The 10 Best Splatter Screens of 2021

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Our Top Picks
"Rather than mesh, this screen has small round holes that let steam out but let fat stay in."
"This dishwasher-safe screen flips up on one side, ideal for when you want to stir your food while leaving the other side in place."
"When splatter is excessive, the cook can use two screens at once, blocking the most aggressive droplets."
"This heatproof silicone screen can also be used as both a trivet and strainer."
"Unlike guards that cover the top of the pan, this won’t trap condensation."
"This guard gives enough space to see inside the pot or pan, while it also allows steam to escape."
"This compact screen is weighted, so it'll stay in place while you microwave your food."
"This cover doesn't let just as much steam out as others, so it's great for foods that you want to keep a bit more moist."
"This set of three screens offers size options, so the cook can choose the one that fits the pan the best."
"This innovative splatter guard has a patented activated carbon filter that absorbs cooking odors."

Fried foods are a favorite, but cleaning up after frying isn’t much fun. Grease can splatter all over the stovetop, all over the other cookware on the stove, and all over the cook. A splatter guard cuts down on the splashing and reduces cleanup time. Not just for frying, a splatter guard also can come in handy any time a soup or sauce wants to get splashy during cooking.

Here, the best splatter screens for your kitchen.

Best Overall: OXO Softworks Stainless Steel Splatter Screen

When it comes to blocking splatter, whether it’s from searing steaks in a cast iron pan or cooking a thick tomato sauce in a Dutch oven, it’s hard to beat this splatter screen. Rather than screen-like mesh, this has small round holes in a solid piece of thin stainless steel. The tiny holes let steam out while the metal blocks most of the droplets of fat or splashes of food. Circular ridges on the screen keep the screen stable on pots of different sizes, and the shroud where the handle attaches fits neatly over most frying panhandles so the screen can lie flat on the pan.

The plastic handle stays cool during cooking, and it folds over onto the screen for more compact storage. When cooking is done, the screen is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a snap, but users have noted that it’s easier to clean by hand than typical screens.

Best Folding: Williams Sonoma Silicone Splatter Screen

Silicone Splatter Screen

Most splatter guards need to be removed to stir or flip the food in the pot, but this folding screen lets the cook flip one side up to stir the chili while leaving the other side in place. For storage, it can be left unfolded to fit slim spaces or fold it to fit short spots. The screen is made from sturdy silicone, so it’s heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Small hand-holds on either side of the screen take less space on the stove or in storage, but it might be wise to approach them with a potholder. Not just for keeping grease from flying, this would be handy for slow-simmering a stew in a Dutch oven when a cover is too much, but the cook doesn’t want the pot completely open.

Best Budget: BitimexHome BitMexHome Splatter Screen Set

This set of three has your pots covered—or at least they can cover three of them at the same time. This set includes an 8-inch screen, a 10-inch screen, and an 11-inch screen, so they can fit a variety of frying pans, saucepans, and Dutch ovens, to protect the stove from cooking mess. It’s great when the sauce is simmering in one pot while there’s fried chicken in another. When splatter is excessive, the cook can use two screens at once, blocking the most aggressive droplets. The blue plastic handle stays cool during cooking, and each one has a hole so they can be hung on a hook for easy access when cooking is getting messy. These are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Best Silicone: Norpro Grip-EZ Red Silicone Splatter Screen

Silicone is rapidly becoming the material of choice for hot kitchen uses, like this silicone splatter guard. This has tiny holes that thwart splatter, but this might also retain a bit more steam. Since silicone is heatproof, this can also be used as a trivet and as a strainer when it’s time to empty water from a pot of pasta, but care should be taken when on a gas stove to make sure flames aren’t coming up the side of the pan, which could burn the screen. Users have noted that while they can’t see through it to the food below, it is very handy for adding water or other liquids to the pot right through the screen. It can also be used to gently steam foods on top of the screen while it’s covering a pan. The handle doesn’t fold, but it has a hole on the end to hang it on a convenient hook.

