The 7 Best Vegetable Peelers to Buy in 2018

Make food prep easier with any of these tools

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Vegetable peelers have been a kitchen must-have for generations, but today's peelers are much better than the ones that our grandmothers used. Now peelers are made from better materials, and they’re built for comfort and ease of use. And of course, using a peeler is so much easier than trying to scrape a carrot with a knife.

Peelers come in a few different designs: The blade can be rigid or swivel, and can sit parallel to the handle or perpendicular. And besides standard peelers, there are also peelers with serrated blades that make short work of peeling tomatoes, nectarines and other less-hard fruits and vegetables. While you might have one peeler that’s your favorite, it is not unusual for cooks to keep several on hand — so you have a spare to use while the dishwasher is running, or to hand to a kitchen helper who can tackle carrots while you manage the potatoes.


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    Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

    When it comes to the blade, a peeler can either have one that is stationary or one that moves back and forth. Swivel peelers make the process easier as the blade moves to the proper peeling position on its own, with no need to adjust your grip or your hand position. This classic peeler has twin blades so you can peel in either direction, and you can use it with your left or right hand. The blade flexes, so it bends to cut larger swaths of peel than a rigid blade would.

    The soft oversized grip on this peeler is easy to hold, and it’s non-slip, even when your hands are wet or you’re peeling under running water.

    The built-in potato-eye remover lets you dig out the eyes without switching to a knife, and the large hole in the handle lets you hang the peeler if you prefer. When work is done, just pop in the dishwasher as the peeler is dishwasher-safe.

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    Best Y-Peeler Set: Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler, 3-Piece Set

    Y-peelers — where the blade sits horizontally — orient your hand in a different position for peeling, which some people prefer. You can use them with your right or left hand, and they are ideal when your hand may be uncomfortable from a standard peeler but you have a lot more peeling to do.

    This set of three peelers in translucent red, green and yellow means you’ll always have a peeler ready to hand to a helper. The integrated potato-eye remover makes short work of potato eyes and blemishes without needing a knife.

    The carbon steel blade is sharper than all-stainless blades, but these should be hand washed to prevent rusting.

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    Best Multi Blade Peeler: Vremi 3-in-1 Julienne Vegetable Peeler

    Sure, it’s great to have different peelers with different functions, but if you’re the only cook in the kitchen, maybe you don’t need multiple peelers. This 3-in-1 peeler has straight, serrated and julienne blades, so you’ll save storage space and you’ll never need to search the back of the drawer to find that one peeler you don’t use very often but suddenly need.

    The wheels on the sides of the peeler make it simple to choose the blade style you want, so you can switch from potatoes to tomatoes in a second, then switch to the julienne blade to turn your carrots into the perfect salad garnish. The handle is designed for comfort, and it comes with either black or red accents. This should be hand washed.

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    Best Electric Peeler: Starfrit Rotato Express Electric Peeler

    While it’s easy enough to peel a potato or two buy hand, when it’s Thanksgiving and you're making mashed potatoes or you are canning the season's crop, an electric peeler makes the job nearly effortless.

    The Starfrit Rotato Express operates with the push of a button, and it peels an average potato in about 10 seconds, so you’ll be making fries or mashed potatoes in no time. The peeler arm adjusts for every thickness and type of vegetable and it can be used to zest citrus fruits. It also stops automatically when peeling is done.

    There is onboard storage under the device to hold spare blades and the thumb knife, which helps to remove the eyes from potatoes. The peeler includes a 6-volt adapter so you can plug it into any outlet, or it can operate with four AA batteries (not included), so you can take it with you anywhere.

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    Best Palm: Chef'n PalmPeeler

    Designed for peeling comfort, the Chef'n PalmPeeler just slides onto your finger and nestles into the palm of your hand. No need to curl your fingers around a handle. The soft palm and finger grips make it easy to hold the peeler safely, without worrying about it slipping or dropping.

    The blade is made ​of durable stainless steel, and the integrated potato-eye remover makes it simple to remove eyes and other blemishes from your vegetables. This is top-rack dishwasher safe and is available in green or red.

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    Best Ceramic Bladed Peeler: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Horizontal Y-Peeler

    Ceramic peeler blades have the same advantages as ceramic knife blades — they won’t rust, pit or corrode, and they won’t cause fruits and vegetables to brown. They’re also super-sharp, so you can use this peeler for everything from potatoes to thin-skinned and delicate tomatoes.

    The integrated potato-eye remover takes care of eyes and blemishes with ease, while the ergonomic handle makes the peeler comfortable to use. This peeler is available in a wide variety of colors, so it will be easy to see in your kitchen gadget drawer. This peeler rinses clean easily and is also dishwasher safe.

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    Best KitchenAid Peeler Attachment: KitchenAid Spiralizer Plus with Peel

    The perfect peeler for folks who own a KitchenAid stand mixer, this tool attaches to the power hub of the mixer and turns it into a motorized peeler for potatoes, apples and more.

    Besides the peeling blade, this includes three sizes of spiralizing blades, one slicing blade that removes a large core, one slicing blade that removes a small core and one thin slicing blade that removes a small core — so you’ll always have the one you need. With the change of the blade, this can core, peel and slice apples all at the same time. Or first peel your vegetables and then switch to one of the three spiralizing blades to make vegetable pasta or garnishes for your salads.

    The blades are top rack dishwasher safe. The body should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.