Boneless Top Loin Steak

New York strip steak - boneless top loin steak
Derrick Riches

The boneless top loin steak might just be the most famous steak -- but not by this name. More commonly known as a strip steak or New York strip, this is one of the most popular steaks in restaurants and grocery stores. As the name implies, the top loin steak comes from the top portion of the short loin primal cut. Though not as tender as cuts from the tenderloin, the top loin steak can be a great combination of the flavor of a rib-eye steak and the tenderness of a filet mignon. 

The top loin steak is similar to the sirloin steak but with the bone and tenderloin removed. Generally, this cut will be less expensive than the superior sirloin steak, but watch the prices to avoid being overcharged. If the price per pound is the same or close to that of the sirloin, we recommend going with the better steak.

It is important to note about this steak that, depending on the grade, the marbling, and source it can be either wonderful or very mediocre. This is because the top loin can be an in-between steak, so talk to your butcher and look for a high number of fine lines of fat inside the meat portion. This is what will give it a better flavor. Generally, you can see the difference. Look for white flecks through the meat of the steak itself.

Because of the balance of tenderness and flavor, this steak can be cooking virtually any way you want as long as it is hot and fast. Great grilled, this steak is also perfect for the pan, as in a very hot cast iron pan. Salt well, and season lightly since a good version of this steak needs very little help. 

Also Known As: Ambassador steak, boneless club steak, hotel style steak, Kansas City steak, New York strip steak, strip loin steak, veiny steak, Chateaubriand (by some American butchers).