Best Bread Pudding Recipes

New Orleans Bread Pudding With Whiskey Sauce
Diana Rattray

Make a delicious bread pudding for a great family dessert, or bake one for a special occasion.

Here are some of my favorites, including comforting traditional spiced bread pudding recipes, slow cooker bread puddings, and several using fruit.

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    Old-Fashioned Biscuit Pudding

    biscuit pudding with leftover biscuits, bread pudding

     Diana Rattray

    This wonderful biscuit pudding is an old-fashioned favorite made with vanilla, eggs, and milk. You might remember your grandmother making this pudding.

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    Bread Pudding With Bourbon Sauce

    bread pudding with bourbon sauce
    Diana Rattray

    This is a signature bread pudding from Kentucky's Beaumont Inn. The sweet bourbon sauce isn't overpowering, and the buttermilk gives it a nice tang.

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    Egg Custard Bread Pudding with Nutmeg

    Custard Bread Pudding
    Diana Rattray

    Nutmeg gives this comforting bread pudding egg custard flavor, or use cinnamon swirl bread and ground cinnamon for the cinnamon variation shown in the photo. 

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    Slow Cooker Spiced Bread Pudding

    Bread Pudding with Raisins
    Diana Rattray

    This easy bread pudding is actually cooked in the slow cooker. The pudding is flavored with spices and vanilla. Top it off with a dessert sauce or whipped cream.

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    Chocolate Bread Pudding

    Chocolate bread pudding in casserole dish.
    Anita Schecter

    This chocolate bread pudding is a chocolate lover's dream! It's made with cocoa, chocolate chips, and a decadent chocolate and cream topping.

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    Pumpkin Bread Pudding

    Pumpkin Bread Pudding
    Diana Rattray

    A moist and delicious bread pudding, and it's the perfect dessert for fall and winter dinners or parties. Raisins or chopped pecans can be used in place of the dried cranberries, or try another chopped dried fruit. Drizzle a dessert sauce over the pudding, or use a spiced syrup.

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    New Orleans Bread Pudding With Whiskey Sauce

    New Orleans Bread Pudding With Whiskey Sauce
    Diana Rattray

    This classic New Orleans bread pudding is served with a thick and rich whiskey sauce. It will make you feel like you're dining in the French quarter.

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    Old-Fashioned Sliced Bread Pudding

    simple bread pudding with raisins and caramel sauce

     Diana Rattray

    This tasty bread and butter pudding may seem simple, but the flavors are anything but. Dress this comforting dessert up with a homemade or purchased caramel sauce.

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    Apple-Cinnamon Bread Pudding

    apple bread pudding
    Diana Rattray

    Serve this wonderful bread pudding with the included apple brandy sauce, or top it with your favorite dessert sauce.

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    Pineapple Bread Pudding with Pecans

    pineapple bread pudding with brown sugar sauce

     Diana Rattray

    Crushed pineapple and pecans give this warm and inviting bread pudding texture and flavor. This is wonderful with a creamy vanilla sauce.

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    Sweet Potato Bread Pudding With Dates and Pecans

    Sweet Potato Bread Pudding
    Diana Rattray

    Dates and pecans add flavor and texture to this delicious sweet potato bread pudding. Serve this bread pudding with caramel sauce or brown sugar sauce.

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    Spiced Peach Bread PUdding

    Peach Bread Pudding With Butterscotch Sauce
    Diana Rattray

    Canned peaches and juice go into this moist, delicious peach bread pudding. Feel free to change it up with apricots or pineapple. Serve this bread pudding with a caramel or butterscotch sauce.

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    Cranberry Orange Bread Pudding

    cranberry orange bread pudding
    Diana Rattray

     This excellent bread pudding is a great dessert choice for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or any fall or winter meal. If possible, use a rich bread like a brioche or challah.

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    Blueberry Bread Pudding

    Blueberry Bread Pudding

    Diana Rattray

    Make this rich blueberry bread pudding with day-old bread or use a buttery brioche, croissants, or challah. Top it off with a dollop of whipped cream and your favorite dessert sauce. Or make this blueberry sauce to go with the pudding.