, nothing does a better job than this Amazon best seller. The OXO Good Grips salad spinner is a favorite with consumers and publications alike—both The Sweethome and America’s Test Kitchen give it top marks.

    The unit is made of completely BPA-free plastic, and the clear plastic bowl allows you to see just how much water is spinning off your greens as you dry them. It comes in either green or white for the colander basket, and all the pieces are top-rack...MORE dishwasher safe. The spinner operates via a large push button on the lid, which locks in a flat position when not in use making it easy to store in your cabinet or in the fridge with greens inside.

    One of our favorite details of this model is the brake button. Once you’ve finished spinning your salad, you can press on the brake to stop the colander and remove your greens immediately—no waiting for it to lose momentum.

    The bowl has a non-slip ring on the bottom to keep it steady on your counter when in use, and both the colander and the bowl can be used separately for other tasks.

  • Westmark German Vegetable and Salad Spinner with Pouring Spout (Green)

    Runner-Up, Best Overall: Westmark Germany High Quality Large Salad Spinner

    If you prefer a hand-crank style of salad spinner instead of the pump-action style of the OXO model, this German-made salad spinner from Westmark is your best bet. Even better? It’s nearly half the price of our top pick.

    The green and white design closely resembles the OXO model with a few key differences. Instead of having a perfectly round bowl, the Westmark salad spinner has a pouring spout that also doubles as a hand grip when you are spinning your greens.

    The major drawback with this model,...MORE of course, is that the raised crank makes it difficult to store. You can’t stack anything on top without the handle getting in the way. The bowl itself can also be used to serve salad or other items when not in use to wash your lettuces.

    If green isn’t your color, this model also comes in a red color option as well. And everything is covered by a five-year warranty.

  • Best Budget: Utopia Kitchen Salad Spinner

    This budget-friendly salad spinner does the job you need with minimal effort and very little expense. It doesn’t have the extras that higher-end spinners might have, but you still have a basket that can be used as a colander when you’re not washing lettuce.

    You can operate the spinner with just one hand by turning the top crank, while the wide base keeps the bowl stable on your work surface so it won’t tip over or move on your counter.

    All parts are made from plastic, and can be washed on the top...MORE rack of your dishwasher, or just rinse it clean. This shouldn’t be used in the microwave.

  • Best Compact: Excelsteel Cook Pro Mini Salad Spinner

    Not everyone needs a giant salad spinner. This 1.4-quart model is great for a hearty salad for one or a side salad for two, and it’s also great for bunches of fresh herbs. If family members have different salad preferences, it’s easy to prep one salad at a time, or let the kids have fun assembling and spinning their own greens.

    The knob on top lets you crank the spinner to top speed to remove water, while the basket works well as a colander for berries. While the bowl isn’t as pretty as some,...MORE it’s great for that lunch salad for one. Just empty the basket into the bowl, add your favorite dressing, grab a fork, and enjoy.

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  • Best for Small Spaces: Gourmia Collapsible Salad Spinner

    Salad spinners are handy, but they also eat a large amount of storage space when not in use. This one consumes less of that space since it collapses to about half of its original height to fit better on a shelf or even in a drawer. When you’re ready to use it, it expands easily to hold salad greens for a crowd.

    The top crank and comfortable knob make it easy to spin the greens at high speed to quickly remove water while the airtight lid stays in place and prevents water from splashing or spilling...MORE accidentally.

    This is made from BPA-free thermoplastic and is top-rack dishwasher safe.

  • OXO Steel Salad Spinner

    Best Steel Spinner: OXO Steel Salad Spinner

    Salad spinners are great for drying salad greens and herbs, but plastic bowls can crack or break if dropped. A metal bowl is much sturdier, and can double as a mixing bowl when it’s not in use as part of the salad spinner. This spinner works with just one hand, and it has a push-button break to stop the spinning if you don’t want to wait for it to slow and stop on its own.

    The lid is clear, so you can peek inside to check the progress and the lid comes apart for easy cleaning. The top knob locks...MORE down for more compact storage, and the bowl has a nonslip base that keeps it from skidding around the counter while in use. The bowl holds 6.34 quarts and the basket holds 4.95 quarts. All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe.

  • Maestoware Salad Spinner Large 6.8 Quart - Dry Off & Drain Lettuce and Vegetable With Ease for Tastier Salads and Faster Food Prep

    Best Multitasker: Good Cook Salad Spinner

    Salad spinners do one job very well, but some folks prefer kitchen devices that have more uses. Sure, you can use the spinner’s basket as a colander, and the bowl can be used as a spare mixing bowl, but is that enough?

    Take one look at this spinner, and the first thing you’ll see that’s different is the large handle on the bowl. Across from the handle is a pouring spout, so you can easily drain the spun liquid with just one hand. Those features also make this ideal as a pitcher, for neatly...MORE pouring water, pancake batter, or even iced tea or juice.

    For easy cleaning, this is dishwasher safe.

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