The 9 Best Shot Glasses to Buy in 2018

Bottoms up! Classic and quirky picks for your barware needs

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Shot glasses are a must-have for any home bar. They’re useful for serving, measuring, prep work or even serving appetizer-sized dishes like soup or mini desserts

When you’re not making drinks, shot glasses can also be used in the kitchen, for quick measuring when precision isn’t required — you just need to know what the volume of the glass is since you can find them in a few different sizes.

While shot glasses are certainly very common, there’s no reason for them to look that way. You can choose from a variety of styles, materials, and shapes, so they’re perfect for your favorite drinks, your party theme, or your lifestyle.

Most shot glasses are made from glass, which is easy to wash and won’t retain flavors or odors. Glass is breakable, though, so it might not be the best choice for use around the pool, where metal and plastic might be more welcome. With so many choices, it’s a sure bet you’ll find a shot glass that’s just the right one for you.


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    Best Overall: Hayley Cherie Mason Jar Shot Glasses with Lids

    These 2-ounce mini mason jars come with lids, so you can make drinks in advance, store them in the fridge, and not worry about spills. Beyond liquids, they would make a great party favor vessel filled with candy. 

    What's more, these have "mason shooter" embossed on them to let your friends know it is time to party. If you are using these again and again the glass part can be placed in the dishwasher while the metal lids need to be hand-washed. 

    Reviewers rave about all of the uses for these — from homemade candles to reusable mouthwash glasses, these get high-marks all around. 

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    Best Disposable: Global Décor 2-Ounce Mini Red Plastic Cups

    When you need a lot of shot glasses, but don’t want to store extra glassware (or let's face it, clean), these disposable plastic cups will come in handy. They hold 2 ounces and are shaped like the familiar red party cups, so they’ll add good cheer wherever you use them. Not only are these great for regular shots, they’re the cup you’ll choose for Jell-O or pudding shots, and also for frozen shots.

    For family gatherings, these make great condiment cups for individual portions of dips. They’re also great for samples, crafts or for holding toothpicks or small portions of snacks. These are washable but are inexpensive enough to be disposable. This is a pack of 120 cups so they'll be enough for a large party or a year's worth of entertainment.

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    Best Copper: Mosscoff Hammer Copper Shot Glasses

    The Moscow mule is a drink that requires a copper mug, so of course, these little copper glasses are perfect for Moscow Mule themed shots. But you don’t need to limit yourself to that drink. These hammered copper shot glasses look elegant, no matter what you’re serving.​

    These are great for outdoor parties since they’re unbreakable but classier than plastic drinkware. They’re also a pretty addition to your kitchen, to hold toothpicks, salt, or often-used spices. This is a set of four. They hold 2 ounces each and should be hand washed.

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    Best Espresso: Evaryl Double Wall Espresso Coffee Shot Glasses

    If your favorite shot is espresso, you’ll love these double-walled coffee shot glasses. The insulation keeps the coffee hot while the outside of the glasses stays cool enough to handle, and they look beautiful while doing it.

    These hold 2.6 ounces, so they’re a bit larger than shot glasses typically used for liquor, but you can still use them for your favorite whiskey or mixed shots when coffee time is over.

    These are microwave and dishwasher safe and are designed to prevent shattering from sudden temperature changes. This is a set of four glasses in a gift box so these would make a thoughtful gift for your caffeine addict friends.

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    Best Skull: KOVOT Skull Shot Glasses

    When it’s speak like a pirate day, or you’re serving rum shots, these skull-shaped shot glasses will be the star of the party. Use them for Halloween, Day of the Dead, or when your favorite team loses … or wins. They’re just too much fun to tuck away for too long.

    Made from clear glass, you’ll see the drink and every detail of the glasses when you fill them with your favorite drink. These hold 1 1/2 ounces each and come in a set of six.

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    Best Salt Shot Glasses: UmAid Pink Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

    Perfect for tequila shots and similar cocktail shooters, these glasses are hand carved from pink Himalayan salt and add just the right amount of salt to your drink. Because they’re made from natural salt and are handmade, no two are exactly alike.

    These are reusable. Salt is naturally antibacterial, so just rinse them and let them dry for further use. This is a set of four shot glasses that hold 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 ounces each.

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    Best Shot Glass Ice Mold: KOVOT Cool Shots Silicone ICE Shot-Glass Mold

    The ultimate recyclable shot glass maker, this silicone mold lets you make your own shot glasses out of ice. Perfect for the backyard barbecue on a hot day, you can serve, shoot, and toss the glasses on the lawn where they can water the grass. Made from flexible food-grade silicone, the mold is designed to make crack-free ice shot glasses that will keep your shots cold without watering them down.

    For even more fun, make the glasses from fruit juice, tea, or even colored water. Or use the molds to make chocolate shot glasses for dessert drinks. The mold makes eight shot glasses at a time and is dishwasher safe.

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    Best Personalized: Personalized Engraved Shot Glasses

    Great for gift giving or for personalizing with your family name, logo or favorite saying, these shot glasses have a classic look with customized engraving in a variety of fonts. Get all six glasses engraved the same way, or make each one unique.

    This set goes into production quickly after the order is placed, so it’s suggested that you have your customizing instruction ready prior to the order. These hold 1 1/2 ounces each and come in a set of six.

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    Best Quirky: Lucky Shot Hand-Blown Bullet Shot Glass

    Do you love puns? This shot glass is for you since it’s a glass that looks like it’s been shot with a real .308 bullet. This makes a great conversation piece, and it’s a fully functional shot glass that holds 2 ounces. While the bullet is real, there’s no gunpowder or lead residue, so this is perfectly safe for food and drink — or just leave it behind the bar or on a shelf.

    Since it these are hand-blown, each glass is unique and they should be hand washed.