Best Collapsible: Frywall Splatter Guard

This unique splatter preventer is a wall rather than a screen. While high-flying splashes can still escape the wall, splatter traveling sideways will stay easily contained, and there’s no need to remove the wall to stir the sauce or flip the steaks. This fits 10-inch pans best and won’t fit any less than 9 1/2 inches; a smaller and larger size are available. It also comes in a variety of colors, so you can color-code the small, medium, and large ones in storage. Speaking of storage, it can fold and roll for compact storage wherever it’s kept, and it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Unlike guards that cover the top of the pan, this won’t trap condensation, and it will come in handy when piling spinach or other greens into a pot since it can contain them neatly until they cook down to a more manageable size.

Best Domed: JAZ Innovations Splatter Guard Pro

Most splatter guards are completely flat and made from screen material with tiny holes. This one is completely different. It has a raised center section and one large hole instead of multiple small ones. This guard gives enough space to see inside the pot or pan while also allowing steam to escape. Even better, it makes it possible to stir ingredients without removing the guard. All of the splatters along the edge of the pan can’t escape at all, and the few that go straight up in the center also come straight down, so they won’t land on the cooktop. This is made from sturdy silicone and has a fold-down handle that makes storage easy. Once cooking is done, it's dishwasher safe so cleaning is always easy.

Best for Microwave: Smartwares Microwave Spatter Screen

Microwave splatters can be just as bad—or worse—than stovetop splatters since they cook onto the sides, top, and bottom inside the microwave, which can be awkward and difficult to wipe clean. Unfortunately, most splatter screens made for stovetop use are either too large for the microwave, or they have enough metal to make them unsuitable for microwave use.

This thin, flexible mesh solves the problem, covering a plate of food or a bowl easily to contain the splatter, while small red beads keep the mesh weighted around the edges to keep it in place. Users noted that the mesh rinses clean, even when it’s in contact with food, and it dries very quickly so it’s ready to use again.

Most Versatile: Kuhn Rikon 11-Inch Cover

Kuhn Rikon

While this large cover is mostly solid, with the holes near the center covered by flaps. The flaps lift up to let out some steam, but not as much as a traditional screen, so it’s great for foods where keeping steam in is preferable. Perhaps its best use is to thwart boil-over when making pasta or other foods that create foam while cooking, or when boiling is very enthusiastic. Instead of boiling over the sides, the liquid comes through the center and then drains back into the pot when the heat is turned down.

The 11-inch size is large enough for most standard cookware, but it can also be used on small pots and pans since it’s made of thick silicone that won’t droop over the sides of the pots.

Best Set: U.S. Kitchen Supply Splatter Screen Set

U.S. Kitchen Splatter Screen Set

This set of three screens offers size options (13, 11 1/2, and 9 1/2 inches), so the cook can choose the one that fits the pan the best. And if there’s more than one splashy pan that needs a cover, there’s another screen ready to be used. These have black handles that stay cool during cooking and a hanging hole at the end of the handle so they can be hung on a nearby hook. Small feet on the underside of the screens allow them to rest on the counter without placing the whole messy surface on the clean counter.

Made from stainless steel mesh, these have a fine weave that keeps droplets in the pan while the screens also resist denting. They can also be used to drain pots while keeping vegetables safely inside the pan. When cooking is done, the screens are dishwasher safe for simple cleanup.

Best Odor Absorbing: Farberware Patented Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen

Not only can frying be messy, but some cooks also object to frying odors, particularly when frying foods like fish. This innovative splatter guard has a patented activated carbon filter that absorbs cooking odors and it also captures splatters while letting steam escape.

The 13-inch screen is completely flat, so it will sit evenly on pots and pans that are 13 inches in diameter or smaller (or, there's an 11-inch screen that fits on pots and pans that are 11 inches in diameter or smaller). The handle has ridges that make it easy to grab and a large hanging hole so it can hang from any hook. When cooking is done, this splatter screen is dishwasher safe.

Final Verdict

For whatever kind of cooking you do, it's hard to beat the OXO Softworks Stainless Steel Splatter Screen. However, the innovative folding design of the Williams Sonoma Silicone Splatter Screen makes it a great option for when you want to stir one side of the pot but keep the screen safely latched onto the other.

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