The Best Sausage of the Month Clubs of 2021

These companies offer fresh, dried, and pre-cooked options

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Our Top Picks

Sausage of the month clubs make a great special occasion gift or can be an easy way to keep your pantry, fridge, and freezer well-stocked for a quick and tasty meal. They can also be a great opportunity to try new flavors and styles of sausage and learn about their differences. Buying online from a well-vetted company will help guarantee quality sourcing and product.

Sausages come in a variety of forms, including fresh, fully cooked, and cured, as well as from different types of meat (not all subscriptions offer every type). We have done the work for you and researched the best sausage of the month clubs nationwide to provide you with a variety of options, from classic sweet Italian to smoky Spanish chorizo.

Best Overall: Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods

Why We Chose It: Heritage Foods is nationally recognized as a premier supplier of pasture-raised meats and partners with artisans for its sausage program.

  • Antibiotic-free, pasture-raised meats

  • Variety of meat, flavors, and sausage styles

  • Can choose a delivery date

  • Great value and good customer service

  • Single sausage type every month

  • Auto-renew not ideal for gift giving

Founded in 2001, Heritage Foods started as a wholesaler to restaurants, known for its heritage breeds of humanely, pasture-raised animals that are free of antibiotics or growth hormones. It sells beef, pork, lamb, goat, and poultry as well as bacon and cured meats and a variety of other gourmet provisions. As part of several meats of the month programs, Heritage Foods offers a Sausage of the Month Club.

For $55 per month, subscribers will receive three packages (about 3 pounds) of a new sausage every month, set to auto-renew until canceled. Flavors vary seasonally but have included sausages such as classic sweet Italian, fennel sausage, kielbasa, and bratwurst as well as maple breakfast sausage and all-beef hot dogs. All are made from exclusively pasture-raised heritage breeds and cured by select artisans from around the country. Sausages are primarily fresh and uncooked, although a smoked sausage may also be included. Each box comes with details on the history of the breed featured in the sausage as well as the farm where it was raised. Insider tip: Subscribers can place special requests specifying allergies or preferences in the “order notes” section before checking out and Heritage Foods will do its best to accommodate.

Best for European-Style: Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions

Why We Chose It: Olympia Provisions makes fully cooked European-style pork sausages for flexible subscription plans.

  • Meat comes from humanely raised animals

  • Flexible subscription options

  • Member perks

  • Only pork sausages

Oregon-based retail store and salumeria Olympia Provisions features a sausage membership through its Sausage Postal Provisions programs. As a member, you get to pick how many sausages you want per shipment (one or two packages) and the delivery schedule, ranging from weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Olympia Provisions then chooses which sausages to send from its selection of seven different varieties inspired by Europe’s famous cuisine cultures (i.e. bratwurst, smoked kielbasa, Italian sausage, smoked chorizo, and more). You can always add or swap products prior to delivery. 

These award-winning sausages are pre-seasoned with small-batch spices, slowly smoked over wood, and come fully cooked, so you just have to heat and serve to enjoy. Along with sausages, Olympia Provisions offers subscriptions for Salami, Pâté, Cheese, or a mix called the Maker’s Choice. Members can enjoy free shipping on subscription boxes and exclusive benefits to the online store such as early access to new products and quarterly special discounts. Sausage membership is $20 per 12-ounce package of sausage, including shipping, and will recur automatically until you make a change to your account. (Note: Prepaid gift subscriptions are also available for six, nine, or 12 months instead of an automatic recurring monthly plan.)

Best for Spanish Sausage: La Tienda

La Tienda

La Tienda

Why We Chose It: La Tienda offers the largest selection of Spanish food products online, including a variety of cured Spanish sausages.

  • Highly specialized authentic products

  • Sourced from small family-run farms

  • Great for gift-giving

  • Only one subscription type

  • No detail on the exact sausage types included with each shipment

Since 1996, the family-run company La Tienda has been offering authentic Spanish food products to an online community and currently features the largest selection of Spanish food online. Products are chosen from small family artisans in Spain and are warehoused in Virginia, where La Tienda operates. Among a variety of food products including cheeses, jamón, canned and cured seafood, and even paella ingredients, La Tienda devotes an entire section of its website to Spanish chorizo pork sausage. Sign up for La Tienda’s Charctuería Club and receive three monthly shipments of Spanish-style cured sausage.

In total, subscribers receive approximately 5 pounds of sausage over those three shipments. Because they are cured sausages, they are non-perishable and ready to serve straight out of the box. Each delivery includes one or two new sausages of a different style, packed in a cloth gift bag. Types vary from traditional smoky paprika chorizo to peppery salchichón to spreadable “sobrasada” style sausage. Subscription is prepaid and averages close to $50 per month, including shipping.

Best for Italian: Esposito’s Finest Quality Sausage

Esposito’s Finest Quality Sausage

Esposito’s Finest Quality Sausage

Why We Chose It: Esposito’s Finest Quality Sausage has been in business for over 85 years and offers a variety of fresh chicken and pork sausages.

