7 Back to School Snacks

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    Great Back to School Snacks

    Get to Snacking. Laura Agra

    Back to school means lots of things for parents in the kitchen.  Weeknight dinners get a fresh look, lunchboxes need to be packed, and of course, there is a never ending need for snacks.  Here are a new batch to discover that you can feel good about.

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    Enjoy Life Plentil Crunchy Lentil Chips

    Enjoy Life Plentils
    Enjoy Life Light Sea Salt Plentils, Crunchy Lentil Chips.

    Chips with benefits. Enjoy Life has taken the nutritional powerhouse of lentils and turned it into a crunchy protein-packed snack.  If you don't feel like mentioning the word lentils to your kids, they will probably just think it’s an awesome puffed snack.  It’s easy to keep crunching these chips. We definitely liked the light sea salt the most, with its simple flavor. 

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    Barbara’s Original Cheese Puffs

    Barbara's Original Cheese Puffs
    Barbara's Original Cheese Puffs.

    There is something irresistible about a cheese puff.  These are puffs you can feel good about giving to your kids (and snacking on yourself).  They are light and while they have a nice real-cheese flavor, it’s not overpowering.  They are made with blue cheese and cheddar, very low in sugar.

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    Boom Chicka Bites Mixed Berry Ancient Grain Popcorn Clusters

    Boom Chicka Bites Mixed Berry
    Boom Chicka Bites Mixed Berry Ancient Grain Popcorn Clusters.

    These are really great.  Blueberries, cranberries and raspberries are clustered up with popped sorghum, puffed amaranth and popcorn.  Sweet, with an excellent texture.  Very clean ingredient list. Gluten free.

    Boom Chicka Bites

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    Fusion Jerky - Island Teriyaki Pork

    Island Teriyaki Fusion Jerky
    Island Teriyaki Pork Fusion Jerky.

    My family does love a good jerky and they really liked some of the flavors from Fusion Jerky. And I love that this is a high protein snack that minimally processed with clean discernible flavors.  The Island Teriykai Pork jerky elicited these comments: “Perfect mix of flavoring,” “Just sweet enough to be perfect”.  Preservative free,  Gluten free.

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    Fusion Jerky - Rosemary Citrus Turkey

    Rosemary Citrus Fusion Jerky
    Rosemary Citrus Turkey Fusion Jerky.

    And I am especially happy to find good turkey jerky (and I like to say turkey jerky).  My whole family (devoted meat eaters) also loved this version.  My kids said “to me, the most like plain jerky with a VERY light hint of citrus” and named it his “favorite of all of the flavors".


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    Halfpops - Aged White Cheddar

    Aged White Cheddar Halfpops
    Aged White Cheddar Halfpops.

    You might think half popped kernels would be hard on the teeth but these are popped just the right amount to get plenty of crunch, but no dental bills.  The aged white cheddar flavor was pretty perfect, not that cloying level of fake cheese powder that coats many a packaged cheesy popcorn.  Gluten free.

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    Halfpops - Caramel and Sea Salt

    Caramel & Sea Salt Halfpops
    Caramel & Sea Salt Halfpops.

    The caramel and sea salt was also a well-balanced flavor blend, the right hits of sweet and salty.  Much lower in sugar than most other versions of caramel corn, but the right amount to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Super crunchy and very satisfying to munch on.  The Butter and Pure Ocean Sea Salt version was also amazing.   Gluten free.