Bohemia Clasica Beer: A Mexican Lager

Beer brewing - dried hops held in hands
Dried hops used to make beer. Bohemia has a nice, mild hoppy finish. Georgia Glynn Smith/Getty Images

Bohemia Clasica is a pale Mexican lager that has become a popular choice for beer drinkers looking for a brew that is readily available and affordable. It is a step above many of the other lagers produced in Mexico.

While it is lighter than many of the best lagers in the world, it does have a nice hoppiness and is an enjoyable beer on occasion. The brewery describes it as having “deep subtle aromas of fruits, roasted barley, and minerals give way to flavors that have almost cocoa-like bitterness and sweet hints of vanilla at the same time.”

Though their description may be a little grandiose, under close inspection, some of those flavors can be found.

The Review

Another Mexican lager. That was the thought that crossed my mind when I got a six-pack of Bohemia Classica. I have not been very impressed with the other Mexican pale lagers that I’ve tried in the past. The brewers seem to realize that their beer is simply an alcoholic medium for a wedge of lime so, why put any flavor in it?

Despite this, I wanted to be fair with this new — well, new to me — lager and took my time working through the six-pack. I tried the beer alone and with meals. I let it warm in the glass and in the bottle to give it a chance to impress me at different temperatures.

While it doesn’t compete with some of the great mouth-filling lagers of Europe, it’s clearly superior to the other Mexican pale lagers and American macrobrews .

Tasting Notes

Bohemia pours a very clear pale straw. An average white head falls pretty quickly. The aroma is subtle with hints of sweet grain. The flavor starts sweet and light with some hoppy bitter rising to the end. I didn’t pick up any of the notes that the brewery advertises but, the drink ends with a very pleasing hoppy snap which, I suppose, could be that cocoa-like bitterness.

This beer is definitely a pale lager with all of the light character and simple flavors that mark the style. It’s not of the big, bold ilk that characterizes the beers celebrated by the craft beer movement. However, it is an enjoyable beer and a step above the insipid, watery lagers that dominate the market.

More Info

  • Mexican pale lager.
  • Light, subtle flavors with a nice hoppy finish.
  • Produced by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma of Monterrey, Mexico
  • 4.7% ABV

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.