Yummy Appetizers and Finger Foods From the Thai Kitchen

Top Thai Finger Foods

 Surprise your friends and family with a delicious Thai appetizer or party food treat!  Your guests will be 'wowed' when they bite into these fresh and oh so flavorful finger foods - excellent whether served on their own or paired with your favorite cocktail, lager, or wine.  ENJOY! 

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    Mini Shrimp Lettuce Wraps
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    If you and your friends like spicy, zesty foods, try making up a platter of these Thai Shrimp Mini Lettuce Wraps! These bite-size wraps are just perfect for a party finger food. Each mini wrap provides a burst of Thai flavors that are meant to hit different parts of the palate all at once, awakening your taste-buds and sending you straight to food heaven. ENJOY!

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    Thai Fried Ribs Finger Food Style!
    Thai Fried Ribs Finger Food Style!. D.Schmidt for About.com

    The best crispy fried wings ever - and what a nice surprise: they're easy to make too.  Unlike most deep fried ribs that I've tried, these are not just about the coat, but full flavor all the way through. The special Thai marinade is what does it -- a special concoction of coriander and garlic that is whipped up in just minutes. And there's no messy beaten eggs or other liquids to dip into - just marinate, then roll in flour.  So easy, so wonderful! 

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    Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce
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    Satay is always a huge hit with any crowd, as well as a special taste treat for your family. This recipe is straightforward and not hard to make, with results that will be sure to impress your guests. Here I've arranged the serving of the satay for a party, but feel free to serve it anyway you want - it's all Thai, and it's all good!

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    While most Western versions of peanut sauce are made with peanut butter, this Thai peanut sauce recipe starts with real peanuts - and you'll taste the difference! At the same time, it's super easy and quick to make. This peanut sauce can be used for a variety of purposes, from a dip for veggies to a sauce for chicken or beef satay. Or use it to make a yummy cold noodle salad. A very easy and delicious peanut sauce recipe!

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    Thai Fried Squid (Calamari)
    Thai Fried Squid (Calamari). D.Schmidt for About.com

    This Thai version of fried calamari is crisp and seriously delicious - and you won't believe how simple it is to make.  If you're a fan of Greek calamari, you'll love this recipe.  Makes a fantastic appetizer or party food, or serve it with a Thai salad and you have a complete meal.

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    Dish of spring rolls on lettuce with chopsticks
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    This spring roll recipe can be made vegetarian with tofu, or with baby shrimp if you prefer. Brimming with vegetables and lots of flavor, these spring rolls make a great appetizer or party food. And they're far fresher and healthier than the spring rolls you'll find in most restaurants. ENJOY!

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    Fantastic Corn Fritters, Thai Cuisine!
    Fantastic Corn Fritters, Thai Cuisine!. d.Schmidt for About.com

    Best corn fritters ever!  This scrumptious recipe for corn fritters is a real treat that will make everyone happy, even kids.  It's also vegetarian and can be made gluten free. The batter takes only minutes to stir together, then just drop spoonfuls into hot oil and fry a few minutes for the yummiest savory fritters ever.  Makes a fun and delicious finger food.

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    Dish of coconut shrimps arranged on mashed potatoes and mango sauce
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    Unlike most coconut shrimp recipes which are deep-fried, this one is easily baked up in the oven, which means less fat and calories. Excellent served with Thai sweet chili sauce (available in most supermarkets), or for an extra special treat, accompany with my Easy Mango Dip. A for-sure hit with everyone!

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    Thai Fish Cakes
    Mouth-watering Thai Fish Cakes!. D.Schmidt for About.com

    If you enjoy crab cakes, you'll love Thai fish cakes! They're terrific for a party (as pictured here) because they are small enough to serve as a finger food. They can be made up ahead of time too (see my 'make-ahead' tip in the recipe). Serve them at your next gathering and see how fast they disappear!

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    Dragon Fruit Martini
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    This Dragon Fruit Martini is easy to make and beautiful to serve! Your guests will be surprised and delighted by this refreshing cocktail, and the marvelous-looking dragon fruit also makes a great conversation starter! Dragon fruit is native to Thailand, but is now readily available throughout North America (see recipe for more info). Cheers!

