The 7 Best Soy Milk Makers of 2020

Make this non-dairy beverage at home

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: SoyaJoy G4 Soy Milk Maker & Soup Maker at Amazon

"This soy milk maker soaks, blends, and cooks the soy milk mixture at the perfect temperature for optimal nutrition."

Best with Internal Strainer: Tribest Soyabella Soy Milk Maker at Amazon

"There's no extra straining necessary with this quick-working gadget, which can make soy milk in just 15 minutes."

Best Large Capacity: Idavee Presto Pure Hot Soy Milk Maker at Amazon

"Great for large families or people use a lot of alternative milks, this pick can make a half-gallon of soy or nut milk at a time."

Best with Warmer: Joyoung Automatic Soy Milk Maker at Amazon

"In addition to extensive milk-processing options, we love the warming function that brings your soy milk back up to a toasty temp."

Best Compact: Chufamix Vegan Milker Classic at Amazon

"If you've got an immersion blender already, this straining system will get your soy milk or nut milks pulp-free in about a minute."

Best Budget: Tayama Stainless Steel Soy Milk Maker at Amazon

"It’s budget-minded, but still has luxury features, like heating all-around for even cooking and a stainless steel interior."

Best Design: Joyoung Soy Filterless Milk Maker at Amazon

"This machine has time and temperature presets, so you can program the machine to have your soy milk ready when you want it."

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    Best Overall: SoyaJoy G4 Soy Milk Maker & Soup Maker

    soy milk maker


    The newest version of a very popular soy milk maker from a much-loved brand, this gadget has a stainless steel interior that’s easy to clean and operates with simple buttons on top. You can specify whether you're making milk from soaked beans or dry beans. If you're making milk from grains or nuts, you can select between raw juice (for making nut milks that don’t need cooking), grains, and porridge as well.

    This machine is designed to handle each step at the perfect temperature. It soaks the beans at 180 degrees, then grinds the beans between 180-190 degrees, and cooks the final product at 200-210 degrees. The kit includes a measuring cup, metal strainer, plastic pitcher, and cleaning pad. A sample of beans is also included for your first batch of soy milk.

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    Best with Internal Strainer: Tribest Soyabella Soy Milk and Nut Milk Maker

    Soy milk is only 15 minutes away, so you can set this machine up while you’re making breakfast and have soy milk ready when the eggs and toast are finished. Raw nut milks are even faster, taking less than a minute to process, as long as the nuts are previously soaked. If you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, it can be converted to a coffee grinder, so it will earn its keep in your kitchen even if you don’t make soy milk every day.

    The interior is stainless steel for easy cleaning. Temperature and grinding settings are user-controllable, so you can use the recipes you like best. A filter catches the pulp, so you have usable soy milk right from the machine, though some users prefer a second filtering to remove the last bits of pulp.

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    Best Large Capacity: Idavee Presto Pure Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker

    The best soy milk maker for large families or people who drink and bake with milk alternatives a lot, this pick can make a half-gallon of soy or nut milk at a time. The heated functions include dry beans or nuts, wet beans or nuts, porridge, rice or soy milk, corn juice, and pureed soups. It also has a function for making juice without heat for people on a raw food diet.

    This model does not have an internal strainer. Instead, a strainer basket is included, along with a measuring cup, a pitcher, and a cleaning brush. It has a dual-layer stainless steel body for easy cleaning inside and out.

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    Best with Warmer: Joyoung Automatic Soy Milk Maker

    This machine keeps it simple, with just a heating pitcher and the blender mechanism. The set up doesn't include a filter, but many users noted that the blended soy milk was smooth enough to drink without straining, while others used a strainer or filter they already had to filter out the unwanted pup.

    Along with functions for making soy and other milks, this soy milk maker has a warming function, so you can rewarm the soy milk you stashed in your fridge or use it for warming other beverages. Besides the warming function, the control panel has buttons for grains, dry or soaked beans, rice paste, aromatic soy milk, porridge, nut milk, juice, rapid soy milk, and easy wash.

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    Best Compact: Chufamix Vegan Milker Classic

    This milk maker requires you to use your own hand blender to provide the blending power that pulverizes the nuts, seeds, or beans. After blending, you use the included mortar to squeeze all of the liquid out from the pulp and through the filter.

    This model doesn't cook or soak your beans beforehand or cook the product after, it just filters the pulp from the liquid mixture after its blended. This tool can produce about a liter of strained milk in about a minute, depending on the power of your immersion blender. For storage, the pieces nest together, so they take up very little space on your shelf.

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    Best Budget: Tayama Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Soy Milk Maker

    If you’re new to making soy milk, a less expensive appliance like this one might make sense. Even though it’s budget-minded, it still has features that make the process easier, like heating around the entire body of the container for even cooking and a stainless steel interior.

    You can pick programs for dry beans, soaked beans, grains, paste, juice, and cleaning. When making soy milk, it heats the beans prior to grinding, then cooks the final product, and is finished in about 20 minutes. It does not have an internal strainer, but it includes a strainer for filtering the soy milk after cooking is done. A cleaning cloth and measuring cup are also included.

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    Best Design: Joyoung Soy Milk Maker Filterless Soybean Machine

    With a shape that looks a bit like a coffee maker, this soy milk maker will look right at home on your kitchen counter. The device does not include a filter or strainer, but the company says the grinder creates super-smooth soy milk that can be consumed without filtering. Many users agreed, although some still preferred to use their own filter to remove the final pulp.

    This soy milk maker has time and temperature presets, so you can program the machine to have the soy milk ready when you want it. The settings on the touch screen are in Chinese and English, and some users noted that the English options were small and a little hard to read when they were still getting used to the machine. Presets include several flavors of soy milk along with beans, grains, rice paste, nut milk, porridge, corn juice, and juice.

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