Give Your Glass a Glow-Up with These Wine Charms

Your drink deserves some decoration and distinctiveness

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The Best Wine Charms to Keep Track of Your Drink in Style

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If everyone is sipping the same wine or big-batch cocktail at a party, it's likely a drink or two will get mixed up as the night rolls on. That’s where wine charms come in: They turn a set of identical glasses into instantly identifiable individual vessels.

Wine charms seem a little frivolous, but they perform an important task—and they also make an excellent gift. From simple felt rings to cheeky Speedo-clad miniature men, wine charms come in all sorts of shapes and configurations. And many will fit on wine glasses as well as cocktail glasses, water glasses, mugs, or really any sort of liquid container. We picked out a few of our favorite wine charms below. Whichever style you pick, you'll never worry about sipping someone else’s drink again.

Best Overall

Simply Charmed Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass Charms

Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass Charms

Courtesy of Amazon

An excellent option for book-club brunch, bachelorette parties, or any large gatherings, this set of 12 Swarovski crystal glass charms are an elegant way to identify everybody's drink, and they work on most drinking vessels, including stemless wine glasses. The secret is magnets: A small but powerful magnet on the inside of the glass holds the charm in place. The magnets work through material up to a fifth of an inch, which covers basically any wine or cocktail glass, and even many ceramic mugs. The set comes in a lovely gift box that doubles as storage.

Twelve different colors of crystal mean you can match them to your birthstone, outfit, or favorite color, accommodating a large gathering. They also work as everyday markers to prevent people in your household from going through several different glasses a day. The set makes a great gift for your favorite wine-loving host, too.

Price at time of publish: $24 for 12

Best for Stemware

Graf Lantz Wine-Os

Graf Lantz Wine-Os (Set of 24)

Graf Lantz

Made to fit around a wine, coupe, or martini glass, these felt circles are subtle but distinctive. They're handmade in Los Angeles, from sustainable, liquid-resistant merino wool felt, and they come in sets of 12, with three color and style options. Rainbow is pretty self-explanatory, while Autumn has more muted earth tones, and Midcentury has bolder colors and a hexagonal shape. These charms hold tightly to any stemmed glass, but they won't really work with any other type of vessel.

Price at time of publish: $19 for 12

Best for Cans

True Zoo Citrus Wine Charms

True Fabrication Citrus Charm Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Cans aren't just for beer: Wine, cocktails, and even water are more and more commonly packed in aluminum. These multicolored silicone citrus wedges are perfect to hang off the edge of a can, no matter what's inside. (They'll also fit wine and cocktail glasses, though thicker ones could pose a problem for fit.) The wedges are completely dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, and all eight clip together into a ball for easy storage. It's hard to lose a wine charm when the whole set is in one piece!

Price at time of publish: $12 for 8

Best for Cocktails

NPW Drinking Buddies Glass Markers

NPW Drinking Buddies Cocktail Markers


Brad, Chad, Josh, Ryan, Cody, and Mitch are the names of the Speedo-clad gentlemen in this set, who hang from the edge of your glass. Each petite hunk wears a different color of swimsuit, with his name printed on his behind. The Drinking Buddies set definitely lends itself to a poolside drink, like a mojito or blended piña colada, and it's perfect for a bachelorette party. (The same company also makes a cowboy set, complete with butt-less chaps.)

However, partygoers should probably remove these wine charms before taking sips since they only hold on with their tiny plastic hands and are prone to falling off the glass. They're also made of painted PVC and are hand wash-only. But they make for a fun and laugh-inducing gift.

Price at time of publish: $12 for 6

Best Personalized

Voxel Prints Custom Wine Charms


Courtesy of Etsy

You can order these 3-D printed charms in any quantity, in 20 different colors, and saying any text you like. Names are an obvious choice, whether it's for a wedding party, gaggle of drinking buddies, or rec-league sports team. But other fun options abound: north, south, east, and west for bridge; identities for a murder-mystery night; characters in Dungeons & Dragons. The charms are made from eco-friendly bioplastic and clip simply around the stem of a wine glass. They could also clip on a stemless glass, albeit a bit awkwardly.

Price at time of publish: $8 for 1 to $231 for 200 (price varies by quantity)

Best Splurge

Joanna Buchanan Jeweled Wine Charms


Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

These charms might do the same job as cheaper versions, but they do it much more fancily. Literally jewelry for your drink, the set includes six colors and shapes of gem on golden rings. (Okay, the gems are glass and the rings are zinc, but still.) The flexible rings will fit around pretty much any size of stemmed glass.

This designer version of the wine charm makes a great housewarming, host, or wedding gift. Maker Joanna Buchanan specializes in eye-catching table- and barware, and if you don't like the jewel style there are a range of other charming options, from glittery bees to nautical flags to bedazzled snowflakes. All the sets include six charms, packed in an elegant gift box.

Price at time of publish: $78 for 6

Final Verdict

The Simply Charmed Crystal Magnetic Charms are subtle, yet chic, making them great for a wedding party, brunch, or wine night in with friends. For a personalized option, VoxelPrints Custom Wine Charms can be 3D printed with any names (or other words), in 20 different colors.

What to Look for in Wine Charms


Wine charms might be made of metal, plastic, silicone, glass, fabric—the options are as endless as there are styles of charm. The material mostly matters for price, as well as cleaning: Some charms can go straight into the dishwasher, while others have to be carefully washed and dried by hand. They're unlikely to get very dirty unless there's a spill, but it's still something to consider.

Attachment Style

The most common type of wine charm clips around the stem of a traditional wine or martini glass. These are nice and secure but won't work with any kind of stemless glass—like a pint glass or rocks glass, for example. Others perch on the rim of the vessel and can be used with all kinds of glasses or mugs. However, these can fall off easily and get in the way of actually sipping the drink. Our top pick is kind of the best of both worlds: A magnet holds the charm in place securely and will work with almost any type of glass.

Set Size

It's pretty unlikely that you'll ever need only a single wine charm—they're made to be used in groups! Most sets come in groups of between six and a dozen, with a different design or color on each charm. Consider how large of gatherings you're planning to throw, or how many people are in the wedding party or group you're buying a gift. The nice thing about buying wine charms in a set is that they often come with a gift box or other storage solution to keep them all together in your drawer or cabinet.


What are wine charms for?

Ever been at a party where everybody's drinking the same wine out of the same kind of glass? It's easy to mix up yours with someone else's. Wine charms are a simple way to identify each person's glass—much more elegant (and easy to remove) than a sticker with a name on it. They also serve as decoration; a little jewelry for a drink can fit the decor or theme of the party, and just add a little visual interest.

Wine charms will secure one of two ways: around the base of the stem or on the rim of the glass. Others will also clip on via a magnet. Wine charms that secure around the base of the glass will stay put the longest, while charms that sit around the lip of the glass may teeter. 

How do you clean wine charms?

Wine charms aren't likely to get very dirty, as they sit on the outside of the glass. But of course, spills are inevitable. Pretty much any type of wine charm can be wiped with a cloth or rinsed off in the sink; just make sure to dry them thoroughly before you put them away. Some options are even dishwasher-safe, especially if made of silicone.

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