The 7 Best Weber Smokey Mountain Accessories in 2021

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"Makes it easy to cook your ribs to perfection by elevating the meat."
"This smart thermometer does more than measure your meat's temperature—it guides you through the cooking process."
"Uses advanced fabrics to keep the layering down and the heat protection up."
"The pan leaves enough room to use both levels of the grill without issue."
"Air vents along the exterior allow moisture and condensation to escape."
"Shredding meats for dishes like pulled pork is much easier."
"Get your smoker going quickly—without lighter fluid—using this chimney starter."

Smoking meat to get a great taste is an art form that requires the right tools and experience. While experience takes time to get, finding the best tools is a lot easier if you know what to look for. Sometimes, for example, an easy-to-use smoker is enough to get the job done. This is what makes the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker series so attractive. Using a narrow profile with dual-cooking surfaces, the smoker provides everything you need to get cooking fine meats today. Of course, the right accessories don’t hurt either.

Using a combination of Weber-specific and general accessories, you can speed up the smoking process or finesse every last tasty detail out of the meat of your choice. From racks and temperature gauges to extra cooking grates, these varied accessories will make the cooking experience all the more enjoyable.

Here, a look at the best accessories for the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. 

Best Overall: Weber 6605 Original Rib Rack

Weber 6605 Original Rib Rack

There are so many grilling and cooking accessories available for good barbeque that it can be difficult to know which one to get. While it is hard to argue which one is the ultimate best for the Weber Smokey Mountain grill, some accessories simply make it easier to get the flavor you want from the meat. Anything that expands the capabilities of the smoker is worth considering, including this special rib rack.

The Weber 6605 Original Rib Rack makes it easy to cook your ribs to perfection by elevating the meat cuts away from the heat source. This prevents the meat from directly touching the grill which can create charred, uneven marks along the surface. Instead, each cut is elevated to where the heat is more even in distribution. The rack will hold a total of five separate ribs for an entire meal all at once.

Best Thermometer: MEATER Plus Wireless Smart Thermometer


Weber Smokey Mountain Smokers do have built-in lid thermometers, but you'll have to stay nearby if you want to keep an eye on the inner temperature of the unit. If you're planning to smoke for several hours and want the freedom to walk away from your smoker, you could definitely benefit from a wireless meat thermometer like the Meater+.

This meat thermometer is completely wireless, and it communicates with your smartphone via its associated app, giving you real-time temperature readings from up to 165 feet away. The app offers suggests internal temperatures for a wide variety of meats, and it even estimates the time it will take you to cook your meal. It's more than just a thermometer—it's your very own grilling (or smoking) assistant!

Best Gloves: Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

Grilling and meat smoking is never kind to human skin. Since your hands are basically large slabs of meat, it is easy to accidentally scorch, burn or cook your skin if you aren’t careful. Extra protection is often necessary for grilling at higher temperatures. Unfortunately, some grilling gloves won’t give you enough room to move around so it doesn’t feel like you are cooking with winter gear. This top pick, however, uses advanced fabrics to keep the layering down and the heat protection up.

To make sure your hands don’t start to smell like cooked meat, the Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves will keep them protected from the high temperatures. Each glove uses aramid fabric that is resistant to high heat. Keeping the inside insulated from the temperatures, the fabric still allows enough movement to preserve much of the dexterity you need while grilling. When not grilling, the gloves can also be used for baking or as a pot holder.

Best Water Pan Cover: Burnt End Paper Weber Smokey Mountain Water Pan Cover

Some accessories for the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker don’t necessarily make a difference on the quality of food you create. Instead, these accessories influence how long your smoker lasts. Since cooking is a messy process, it is easy to damage the insides if you don’t take some extra steps to protect vulnerable parts like the heating mechanism.

The Weber Smokey Mountain Water Pan Cover will keep liquids like water or sauce from damaging the lower portion of the Weber grill. Placed below the lower cooking grate, the pan leaves enough room to use both levels of the grill without issue. Cleaning the pan is as easy as taking it out and running some soapy water over the surface.

Best Cover: Classic Accessories 73002-WB Veranda Smoker Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda cover

Buying any grill or meat smoker is an investment. Even though the Weber Smokey Mountain smokers aren’t the most expensive products out there, it is still a good idea to protect the smoker from the elements. Thankfully, providing this protection is as simple as slipping a cover over the smoker so wind, rain, snow and other weather conditions won’t damage the surface.

The Classic Accessories 73002-WB Veranda Smoker Cover will keep your Weber grill protected in a variety of nasty weather conditions. Fitting smokers up to 19 inches in diameter and 39 inches high, the cover is made of a durable fabric with heavy-duty stitching. Air vents along the exterior allow moisture and condensation to escape, preventing water damage over long periods of time. When using the grill, the cover easily folds for convenient storage.

Best Shredder: Weber 7475 Barbeque Bear Claw Lifters/Shredders

Using the right grill is only half of the equation to making good barbeque. While the right equipment is important, the right tools ultimately make the difference. Special tools that go beyond simply grabbing and turning the meat open the door to new cooking possibilities. More importantly, the right tools also make the finished product better when you have more control over the meat.

The Weber 7475 Barbeque Bear Claw Lifters/Shredders will give you more control over your food as you grill or smoke meat than traditional tongs, forks, and spatulas. More importantly, these claws can also increase your grill repertoire. Shredding meats for dishes like pulled pork is much easier thanks to the four metal prongs. The plastic handle keeps your hands away from the heat source and provides a comfortable, ergonomic surface to hold for long periods of time.

Best Chimney Starter: Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

One of the easiest ways to start a charcoal grill or smoker is using a chimney starter like this one from Weber. The gadget might be simple, but it will have your briquettes smoking in no time! All you do is put your charcoal into the smoker with some crumbled newspaper or lighter cubes at the bottom. After you light the material in the base, the chimney smoker will take over, getting your fuel lit in around 20 to 25 minutes.

The starter's handle stays comfortable to touch thanks to the heat shield, and the unique ergonomic gives you more control over the hot coals as you pour them into your grill or smoker. Plus, you'll never have to use lighter fluid, which saves your food from developing a funky flavor.

Final Verdict

If you're only going to get one accessory for your Smokey Mountain Smoker, we think it should be the Weber Original Rib Rack (view at Amazon), which will help you to perfectly cook up to five racks of ribs at once. You also can't go wrong with the Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter (view at Amazon), which allows you to quickly light charcoal without the need for any light fluid.

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