Top 5 Thai Spring Roll Recipes

Springtime Appetizers With Southeast Asian Flavor

Fried Thai Spring Rolls

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Traditionally spring rolls are deep fried, whereas fresh spring rolls are not. We've included both varieties on this list. Thai spring roll recipes make tasty appetizers, and the fresh version makes a great packed lunch. Simply pack three or four rolls for a light, satisfying meal that won't make you feel sluggish afterward.

These recipes are even better than the spring rolls you've had at restaurants, and you can customize the portion of meat or veggies to your liking.


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    Classic Spring Rolls (Vegetarian or Shrimp)

    Classic Spring Rolls

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    These Thai deep-fried spring rolls are vegetarian prepared with tofu, which lightens the dish and ensures it's not too heavy. Using shrimp is also an option. Brimming with vegetables and lots of flavor, these spring rolls make a hot appetizer. The vegetables—including garlic, onion, cabbage, and mushrooms—are first stir-fried in a tangy sauce made of soy sauce, fish sauce, lime juice, and sugar. After assembling and folding the rolls, you gently fry them until crispy. They are delicious served with Thai sweet chili sauce.

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    Fresh Spring Rolls (Gluten Free and Vegetarian Optional)

    Fresh Spring Rolls
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    These rolls are named "fresh" for a reason. Ingredients such as shrimp, bean sprouts, herbs, and carrots are rolled inside gluten-free rice wrappers and are eaten raw—instead of deep fried—to enjoy all of the ingredients' freshness and flavors. This easy Thai recipe is quick to put together and can also be made vegetarian. Fresh spring rolls make great finger food for parties and potlucks.

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    Crunchy Egg Rolls (Vegetarian)

    Thai Spring Rolls
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    These deep-fried spring rolls are similar to Chinese egg rolls, albeit smaller and with a higher crunch-to-filling ratio. The egg roll filling is made up of lots of crisp vegetables plus a little egg, making this recipe a great choice for vegetarians. The recipe is also easily made vegan with the substitution of soft tofu. (Add a little black salt, or kala namak, for truly eggy flavor. This salt is available at South Asian groceries.)

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    Vegan Tofu Spring Rolls

    Summer Roll
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    Sesame oil, crisp cabbage, and mung bean noodles make these unfried spring rolls a fresh yet satisfying option. Ginger and mint wake up the flavor palate, while an optional spring roll dipping sauce provides sweetness.

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    Light Vegan Cucumber Spring Rolls

    Light Fresh Spring Rolls

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    These spring rolls are like eating your favorite salad—but better. They're heavy on the fresh vegetables, including crunchy, refreshing cucumber and earthy bean sprouts. A moderate amount of rice noodles provides body, while cilantro and basil really bring in the aromatics. These will be your go-to summer staple.