The Best Spicy Cranberry Sauces and Chutneys for Your Holiday Table

Give classic cranberry sauce a spicy and exotic twist with these recipes

Thanksgiving Day is not Thanksgiving without cranberries. In these ten cranberry sauce and cranberry chutney recipes you will find new light on a holiday classic. All sauces have some spiciness to them, but their heat ranges. They are exotic, interesting, and most of all: pleasant to your tastebuds. 

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    Sweet and Spicy Plum Chutney Sauce. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    This holiday season switch the traditionally cranberry sauce for this sweet and spicy plum chutney. You're guests won't be disappointed! 


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    Cabernet Cranberry Sauce
    Cabernet Cranberry Sauce. Rob Melnychuk -- Getty Images
    This high rated and easy to prepare cranberry sauce recipe is made spicy by adding just a pinch of cayenne chili. Recipe by John Mitzewich.


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    Spicy and Quick Cranberry Pineapple Chutney.

    Ramona of Curry and Comfort helps us save time with her spicy Thanksgiving chutney recipe. She says the following "This sweet, spicy and tangy cranberry sauce will go perfectly with our Thanksgiving day meal and also go well with any rice and curry dish." Now what's not to love about that! 


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    Merlot cranberry sauce spiced with allspice. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    The spiciness in this cranberry sauce comes from the peppery allspice. This recipe is a mild one, so perfect for everyone.

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    Spiced Cranberry Chutney with Apricots, Cherries and Pecans
    Spiced Cranberry Chutney with Apricots, Cherries and Pecans. Tetra Images - Getty Images

    Another beautiful recipe using autumn's bountiful fruits. Gwen, of Simply Healthy Family, prepares a healthy chutney recipe that is naturally sweetened (with the fruit), a tad tart, very healthy, and a bit spicy. This chutney looks good enough to eat right out of the bowl. 


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    Spicy Cranberry, Mango, and Cilantro Sauce.

    Layla, of Laylita's Recipes, not only gives her cranberry sauce a spicy touch, but also a tropical twist. The tart, sweet, and spicy flavours in her recipe are a must try! 


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    Spicy Cranberry Jalapeño Chutney. Malcolm Bedell

     A gorgeous chutney that is awesomely described by recipe creator Jillian Bedell, "...this cranberry sauce is like life, simple yet complex, sweet and spicy, beautiful, a bit tart, and doesn’t come out of a can."

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    Guajillo Cranberry Sauce. Vianney Rodriguez

    The American cranberry sauce gets a Mexican makeover in this stellar recipe. Tangy, sweet, and a tad spicy, Vianney's recipe will be a huge hit.