The Best Wines to Use for Sangria

Two cups of sangria

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One of the beauties of sangria recipes is that you can use a variety of different wines in the recipe mix. Wines that have not been finished the day before often find their way into a sangria recipe. Wines in the $10 category also make for a perfect sangria blend.

All of the wines listed here are solid wines on their own and have been selected for their specific flavor profiles and style components that tend to highlight the various fruit additions in the specific sangria recipes.

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    Mirassou Pinot Grigio (California)

    Mirassou pino grigio


    This particular pinot grigio would make for a fine foundation in the "just peachy" or basic white wine sangria recipes. The peach undertones of this pinot grigio accent the true peach fruit in the blend of fruit and wine.

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    Campo Viejo Tempranillo (Spain)

    Bottle of Campo Viejo tempranillo

    Campo Viejo 

    This Rioja red wine, made from Spain's famous Tempranillo grape, brings out the authenticity of any red wine sangria recipe. Consider it if you are shooting for a strawberry or raspberry sangria.

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    Salneval Albarino (Spain)

    Salneval Albarino

    Sam's Club

    Another authentic Spanish wine, this one with a focus on the white wine category. The Salneval Albarino is a strong contender for white wine sangria recipes. You'll get super citrus flavors—perfect for lemon, lime and orange sangrias. Try it with ​super fruity sangria.

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    Freixenet Sparkling Cordon Negro Brut (Spain)

    Freixenet cordon negro brut


    This sparkling wine from Spain not only adds authenticity through its regional roots but also offers a solid foundation for any layers of fruit found in a myriad of sangria recipes. Give it a go with citrus, pineapple, pear or apple-accented sangria. It has good potential with a passion fruit sangria

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    Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

    Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon

    Smoking Loon 

    This Smoking Loon cab has a juicy, fruit-filled jammy texture. It is well-suited for red wine sangria recipes that include lots of berries. Whether you use raspberry, blackberry, blueberry or strawberry, there is plenty of fruit in the wine to support the berry mix. 

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    Mark West Pinot Noir (California)

    Mark West Pinot Noir

    Mark West 

    Can you say ripe raspberry and juicy strawberry? This wine is a great value pinot noir, so if you pop the top and have a bit left over the next day, consider using it as a base wine for any red wine sangria recipe. 

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    Maipe Malbec (Argentina)

    Maipe malbec


    The Maipe Malbec is perfect for virtually any red wine sangria recipe. The fruit, structure, and versatility of this red wine support a variety of fruit in a sangria combination. 

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    Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel (California)

    Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin

    Gnarly Head 

    This is a wine of surprising depth and fruit for the price—vintage in and vintage out. Juicy dark berry fruit, mainly cherry, blackberry, and plum, are spotlighted in this Zinfandel and make for a great mixer in a dark berry fruit-based sangria