The 7 Best Teapots to Buy in 2018

Enjoy a warm brew in the comfort of your own home

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A great teapot is an essential piece for tea lovers. Some households will use this every day to sip their favorite brew while others share only for guests. Teapots are made of many different materials with the most popular including ceramic, porcelain and glass. Porcelain is often considered more formal, while ceramic is a bit more casual and rustic. Glass teapots are more of a modern design piece that are durable to hot liquids but can be more fragile for handling than ceramic and porcelain. 

Although not as popular as the above three, cast iron and stoneware are two types of teapots that some tea consumers prefer. Cast iron teapots originated from Japan and today can be found from simple to elaborate designs. These teapots are appreciated for their capability to keep tea hot for long lengths of time. Stoneware is fired from a higher temperature which allows it to be durable. Modern stoneware can be found lead free and is easy to care for, can be wiped clean or place in the dishwasher.

With tea being one of the world’s most famous beverages, the perfect teapot is essential to a tea lover. The best teapot will fit your aesthetic, budget and most importantly your home. Here are our picks:


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    Best Overall Teapot: Cusinium Glass Teapot for Hot and Cold Tea with Infuser Set

    If you looking for an everyday teapot that holds a few mugs worth of warm brew this is your pick. This model holds three to four cups of tea in a borosilicate glass that is so durable you can even put it directly on a  gas top burner. When the stainless steel parts are removed it can also go in the microwave to warm up your tea when it cools down a little. An added bonus is it is dishwasher safe so you can wash it easily after a long day. 

    Anyone who has ever poured hot water out of kettle knows that burns do happen so the lid on this is designed to stay cool so your fingers stay safe. And the ergonomic handle allows for a firm grip while holding the pot while the spout is spill free. This teapot has a 100 percent 5-star rating — with positive reviews such as "lightweight and stylish" and "for such money I got a well made and great looking teapot!"

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    Best Ceramic Teapot: Tealyra Small Ceramic Loose leaf Teapot

    This bright and colorful teapot comes in seven colors to match any personality and looks great when left out on the table. It holds 24-ounces of liquid and is made of ceramic which holds up to high temperatures and stands up to the test of time. The extra fine stainless strainer prevents the smallest of leaves floating into your tea resulting in the perfect cup. 

    Feedback such as "does not drip when pouring" and "super sturdy" are what most customers say about this pretty pot. It also makes a wonderful gift for a friend who also cherishes a warm spot of tea on a cold day. 

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    Best Red Teapot: FORLIFE Curve with Infuser

    This stylish 24-ounce red teapot is perfect if you are looking for a ceramic pot that doesn't feel too cumbersome. Made of lead-free material it is also dishwasher safe. Designed with an infuser, this pot has one of the highest (4.8 out of 5.0) ratings with reviewers loving the pot for being well made and for the lid staying firmly on the tea when pouring.

    This model is great for those who want something more traditional and prefer their tea in a bag as opposed to loose leaf form. Besides red, this also comes in 10 other colors. 

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    Best Glass Teapot: Hiware Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

    This teapot can be placed on the stovetop as well as in the microwave. At 45-ounces this is a larger version of Hiware's 27-ounce glass teapot. Handcrafted with a non-dripping spout and an open round handle this pot is made with heat-resistant borosilicate glass that the manufacturer designed thicker for everyday use. Reviewers call this pot "beautiful, sturdier than it looks" and "elegant."

    What's great about the pot is you can use the lid with or without the infuser so you can switch it up daily depending on your personal preference. This also has a two-year warranty so if you are scared of glass construction you are guaranteed it will hold up or you will get a refund. 

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    Best Budget: Fitz and Floyd Teapot

    Everyday White® by Fitz and Floyd® Teapot
    Courtesy of Bed, Bath, and Beyond

    This is a classic style teapot that features contemporary qualities such as being dishwasher and oven safe (up to 250 degrees), at a bargain price. There are no steel attachments which means the pot can be placed in the microwave, making it a smart option for those who like to warm up their tea throughout the day. At 48 oz. this is the perfect teapot for entertaining because you can warm multiple cups. This pot does not come with a tea infuser, but one can easily be added. Reviewers loved this teapot as being the great "everyday white teapot" that is "easy to clean" and "looks good in my kitchen."

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    Best Iron Teapott: Old Dutch Cast Iron Amai Teapot

    Old Dutch Cast Iron Amai Teapot
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    This Japanese inspired cast iron teapot is ideal for brewing up small batches of loose-leaf tea for yourself or a guest. Iron teapots are not traditionally lightweight as the heaviness of the iron helps to retain heat for extended lengths of time, which are ideal for long brewing and taste. So if you have wrist issues we would suggest you steer clear of this type of make.

    This teapot is relatively on the light side (compared to other iron models) at 3.35 pounds and has enamel lining for rust resistance. Reviewers loved this teapot for brewing small batches of tea and being comfortable to use on a daily basis for those who prefer iron construction.

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    Best Stoneware Teapot: London Pottery Geo Teapot

    With a 36-ounce capacity, this glazed stoneware teapot has an angular spout and a stay-cool handle. This British designed teapot is dishwasher safe and available in eight colors. An excellent teapot if you are looking for a stoneware pot that is more on the contemporary side and it evokes a British feel.

    It comes in eight fun colors including a vibrant nectar and pistachio but also comes in a more subdued grey. If you are looking for the "authentic" British experience of tea this is your best bet.