9 Simple Steps for Shipping Baked Goods

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    9 Simple Steps for Shipping Baked Goods

    Shipping Baked Goods
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    You've spent hours baking and making incredible treats to give as gifts. Those gifts need to be mailed, but you don't want them to look a mess when they get there.

    Follow these nine simple steps for packaging your baked goods for holiday shipping.

    Step 1

    You'll need to choose a hard-sided container, something like this cookie tin to hold your freshly baked goodies. You'll also need a cardboard box that is slightly larger than the cookie tin. Don't forget the packing tape.

    Line the cookie tin with tissue paper. The edible treats should be sealed in an airtight bag(s). Place your baked goods inside the tissue-lined container.

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    Start Packing the Container

    Shipping Baked Goods - Step 2
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    Stuff the hard-sided food container with crunched waxed paper or other food safe type paper like parchment or butcher. Pack it as tight as possible without crushing the goodies.

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    Fold in the Tissue

    Shipping Baked Goods - Step 3
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    Fold the tissue paper over the top for that pretty look. It may be difficult to pull up the tissue. Place a sticker, if necessary, to hold the tissue closed.

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    Shake the Container

    Shipping Baked Goods - Step 4
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    Put the top on the container. With two hands, shake the container. There shouldn't be any movement inside. If there is movement in the container, add more waxed paper.

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    Tape the Container

    Shipping Baked Goods - Step 5
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    Tape the container all the way around. To achieve a tight seal, try to use one continuous length of tape. Don't get overly zealous in adding tape. Remember, your recipient should be able to open the container.

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    Add a Bow

    Shipping Baked Goods - Step 6
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    Decorate the outside of your container. Use your imagination. Bows, stickers, pretty ribbon are just a few suggestions. Just remember to choose decorations that will survive ​shipping with little chance of it being destroyed.

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    Place in Box

    Shipping Baked Goods - Ship 7
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    Pad the inside of the bottom of the box. Place the container on top of the padding.

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    Stuff Box

    Shipping Baked Goods - Step 8
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    Stuff the box using bubble wrap, crumpled newspapers or even plastic grocery stacks as a buffer all the way around the container. Add as much stuffing as possible. The lid should just close. Be sure to include the name and address of the recipient to the inside of the box as well.

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    Tape Box

    Shipping Baked Goods - Step 9
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    Use good packing tape to seal the box. Address the package according to the shipping companies' directions.

    Be sure to check for delivery times and shipping instructions: