The 8 Best Tea Subscription Boxes of 2021

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Republic of Tea: Best Overall

Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea has a variety of both bagged and loose leaf tea packaged in its signature tins, available for one-time purchases or recurring deliveries.

Customers can choose from two different subscription programs: a Tea of the Month Club or Sip by Sip Auto Ship. The Tea of the Month Club is available for purchase for a six- or 12-month term and is perfect for gift giving. This is a great deal at about $109 for six months and roughly $190 for 12 months.

Each month, a new selection of teas will be delivered based on the theme of the box the customer selects. For example, subscribers can choose from selections of Black Tea, Green Tea, Wellness Tea, Caffeine Free, or Full Leaf Tea Experiences and will be sent a new tea each month.

Each delivery comes with 50 tea bags or the equivalent of loose leaf tea. Otherwise, if you have a favorite flavor (or several ones) that you regularly drink, you can select "Sip by Sip Auto Ship"; after selecting the tea of your choice and the amount, opt for delivery as frequently as you like—starting with every four weeks all the way to 12 weeks.

Enrolling in the "Sip by Sip Auto Ship" program comes with free delivery and allows customers to modify orders and change delivery dates at any time.

Simple Loose Leaf: Best Seasonal

Simple Loose Leaf

Simple Loose Leaf

Based in Arkansas, Simple Loose Leaf offers a subscription program of loose leaf tea from around the world, hand-packaged in reusable linen tea filters. Filters are handsewn on historic sewing machines in the United States and are designed for single-cup brewing. Subscribers can choose from a Sampler Box, Black Tea Box, Green Tea, and Herbal Tea Box delivered monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.

Each box comes with four new varieties of loose leaf teas every month (makes about 16 to 20 cups of tea per box). Teas are curated according to the season and weather and vary monthly, but if you discover one you would like to try again, there is an option to purchase teas individually from the online Tea Shop.

Included with each bundle is information on the teas including its origins, flavor notes, and best brew method. Pricing is about $13 per month or roughly $120 for a prepaid 12-month subscription (all with free shipping). When you buy Simple Loose Leaf, you also support their partner non-profit, Bost, which provides employment for members of the local community with developmental disabilities.

Sips by: Best for Personalized Tea Service

Sips by

Sips by

Sips by is a personalized tea curation service that delivers a box of premium teas from a selection of more than 150 different brands from around the world.

For $16 a month, subscribers will receive a box of four different teas chosen just for them, based on their tastes and preferences. Each box makes at least 15 cups or over 45 if they choose to re-steep. Customers are asked to fill out a simple "Tea Quiz," which gives the curators at Sips by information on taste preferences, tea-drinking habits, brew method, and dietary restrictions. This will also help create a Sips by Tea Profile.

Customized boxes of teas will be compiled based on preferences gathered from the initial quiz, as well as any reviews on previous teas. Depending on the Tea Profile, subscribers may receive a mix of both bagged and loose leaf teas in the same box, as well as a mix of both caffeinated and herbal.

Opt for delivery monthly or every three, six, or 12 months. (Subscribers get one month free if they opt for the 12-month plan.) Each box comes with steeping guidelines and tasting notes as well as reusable and biodegradable filters or tea bags for brewing loose leaf tea as needed. Subscribers will also have access to the My Sips Learn Page, which includes recipes and lessons created for the teas in your box.

Tea Runners: Best for Rare Finds

Tea Runners

Tea Runners

Tea Runners prides itself on offering high-quality, award-winning teas from around the globe that can be delivered to your door. Its online catalog offers more than 300 teas, including many top place finishers from the Global Tea Championship Awards and rare, hard-to-find teas from small-batch producers.

Subscribers can choose from a selection of four different curated boxes each month or customize their own from over 15 tea varieties. Each box comes with four loose leaf teas, packaged in 1-ounce portions (enough for at least 30 cups), along with tasting notes and steeping instructions.

Box options include the Original Box (mixed with pure teas, blended and flavored teas, and herbal teas), Pure Tea Box (only pure teas, no flavored or herbal varieties), All Black Tea Box (variety of pure black, blended, and flavored black teas), and Herbal Tea Box (all caffeine-free).

Subscription boxes are priced from $25 to $30 per month and can be delivered monthly, bimonthly, or trimonthly; a 10% to 15% discount is included on longer-term prepaid subscriptions. On average, teas in monthly boxes are not repeated for at least six months, so regular subscribers will continue to be exposed to a curated selection.

If you like a particular tea from a subscription box, any teas can be ordered from the online tea shop along with other specialty teas.

Free Your Tea: Best for Sampling

Free Your Tea

Free Your Tea

Never bagged, Free Your Tea is a loose-leaf, personalized tea subscription that tailors flavors to your taste buds based on your preferences and ratings. Teas are sustainably sourced from gardens around the world and are sent directly from the country of origin and through wholesalers.

The first tea shipment that subscribers receive includes a sampler of six different teas to taste and allows them to submit ratings that will inform future shipments. Moving forward, for about $20 a month, subscribers to the standard plan receive one, 3.5oz bag of tea (makes about 30 cups of tea) based on feedback given on the first shipment.

