Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker Review

Make quality cups of coffee for an affordable price

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Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum CHAMBORD French Press

The Spruce Eats 

What We Like

  • Classic design

  • Affordable for first-time French press users

  • Broad range of sizes and finishes

  • Small size option is portable

What We Don't Like

  • Plunger mechanism can wobble

  • Some grounds in mug

  • Frame around glass carafe slips slightly

Bottom Line

The Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker is a classic choice for tabletop coffee-making, and it’s a high-quality device for a reasonable price.


Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum CHAMBORD French Press

The Spruce Eats 

The French press is a no-fuss style of coffee-making for those who love a good cup of joe. Since the 1950s, the Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker has been a top choice for this technique, which involves steeping coarse grounds in a carafe filled with hot water before filtering with a mesh-based plunger. Though press coffee makers require more attention than automatic machines, they’re considered well worth the extra effort by many home-brewing enthusiasts. We wondered if the Bodum CHAMBORD is still the gold standard among coffee-making devices in this category and decided to put the device to the test. Read on for our findings.

Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker
The Spruce Eats 

Design: Timeless aesthetic

With its chrome-plated steel frame, D-shaped handle, and domed lid with round plunger, Bodum’s bistro-style design is what most people picture when they think of a French press. Bodum has been making this design since the ‘50s, and over the years, the brand has expanded its line to include four sizes—12 ounces (which we tested), 17 ounces, 34 ounces, and 51 ounces—in nine finishes.

Bodum Chambord Press
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We found the 12-ounce size to be the ideal choice for a single coffee drinker, as it was small enough to take to work or on a trip and left no wasted brew.

The Spruce Eats  

Performance: Simple and elegant

With straightforward instructions on the package and an online how-to video, the Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker is easy enough for first timers to use. The transparent glass carafe ensures you don’t plunge too soon, because you can clearly see the color of the brew.

Bodum CHAMBORD plunger
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While testing, we discovered that it’s important to hold the handle firmly while plunging (the large grip makes this easy). However, the plunger does feel a little wobbly on this model. A smoother, tighter plunger might help prevent grounds from slipping past the mesh liner and ending up at the bottom of your coffee cup, as they did with ours. For some French press users, these rogue grounds are a sign of authenticity, but many modern French presses alleviate this nuisance.

Bodum Chambord
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Cleaning: Small effort with big payout

One of the downsides of French press coffee is that the whole system must be cleaned after every use to remove any bitter residue. With the Bodum CHAMBORD, you have to remove a small screw that connects the cross plate, mesh, and spiral plate to the plunger/lid in order to clean the parts separately. This disassembly takes no longer than a minute, but it could be challenging for coffee drinkers with certain physical limitations, such as the loss of fine motor skills. Once we washed everything (by hand, although the product is also dishwasher-safe), we were able to reassemble the press in just a few minutes.

We found the 12-ounce size to be the ideal choice for a single coffee drinker, as it was small enough to take to work or on a trip and left no wasted brew.

Price: A great value

Across its four sizes, this French press is neither the least nor most expensive option out there. However, its stylish design and variety of finishes make it a great value for the money and an excellent first French press for coffee lovers.

Competition: Depends on your needs

Comparing the Bodum maker to the Kona French Press Coffee Maker is essentially comparing the original to the newcomer. The Bodum CHAMBORD has a classic design and more color options, but the Kona model is less expensive. We thought both models made excellent cups of coffee, so ultimately, your selection might come down to budget or design preference.

While the Bodum’s glass construction is lightweight, portable, and provides a clear view of the coffee, the Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker boasts a double-wall, stainless steel carafe. Not only does this material better insulate the brew, but it also gives the device a sleek design worthy of a statement piece. We thought the plunger had a tighter seal, too, although that means more resistance when pressing. Frieling also offers five sizes to Bodum’s four, but the Frieling models are at least twice as expensive.

Final Verdict

Start with the classic.

For a first-time French press coffee maker, the Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker is a terrific purchase. We’d recommend the 12-ounce version, which lets you get a feel for the brewing style and decide if it’s worth the time and cleaning. The price is reasonable, the design is classic, and it’s easy to clean and reassemble.


  • Product Name Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker
  • Product Brand Bodum
  • Price $15.99
  • Color Chrome, cork, black, copper, gold, and more
  • Size Options 12-, 17-, 34-, and 51-ounce carafes
  • Materials Stainless steel, glass, plastic
  • Warranty 1 year, limited
  • What's Included French press and measuring spoon