10 Bewitching Halloween Martinis

Halloween Cocktails With Creepy Style

There are many great cocktails for Halloween and many of them, shall we say, are more gimmick than taste. This list, on the other hand, is all about the taste and is filled with great 'martinis' that are styled to be flavorful party cocktails while retaining some of the creepy fun that is Halloween.

From "deadly" classics to frightful modern mixes, this list is filled with some of the best drinks you'll serve at your Halloween party.

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    Obituary Cocktail
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    Add absinthe to the classic Gin Martini and you will have this gorgeous and powerful Obituary Cocktail. It is also a classic drink and, in my book, as timeless as the more popular martini.

    If you are unfamiliar with the taste of absinthe, the Obituary Cocktail may take some getting used to because it has a very strong anise flavor. This is also not the tamest of drinks and it may be best to limit yourself to one; think of the name as a warning.

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    Mad Eye Martini
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    This drink is a sweet and easy vodka cocktail that can quickly become a favorite mix for any occasion, far beyond Halloween. It is the garnish, however, that brings the Mad Eye Martini into the great Halloween cocktail mix.

    The eyeball garnish looks disgusting and has that perfect creepy Halloween vibe, but you will be surprised at how delicious it is. The garnish is made with lychee, red fruit preserves, and a blueberry and it is the perfect compliment to the Hpnotiq-vodka-lychee cocktail it...MORE adorns.

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    Black Martini
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    There are a number of ways to make a Black Martini and two of those recipes are included in this link. The best tasting includes vodka, blue curacao, and black raspberry liqueur and creates a very dark cocktail hiding a great fruit combination.

    Yet another Black Martini option is to make a Vodka Martini with black-colored vodka. Blavod is the commercially available option, though if you're in a DIY mood, grab some food coloring and your favorite vodka. All the tips are on the recipe page.

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    The Great Pumpkin Cocktail
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    Rarely do we do an infusion with Scotch, but it is a recipe like The Great Pumpkin that can be inspirational to do this more often. The infusion here is of roasted pumpkin and it works very well with the whisky, though you will have to allow a couple of days for the flavor to reach its peak.

    Once you have this fun infusion, simply mix ginger liqueur, lemon, and maple syrup with it and The Great Pumpkin is created. It's a sophisticated twist on the average pumpkin cocktail and an impressive...MORE flavor combination you will not forget.

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    Midnight Martini
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    This Midnight Martini is a nice and easy vodka cocktail that requires just two ingredients and it is dark as night. The mix is, quite simply, vodka and coffee liqueur, though you can mix it up a bit by choosing a flavored vodka.

    Another option for this one is to add a flavored simple syrup to compliment the coffee flavor. My preference is cinnamon, though hazelnut, amaretto, and other coffee-complementing flavors would be great as well.

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    Jim's Diablo Cocktail created by Jim Meehan
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    A new take on El Diablo, Jim's Diablo was created by Jim Meehan and brings the same flavors into the mix in a different form.

    Tequila is the base for this devilishly good cocktail and to that the sweet taste of creme de cassis and the snap of a great ginger liqueur are added. It is a simple drink with a ton of flavor and will quickly become the hit of the party.

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    Corpse Reviver #2 Cocktail
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    One of the many cocktails to take on the name, the Corpse Reviver #2 is a classic cocktail that may just wake the dead. It will make a stunning addition to any party and impress guests with even the most sophisticated of palates.

    The mix is one of gin and Lillet Blanc or Cocchi Americano with an orange liqueur and a dash of absinthe to liven everything up. Even if you are not entertaining for Halloween, this is a drink you should try.

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    Spider's Kiss Cocktail with Midori Melon Liqueur - Halloween Cocktails

    Halloween is the perfect excuse to play with color. If you're looking for glowing green cocktails, a melon liqueur like Midori is essential. 

    The glowing green liquid of the Spider's Kiss is eerily enhanced by a web of chocolate, but it doesn't stop there. A drizzle of grenadine finishes off this fruity drink in bloody style.

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    Ghost-tini Cocktail
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    We cannot have a Halloween party without some sweet treats and this Ghost-tini recipe packs in the yummy flavors.

    The drink mixes Irish cream with vanilla vodka and pumpkin liqueur, though the goodies are in the garnishes. Don't forget the chocolate cookie rim or the squiggly gummy worms and, if you like, add dry ice, but be careful.

    Make sure that anyone drinking any cocktail with dry ice knows that they are not to consume it, the consequences can be deadly or, at least, very damaging to...MORE internal organs. For this reason, I tend to recommend not adding dry ice to drinks.

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    Satan's Whiskers Cocktail
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    Give your Perfect Martini a little citrus boost in this stunning and easy cocktail. Beware, though, Satan's Whiskers is not a drink for the faint of heart, it's taller than most martinis and one of the more potent brews you'll mix up.

    The recipe is quite simple. Choose your favorite gin, add both sweet and dry vermouth along with a little Grand Marnier. Dose it with some fresh orange juice, then orange bitters and you have a citrus cocktail that is a flavorful delight.