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    Summer Roll , Salad roll , Vietnamese Food
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    These Thai-style fresh rolls are fun to make and so scrumptious! They are often called 'fresh spring rolls' or 'fresh summer rolls' - in other words, they are excellent served in the spring or summer, when fresh lettuces and herbs are available. They are usually served as an appetizer, but my husband and I like to make them into the main course.
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    Summer roll
    Krit of Studio OMG / Getty Images

    Welcome guests to your home with a "bouquet" of Thai fresh rolls. They're a beautiful party finger food, plus delicious and healthier than fried spring rolls.  Or roll some up with the help of your family - they're fun to make and so delicious too.

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    Fresh Mussels, Red Thai Curry Sauce
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    These Thai Mussels make a beautiful gourmet-style finger food or appetizer, and they're easy to make too! The curry sauce is created right in the pan, so you don't need to bother with curry paste or even a food processor. If your mussels are already clean and ready to go, this dish can literally be served up to your friends in just minutes. Enjoy as is, or add a loaf of crusty French bread on the side to soak up the yummy sauce.

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    Jill Chen / Stocksy United

    Very gourmet, this appetizer is surprisingly easy to make - the cooking time is literally 10 minutes! And the results? If you like seafood, you're going to fall in love with these melt-in-your-mouth scallops, as well as the sumptuously simple sauce that accompanies them.

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    Lettuce Wraps
    Jason Poole / Getty Images
    Lettuce wraps are fun to eat with friends, and they can be part of the making of them. Just stir-fry the hot filling, then set on the table together with the lettuce and toppings, and let everyone make their own. Lettuce wraps are wonderfully healthy too!
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    Crowd-Pleasing Coconut Shrimp - easily baked up in your oven!
    Crowd-Pleasing Coconut Shrimp - easily baked up in your oven!. About.com

    Imagine biting into a succulent deep-fried shrimp covered in a light tempura-like batter flavored with the taste of coconut - scrumptious! This Coconut Shrimp recipe is fantastic to serve as an appetizer, tapas plate, or party food. Excellent eaten on its own, or served with a dip (like my fresh mango salsa - see next recipe below). As a bonus, this coconut shrimp recipe includes instructions for a gluten-free version (which is just as yummy!), so no one has to miss out. ENJOY!

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    Prawns Shrimps roasted and served on stone slate with lemon and garlic close up
    The Picture Pantry / Getty Images

    This wonderful Thai shrimp recipe is easy to make and superb for a party. Medium to jumbo shrimp are tossed in a spicy chili-garlic sauce, then broiled in the oven for just a few minutes. Add toothpicks and serve as a party food, or enjoy with rice as a main entree. This spicy shrimp recipe will be a hit with your friends and family, and it's ready in less than 30 minutes! Includes make-ahead tips for parties.

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    Cooked spare ribs, studio shot
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    This Thai ribs recipe creates tender, tangy-sticky ribs. Makes a terrific finger food for a party, but be sure to make lots, as they'll be gone in minutes!

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    Thai fish cakes
    Thai Fish Cakes are a common street food in Thailand, and are very flavorful compared to most Western fish cake recipes. They aren't battered, which I find allows for more of the fresh taste of the fish, spices, and herbs to come through. Accompany these cakes with Thai sweet chili sauce for dipping, fresh coriander, and a squeeze of lime juice. Simply delicious! And since they are much smaller than Western-size fish cakes (more like mini cakes), they're perfect for serving at a party...MORE with drinks. ENJOY!
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    sf_foodphoto / Getty Images

    These easy-to-make crab cakes are guaranteed to melt in your mouth! You and your friends will definitely be wowed by how deliciously moist they are - not be mention imbued with wonderful Thai flavors. This crab cake recipe makes an elegant appetizer, finger food, or entree to serve guests, but is also easy enough to cook up as an everyday treat. Just follow the simple instructions and learn how to make the best crab cakes you've ever tried!

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    mango dip
    Jill Chen / Stocksy United

    This Mango Sauce/Dip is easy to make, and always gets rave reviews when I serve it to company. A little coconut milk helps enhance the mango and give it a rich tropical flavor, while a touch of lime juice keeps it on the savory side. Great as a dip for nearly any of the appetizers in this collection (wonderful with coconut shrimp)!

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    Paperclip Images / Stocksy United

    This Mango Martini recipe is the real deal - made with fresh ripe mangoes (instead of packaged mango juice) for the absolute best mango flavor. Never cut a mango before? Not to worry - my recipe will show you how. This exotic martini makes a great drink to serve guests at a party (see recipe for how to make up a big batch, plus make-ahead tips). Cheers!!