Vegetarian Bean Salads Are Perfect for Summer

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This collection of vegetarian bean salad recipes are the perfect sides for summer. Bean salads are great to bring to your next outdoor picnic or potluck. They can be made ahead of time, are easy to transport, often include pantry staples, and feature relatively inexpensive ingredients. With a wide variety of flavor profiles, bean salads are healthy and high-protein vegetarian or vegan side dishes. They can also be enjoyed as is for a nutritious, low-fat, and high-fiber summer lunch. For a full meal, try pairing the salad with a grilled protein. Most of these recipes call for canned beans, which should be quickly rinsed prior to use. You can also cook dried beans and use those. They take time to soak and cook, so plan ahead if you are using this method. If you are looking for other salad ideas, think about green salads, pasta salads, and fruit salads for your next summer party. 

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    Black Bean and Mango Salad

    Black bean and mango salad recipe

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    With fresh mango, this easy black bean and mango salad recipe is perfect on a hot summer day. It's inspired by the flavors of Mexico and includes lime juice, fresh cilantro, and a jalapeño. If you want to tame the heat a bit, just omit the jalapeño. Once you've ​diced your mango, this bean salad will take you just a few minutes to prepare.

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    White Bean and Parsley Summer Salad

    White bowl containing marinated beans and tomato salad, garnished with coarsely chopped parsley
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    Use any white beans that you like in this simple vegetarian white bean and parsley summer salad: cannellini, navy beans, butter beans, or chickpeas would work well. This bean salad travels well, so pack it up and enjoy it on a sunny day.

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    Southwestern Bean, Bell Pepper and Corn Salad

    Bean, sweet corn and green chilli pepper slad in green bowl with tortilla
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    A simple but tasty black bean salad, this is flavored with lime juice and cayenne pepper for a Southwestern-style dish. Use fresh ingredients for the best flavor. To reduce the fat in this bean salad recipe, add just a tablespoon or a drizzle of olive oil, instead of the full amount. This Southwestern bean, bell pepper and corn salad is a great way to use summer corn. If you ever have leftover corn, cut the kernels off the cob and freeze them in a ziptop bag. Once you have enough, use the corn in this salad. If you are including the optional avocado, try to add it right before serving to prevent it from browning. 

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    Easy Vegetarian Three Bean and Grape Salad

    Grape salad recipe with three beans - the perfect cooling summer salad

    Grape salads provide an unexpected juicy snap to a light lunch or side. The make-ahead easy vegetarian three bean and grape salad dish is great for a summer barbecue, picnic, or potluck. This vegetarian and gluten-free salad is made with garbanzo beans, kidney beans, white beans, cucumbers, and grapes. If you want to make this bean salad vegan, use agave nectar instead of honey and regular mustard instead of honey mustard.