A Collection of German Bread Spread Recipes

These tasty German spreads are typically served for abendbrot or "evening bread."

This is a meal that is usually set out and eaten as a family, with everyone assembling his or her favorite open-faced sandwiches from the choices available at the table.

In addition to wonderful cheeses and sausages, a huge assortment of spreads appears on the groaning board of delights to be slathered on freshly baked dark German bread or seeded varieties.

Most of these spreads are easy to make on a weeknight to be served on bread, bagels, chips, vegetables, and in a wrap. Many of them can replace the mayonnaise in a sandwich or even stand on their own.

You also can freeze some spreads portioning with an ice cream scoop, a perfect amount for a sandwich, and quick freezing it on a parchment-lined pan and then tossed into a zip-top bag for longer storage. When you're ready to make a sandwich, take out a scoop, pop it in a container, including bread or crackers in your brown bag and it thaws by lunch!