14 Ways to Use Egg Yolks

Add Richness with These No-Waste Recipes

No bake key lime pie

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Egg yolks add a wonderful richness to both sweet and savory dishes, and can also help thicken sauces and give baked goods more body. Whether you have leftover egg yolks from making egg white omelettes or whipping up a meringue, try adding some of these recipes to your repertoire to use up the remaining egg.

Remember that eggs are best when fresh, especially in recipes that highlight their flavor and require separating the white from the yolk.

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    Swedish Meatballs

    Traditional Sweden meatball.
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    An egg yolk and flour thicken up the sauce for these classic Swedish meatballs that taste just like grandma used to make. Use a veal and beef combination for the tender meatballs, or swap out lean pork for one of the proteins. Serve them with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, for a traditional supper.

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    Homemade Mayonnaise

    mayo process shot


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    Making homemade mayonnaise doesn't have to be a major effort, especially with the help of a hand or stand mixer. And the results are well worth the little bit of effort it takes. Using a neutral oil like vegetable will yield a classic mayo flavor, or try swapping in a mix of olive oil and vegetable oil for a richer flavor. Homemade mayo is also a wonderful starting point for making all kinds of salad dressings, like blue cheese, Thousand Island, and ranch, as well as sandwich spreads like Russian dressing.

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    Traditional Caesar Salad Dressing

    ceasar salad

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    Coddled eggs give traditional Caesar salad dressing that silky texture, with the signature salty tang from anchovies, garlic, and fresh lemon juice. Don't skip the anchovies even if you don't care for fish, they really make all the difference. Try this dressing as a sandwich spread or a crudite dip, in addition to a salad topper.

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    French Rouille Sauce

    rouille sauce hero

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    With its bright yellow color and spicy flavor, rouille sauce tastes like a more flavorful answer to mayonnaise. It pairs beautifully with fish or shrimp and traditionally tops bouillabaisse throughout Provence. Make it at home in minutes with this easy recipe.

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    Hollandaise Sauce

    hollandaise sauce on a poached egg
    Diana Rattray

    Make this lemony butter and egg yolk sauce to give eggs Benedict, steamed vegetables, fish, and chicken a luscious boost. While Hollandaise can take some practice to make, you won't be able to stop drizzling it on everything once you master the technique. With a similar technique, but the addition of tarragon, shallot, and some white wine your Hollandaise can be transformed into a Bearnaise sauce-- a delicious addition to steaks and seafood.

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    Dutch Advocaat

    Traditional Dutch Advocaat liqueur recipe

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    Sweet, fragrant, and decadent, advocaat is the Dutch answer to eggnog. It comes out thick enough to eat with a spoon and also makes a delicious filling for pastries, pies, and cakes. You can also thin it out a bit with cream if you prefer a more American textured nog.

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    Cafe Au Lait Creme Brulee

    Creme Brulee Recipes
    Creme Brulee. Tracy Benjamin

    Silky and just barely solid, topped with a shatteringly crisp broiled sugar topping, creme brulee now spans the globe as a favorite dessert. This one uses two handfuls of egg yolks, plus strong-brewed espresso for a more assertive flavor and a truly unique take on the traditional French dessert.

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    Mango Custard

    Bowls of Mango Pudding on Tray (Close-up)
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    Coconut milk replaces the dairy in this quick and easy mango custard you can whip up in about 20 minutes. Your custard's color will range from yellow to deep orange, depending on the variety and ripeness of mango you choose. Top with sprigs of fresh basil or mint for a pretty presentation.

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    Lemon Chiffon Cake

    Lemon Chiffon Cake

    Kristina Vanni

    Adding egg yolks and whites separately gives this lemon chiffon cake a tender crumb and its sky-scraping height. It comes out both airy and tender, with a summery citrus flavor. The secret to a successful chiffon cake comes from a completely oil-free pan. Even a little oil residue will prevent it from rising, so start with a clean tube pan.

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    Classic Chocolate Ice Cream

    Chocolate Ice Cream
    Chocolate Ice Cream. Diana Rattray

    Make your own chocolate ice cream using this recipe that starts with a cooked custard base, then add whatever mix-ins you like. Chocolate shavings or chips, pecans, almonds, or even a little espresso powder would all taste lovely. Just chill the base thoroughly before you churn.

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    Butterscotch Pie with Whipped Cream

    Butterscotch Pie
    Butterscotch Pie. Diana Rattray

    Sweet-as-can-be butterscotch pie starts with a sticky egg custard filling on a graham cracker or baked pastry crust, then gets topped with pillowy whipped cream. When chilling the filling, cover it tightly with plastic wrap pressed tight to the pie so it doesn't form a skin as it cools.

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    Key Lime Pie

    No bake key lime pie

    The Spruce

    If you can get ahold of fresh key limes, the smaller gem-like variety, use them to make this tangy key lime pie. But bottled juice will also work, if you can't get the real thing. A meringue topping makes it extra special, but you can omit it and use whipped cream instead to save time.

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    Spiced Custard Sauce

    Christmas Spiced Custard Sauce Recipe

     The Spruce

    The perfect complement to your Christmas pudding, or sweet quick bread, this spiced custard sauce tastes like comfort in a pitcher. Egg yolks give milk and heavy cream even more body, while mace, cinnamon, and cloves add warming spice.

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    German Egg Liqueur

    Vegan Eggnog
    Vegan Eggnog. Robert S. Donovan/Moment/Getty Images

    German Eierlikör, or eggnog, tastes best if you let it sit overnight or even longer to let the flavors get to know each other. The alcohol mellows out as it rests, which makes it the perfect batched beverage to make for bottling to give as Christmas or Easter gifts.