10 Best Turkey Cutlet Recipes

Turkey marsala recipe

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Sometimes, you don't have enough people in your family to finish a whole bird, you would like a change from chicken, or just want a new protein to add to your repertoire. Allow us to introduce you to turkey cutlets. Thin, tender, and delicate in flavor, turkey cutlets can substitute in pretty much any recipe that calls for chicken cutlets. When shopping, look for packages with evenly sized pieces so they cook at the same rate. You may have to pound them thin for some preparations. Ask for cutlets at your butcher or grocery store if you can't find them packaged with the rest of the poultry items.

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    Turkey Cutlet and Stuffing Casserole

    Turkey cutlet and stuffing casserole

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    Consider this hearty, one-dish meal Thanksgiving in a baking dish. It features all your favorite fixings, and tastes even better with a side of cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes to revisit this favorite holiday.

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    Turkey Cutlet Parmesan

    Turkey Cutlet Parmesan Recipe

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    We all love chicken parm and eggplant parm, but making the classic Italian favorite with turkey cutlets instead mixes things up a little. The meat has a slightly richer flavor than chicken, but behaves the same in the recipe. Serve it over hot, cooked spaghetti for a meal the whole family will enjoy.

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    Baked Parmesan Turkey Cutlets

    Baked Parmesan Turkey Cutlets Recipe

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    Lean, tender, and super flavorful, Parmesan-breaded turkey cutlets don't get much easier. A little zesty mustard adds pep to the Parmesan and breadcrumb coating. Pair the cutlets with potatoes and a steamed vegetable for a healthy, easy weeknight meal.

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    Piccata-Style Turkey Cutlets

    Pour sauce on turkey

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    With a light and elegant lemon caper sauce, these turkey cutlets taste fancy enough to serve to company but the technique doesn't require any special skill. If you don't care for capers, swap them out for a few teaspoons of diced green onion or add some sliced white or baby bella mushrooms to the skillet for texture.

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    Turkey Cutlets with Mushroom Wine Sauce

    Turkey Cutlets With Creamy Mushroom and Wine Sauce

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    The creamy mushroom sauce that enlivens these turkey cutlets gets its richness and aroma from white wine, while both fresh and dried herbs add depth. It would taste lovely over pasta or alongside rice with a fresh green salad.

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    Pan-Seared Turkey Cutlets with Mushrooms

    Turkey cutlets with mushrooms

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    Because of their umami quality and ability to soak up flavor, mushrooms make a great addition to simple dishes that need a little oomph. Creating an easy pan sauce with mushrooms, sherry, cream, and lots of herbs turns turkey cutlets into a special presentation.

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    Turkey Cutlets Marsala

    Turkey marsala recipe

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    Marsala cooking wine has a lovely floral aroma and complexity that hardly needs any additional ingredients to create a beautiful sauce. Add thin turkey cutlets, mushrooms, and angel hair pasta, and you can have this meal on the table in under half an hour.

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    Crock Pot Turkey Cutlets with Stuffing

    Crockpot turkey cutlet recipe with stuffing

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    Using your slow cooker to make this easy meal means it can cook up while you're doing other things. Just add stuffing, turkey cutlets, and apple pie filling for a hint of sweetness to the pot then set it and forget it. Serve it with some jarred gravy over the top if you really want to redo Thanksgiving.

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    Oven-Fried Turkey Cutlets with Parmesan

    Oven Fried Turkey Cutlets With Parmesan Cheese

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    "Frying" these simple turkey cutlets in the oven saves you some mess and added fat, making this dish a great weeknight option. A coating of panko breadcrumb and Parmesan crisps up as they bake, giving them a delicious texture. Add your favorite starch and veggie to round things out.

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    Baked Parmesan Turkey Cutlets

    Baked turkey cutlets

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    Parmesan cheese and a little Dijon mustard add zip to these simple breaded and baked turkey cutlets. Make sure yours are the same thickness before you dredge and bake them, or they'll cook up unevenly. A tomato chutney would taste just right for dipping.