  • Open for over 85 years

  • Great value means good for stocking up

  • Mix of both chicken and pork sausages

  • Details on what will be shipped each month

  • No clear information on meat sourcing

  • Smaller portions not available

Founded as a fresh butcher shop during the early 1930s, Esposito’s Finest Quality Sausage still stands in the same New York City location today. While it has changed hands from the original family owners, the legacy and respect for tradition have remained. Esposito’s primarily specializes in a variety of Italian sausages, including chicken sausage with broccoli rabe and smoked mozzarella, sweet sausage with peppers and onions, and hot Italian sausage, among others. But in addition to the hot and sweet Italian favorites, Esposito’s makes other classics such as bratwurst, andouille, and fresh chorizos. All sausages are made with either chicken or pork and are fresh, uncured varieties.

The company's Sausage of the Month Club stands out from other subscription programs in more ways than one. Instead of typical retail package size, subscribers will receive 5 pounds of sausage each month. Sausage types are also pre-determined based on a monthly calendar, so subscribers can see exactly what they will be getting each month before they sign up. Subscriptions are a great value at $59.89 per month with a 20 percent discount if you commit to three or more months.

Best for Charcuterie: igourmet



Why We Chose It: igourmet is an online marketplace with an impressive assortment of specialty foods, including artisanal charcuterie.

  • Multiple prepaid subscription plans

  • Two types of charcuterie per shipment

  • Bonus accompaniment

  • Detailed information on products

  • No clear way to make special requests

  • No universal sourcing standards

While many sausages offered in subscription programs are fresh or uncured, salami-style sausage refers to the category of Italian cured sausage such as soppressata, finocchiona, and cacciatore. Online gourmet marketplace igourmet has an Artisan Charcuterie of the Month program that's available in three, six, or nine-month subscription plans. Subscriptions are prepaid but average around $40 per month, with free shipping included.

Each month, subscribers receive two full-sized charcuterie products (e.g. salami, but also pate or cured ham) of 6–10 ounces each, plus an accompaniment, such as mustard, meant to pair with the selections. Each shipment also comes with a detailed newsletter, including information about the artisan producer, curing techniques, types of meat and spices used, as well as suggested food and wine pairings. The first box will ship within a few days of ordering and subsequent boxes will arrive toward the end of the following month. Want some cheese to complete your charcuterie board? Check out igourmet’s other gourmet monthly programs, including its International Cheeses subscription.

Final Verdict

Each sausage of the month club specializes in a different type of sausage, whether it is fresh, cooked, or cured. Someone who is already loyal to a specific type such as Italian or Spanish chorizo may prefer to go with Esposito’s subscription or La Tienda, while others may want to learn about a new type of sausage every month and opt for Olympia Provisions or Heritage Foods for more variety. For cured salami and charcuterie fans, igourmet will be a better fit. Some subscriptions auto-renew on a monthly basis while others are pre-paid subscriptions, ideal for gift giving. The subscription that is best for you will depend on your preferences and needs. 

Because of its strong commitment to quality, from sourcing to artisan partners, along with its broad varieties of sausage types and straightforward recurring subscription program, we chose Heritage Foods as the best overall option.

What Are the Different Types of Sausage?

Sausage is found in many forms (fresh, cooked, smoked, and dried) and chefs are becoming more and more creative with combinations of meat and vegetables, spices, and aromatics to create different flavors. At a basic level, sausage is any type of ground meat emulsified with some fat, flavored with spices, and held together in either a natural or artificial casing.

What Kinds of Meats Are Used to Make Sausage?

Virtually any type of meat can be used to make sausage as long as it is combined with enough fat to be emulsified. Pork is the most common meat used, but poultry (i.e. chicken and turkey) has gained popularity and beef is also commonly used. Certain varieties of sausage like Merguez may use other meats such as lamb.

What Kinds of Casings Are Used to Make Sausage?

Traditionally, most casings are made from the lining of a farm animal’s intestines, such as cow, lamb, or pig. That practice is still the most widely used one. Synthetic varieties made from collagen or plant-based cellulose are also available.

How We Chose the Best Sausage of the Month Clubs

The best sausage of the month clubs were selected after careful consideration of factors such as the companies’ histories, customer reviews, pricing, transparency around sourcing, and commitment and respect for the art of sausage making. We also made selections based on the range of products available to customers such as varieties in style (i.e. fresh, fully cooked, or dry-cured), regional flavors, and the types of meat used.

We chose Esposito’s for its long-standing company history and expertise in making fresh Italian sausages. Olympia Provisions is recognized for its regional European charcuterie and is the only on the list to offer fully cooked fresh sausages. La Tienda offers the largest online selection of authentically sourced, cured Spanish sausages. And igourmet specializes in salami sausage and other forms of charcuterie. We chose Heritage Foods for its variety of high-quality fresh sausages.

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