The 8 Best Travel Bar Sets to Buy in 2018

Bring your booze anywhere with these compact kits

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Whether you’re having a fun brunch in the park, planning on mixing up your signature drink at your bar-less friend’s house or heading to a BYOB restaurant, having a travel bar set means the drinks come with you. These compact sets come with everything you need to make the perfect cocktail away from home.

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  • Best Overall: Picnic Time Manhattan Insulated Two-Bottle Cocktail Set

    This classy bar set comes in an insulated case covered in mahogany or black leatherette. In this instance, artificial leather is preferable to the real thing because it wipes clean — to save you after you have a spill — and still looks great. This case is specifically set up for the ingredients of a classic Manhattan (but you can adapt it), so there are two spots for a bottle of whiskey and sweet vermouth. It also comes with two martini glasses, a shaker, a jigger, a set of tongs, a stirrer,...MORE olive picks and napkins. The martini glasses tend to limit what you can serve in them (if you’re a cocktail purist), but you can swap out your spirit choices to change up the routine. Pack vodka and dry vermouth for martinis or gin and lime cordial for gimlets. There’s a detachable shoulder strap and a sturdy handle to help you carry everything to the park, beach or restaurant.

  • Legacy Hamilton Travel Bar Legacy shop all Legacy

    Best for Small Spaces: Legacy Hamilton Travel Bar

    Pull this travel bar out at a party and people will be seriously impressed. The front and top open up to reveal an arsenal of mixology tools. There are the standard ones: a shaker, a strainer, a double jigger and a stirrer. Then there are a few that will really come in handy for more elaborate drinks: a small cutting board (yes, really), a knife, ice tongs, olive picks and a muddler. The set also includes four rocks glasses and three slots to store your bottles of spirits. Everything gets safely...MORE locked up in a 14” x 10” hard case that you can take anywhere without having to worry about broken glass.

  • Picnic Time® 11pc Bar BackPack

    Best for Outdoors: Picnic Time 11-Piece Bar Backpack

    If you need a very practical travel bar (and who doesn’t), then this backpack could be the perfect purchase. It’s insulated and padded to keep your ingredients unbroken and at the right temperature. All the included tools — there are 16 of them — have a place. The cutting board, which doubles as a cheese board, fits in a zippered side compartment. The metal accessories, like the stirrer, muddler and strainer, sit in a removable bar tool organizer that you can unsnap at a moment’s notice. And the...MORE pack’s large inside compartment can hold a number of spirits bottles and a shaker.

  • Best Basic: Trav-L-Bar Vinyl 2-Bottle Travel Bar

    This is the 2-door coupe of travel bars: It’s not a great choice for an all-purpose bar kit, but it may be just what you’re looking for if you’re in the market for something small and sleek. It only fits two bottles of liquor and comes with only the bare minimum supplies: two highball glasses, a two-sided jigger and a bottle opener. The good news is that it’s small enough to travel easily by train or plane, and the limited carrying capacity really lowers the amount this kit will weigh when fully...MORE stocked. As long as you stick to basic drinks that don’t require a shaker or any other specialized tools, this kit has everything you really need.

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  • Best for Gifting: Concession Express Portable Travel Bar

    This portable bar is worthy of a James Bond mission. To start, the sleek briefcase can only be opened with a three-digit combination. You’ll feel especially cool popping open the gold latch. And once inside, you’ll spot the elegant accessories. There’s a silver tray to serve drinks on, two mini martini glasses (remember: shaken, not stirred), a bottle opener, two speed pourers and a jigger. One side holds your tools and the other has three divided spaces to hold your liquor. Everything is held...MORE in place with elastic straps to make sure it’s all in one piece when you get to your destination. The overall packaging and classic nature of this set make it perfect for giving to a friend as a housewarming gift, too.

  • Best Starter Kit: Barmasters Pro Bar Travel Set

    This traveling bar set is more like a toolbox than a bar. While it doesn’t include the actual alcohol and mixers — or even any space for them in its carrying case — it does contain all the tools a traveling bartender needs to have on hand: an 18-ounce cocktail shaker, a double jigger, tongs for ice, a bar spoon, a muddler, a cocktail strainer and a corkscrew. And it all comes in a cylindrical, black leather case. This is a great kit to bring to a friend’s house who has a growing alcohol...MORE selection but doesn’t quite know what to do with it. Your friend may have supplied the mixers, but you brought the party.

  • Best for Entertaining: Portable Travel Bar Set with Serving Tray

    Once you stock this bar set with top-shelf liquor, you’ll have everything you need to host an impromptu cocktail party. The travel case has space for three liquor bottles, plus suede interior lining to protect those bottles and a buttoned strap to keep them in place. The set comes with two 3-ounce mini martini glasses, two chrome-plated speed pourers, a measuring jigger large enough to hold one shot and a wood-handled bottle opener for the beer drinkers. It even comes with its own serving tray....MORE Best of all, the case comes with a built-in combination lock so your travel bar set can’t be used by the wrong bartender.

  • Martini Travel Bar Set with Case

    Best for Martinis: Martini Travel Bar Set with Case

    If you’re a martini devotee with little interest in mixing up anything else, then this is your ideal case. Whether you like this classic cocktail with gin or vodka, dirty or dry, this case has you covered. While you’ll need to supply your own martini ingredients, this kit contains everything else you need to bring your favorite drink on the go. It includes two martini glasses, a stainless steel flask for easy alcohol transportation, a jigger, a funnel and a shaker. It even includes two reusable...MORE olive spears to dress your martini the way a bartender would. The travel case itself has a black exterior and a velvet interior — an elegant look that belongs in an upscale martini bar.

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