Each month, a bonus sample flavor will also be included to introduce you to a different brew. Subscribers can upgrade to more bags of tea per month if they choose. Prepaying for a longer-term plan (i.e. six or 12 months) will result in a savings of 10% to 20%.

Along with the Regular or Caffeine Free Plan, Free Your Tea is one of the few tea subscriptions that offers specific plans for just Iced Tea (comes with one large bag of tea to cold-brew into a weekly pitcher’s worth), as well as a plan called Tea for Two, allowing a pair of subscribers in the same household to select different tea preferences.

My Tea Drop: Best for Wellness

My Tea Drop

My Tea Drop

Founded in 2015 and based in Los Angeles, this innovative tea company has thought of everything to provide high-quality, ethically-sourced organic teas that merge unique flavorful blends and modern design.

Teas are pressed into "tea drops" and packaged without bags, reducing waste by 20%, compared to teas packed in traditional bags. Tea drops are designed similar to a bath bomb that dissolves in hot water, made with actual tea leaves, spices, and pressed into a variety of colorful shapes. Teas are thoughtfully sourced to support organic production, fair trade wages, clean water aid, and are American made.

A subscription plan is about $25 a month, and subscribers can choose from a non-caffeinated or combo box of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated. Each month subscribers will receive a rotating tea selection of about 16 drops including four different varieties, supplemental information of wellness and self-care topics, and a surprise gift that goes along with the theme. The company also specializes in a line of wellness teas and themed boxes for gifts and care packages.

Art of Tea: Best for Single Origin

Art of Tea

Art of Tea

Art of Tea has a diverse inventory of high-quality, loose-leaf teas, including single origin, green and black teas, blooming tea, herbal tea, Pu-erh tea, and yerba mate. It even has a Dessert Tea Collection, featuring options like Caramelized Pear Tea and Dark Chocolate Peppermint Tea, as well as an Iced Tea Collection.

In addition to one-time orders, Art of Tea offers five different subscription packages: Caffeine Free, Classic, Single Origin, Explore, and Pyramid Sachets. Programs are priced at about $70 for three months with discounts on six- and 12-month plans.

Each month, depending on the box type, subscribers will receive 2 to 4 ounces of a new loose leaf tea (2 ounces for the single-origin box) or 12 eco-friendly pyramid sachet teabags. There will also be information from the Art of Tea about the offerings in the box. Teas are selected seasonally and will change each month.

Art of Tea specializes in its Single Origin collection sourced from all over the world, including rare ones like Uji Gyokuro green tea and Immortal Nectar Pu-erh Tea. The website itself is an incredible resource for all things tea-related, including the history of tea, benefits of tea, how to bake with and make cocktails with tea, and Tea 101 for new tea drinkers.

BlendBee: Best for Blended Teas



For those who prefer blended teas and not single-origin, BlendBee offers a monthly subscription of blended loose leaf teas for about $25 a month that includes two, 2-ounce tea bags per month (40 to 60 cups), either caffeinated, caffeine-free, or both. Free shipping is included, and subscribers can choose between delivery on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis.

The monthly tea club gives customers an opportunity to taste a variety of flavors and then give feedback to inform future deliveries. New subscribers will also receive two reusable tea bags for loose leaf teas. Blends include flavors such as Bliss (fresh lemon, coconut, and peach herbal blend), Brainiac (mint, Ginkgo Biloba, ginseng, and lemon black tea mix), Fall for Chai (orange and vanilla-infused black tea chai), among others.

Detailed information on the contents of the pre-made blends, brewing instructions, and wellness benefits are included on the BlendBee website. Choose from dozens of premade blends, or make your own custom blend with the company's extensive inventory of ingredients. All teas are organic or wild-crafted and sourced from numerous small fair-trade farms around the world.

BlendBee is available to answer any questions about a custom blend or subscription.

How We Chose the Best Tea Subscriptions

Tea subscriptions were reviewed using a variety of factors, including quality and selection of bagged and loose-leaf varieties, sourcing, customization options, and packaging, considering everything from pure aesthetic to sustainability. Pricing, user-friendly ordering, and customer reviews were also taken into consideration.

For example, Tea Runners was recognized for its impressive inventory of award-winning teas, My Tea Drop was highlighted for its unique, bagless pressed options, and Sips by stood out for its curated tea service. Republic of Tea earned our best overall title for its simplistic, but high-value offerings of bagged and loose leaf tea. We loved that they were available for one-time purchases or as recurring deliveries.

What Are Tea Subscription Boxes?

Tea subscriptions are monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly subscriptions with companies that deliver their own branded teas or that aggregate multiple brands. Some subscriptions will send new teas with every box, while others are subscriptions to a specific tea-type or category that a customer can specify. Many programs will encourage users to share information about their tea preferences and habits and also provide reviews on teas they receive to help curate future deliveries.

Who Would Benefit From a Tea Subscription?

Those who would benefit from a tea subscription are certainly avid tea drinkers who want to remain fully stocked with their favorite teas at all times, but also novice and curious tea drinkers who want to be introduced to the world of tea through ones they wouldn’t typically find in a local supermarket.

How Much Do Tea Subscriptions Cost?

Subscription costs vary depending on the brand as well as variety and frequency of delivery, but on average they cost around $20 to $25 per month for 40 cups of tea.

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