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International Breakfast

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Because breakfast is the foundation of our day, it reflects the culture we belong to in a unique, subtle way. Take farmers in the American South who wake up with the roosters and work outdoors. Surely, their breakfast looks starkly different from bartenders in Tel Aviv, suiting-up for the job at 9 pm. Dabble, dip, and get a taste for how each culture enjoys breakfast.

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    Louisiana Grillades and Grits

    Grillades and grits
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    Made with medallions of beef and creamy grits, Louisiana grillades and grits will put some meat on your bones. It’s one of many delicious dishes from Creole cuisine, which was born in the American South and blends West African, French, Spanish influences. 

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    Southern Sausage Gravy and Biscuits

    sausage gravy and biscuits

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    “Sausage, gravy, and biscuits” just sounds satisfying, doesn’t it? This recipe calls for cooking the sausage in a separate skillet from the roux, but you very well could work it all together in one pot. Just start by browning the sausage before adding your flour, bit-by-bit. After your flour is well incorporated, stir in your milk, adjusting its thickness as you go. 

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    Banana Bread French Toast

    banana bread french toast

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    Sure, it’s technically called “French toast” but rehashing day-old bread exists in every culture. To ensure that your banana bread soaks up as much eggy mixture as possible, heat your oven to 350 F, slice your bread, and toast it for about 30 minutes. 

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    Apple Empanadas

    Abuela's Apple Empanadas recipe

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    Empanadas are easily found throughout Latin America. That said, the empanadas in Mexico are made from masa, or corn dough, while those found in countries like Argentina are made with pastry dough. These sweet empanadas fall into the latter category and are filled with apples and raisins. 

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    Salsa Verde Chilaquiles

    Salsa Verde Chilaquiles recipe

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    Chilaquiles is a Mexican dish, typically enjoyed for breakfast or lunch. Tortillas are first quartered and fried before being simmered in salsa and showered in toppings. Sure, you can buy tortilla chips, but we really think it’s worth preparing your tortillas fresh

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    Classic French Croissants

    four butter croissants on plate

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    The French refer to their breakfast as “petit déjeuner”, or “small lunch,” and there’s a reason for that: they tend to eat light for this meal. If you gibe with the French in this regard, fold together some croissants.  This classic French pastry should be both flaky and buttery, a result that is potentially fussy to achieve. To this end, know that there are more ways than one, to make a croissant

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    Croque Monsieur

    Croque Monsieur recipe

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    The croque monsieur isn’t traditionally eaten for breakfast in France but it’s gooey and warm, just like how breakfast should be. If you feel that the eggs are missing, well you’re in luck! A croque madame is the same sandwich, but with a fried egg placed on top. 

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    Spanish Eggs in Purgatory

    Spanish purgatory eggs recipe

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    Like the French, the Spanish enjoy light fares like pastries and hot chocolate for breakfast. Though if you want to enjoy a more hearty dish, Spanish eggs in purgatory are your friend. To make this dish vegetarian, simply substitute the chorizo for tempeh and sprinkle-in some smoked paprika. 

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    Spanish Omelet

    Spanish Omelet (Tortilla Española) recipe

    The Spruce

    The Spanish omelet is the subject of much contention—some prefer it with more potatoes, others swear by undercooking the eggs, and still, others insist on caramelizing the onions before adding the potatoes to fry. Any way you slice it, it’s going to be darn good. 

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    Dutch Baby Pancakes

    Dutch Baby Pancakes recipe

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    German’s do breakfast a bit differently from their Belgian neighbors, trading in the neatly stamped grids on Belgian waffles for the fluffy and freeform Dutch baby pancakes. For best results, bring your eggs and milk to room temperature before adding them to your batter.  

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    Georgian Cheese Bread

    Acharuli Khachapuri - Georgian Cheese Bread

    The Spruce / Barbara Rolek

    Georgia is a small country situated between Turkey and Russia and in the past, it served as an important trade route pit-stop. So in spite of its size, Georgian cuisine is both rich and varied. Enjoy this Georgian cheese bread, which uses Sulgini, a brined cheese that is native to Georgia. 

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    Turkey and Parmesan Tart

    Savory turkey parmesan tart recipe

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    Although lunch and dinner are emphasized over breakfast in Italy, it’s never too early to enjoy a turkey and parmesan tart. Parmesan is named after the Parma region in Italy, located in the north. Though if you’re curious to use this as a base recipe and try the flavors from a different region in Italy, be our guest.

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    Sweet Crespelles


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    Italians eat light breakfasts, saving their appetite for lunch and dinner. To this end, make crespelles, or thin pancakes that can be enjoyed savory or sweet. Serve yours up with a moka-made caffè latte for an authentic Italian style breakfast. 

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    Semolina Flatbread


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    Semolina flour is made from durum instead of soft grain wheat, so it’s typically grainier in texture and nuttier in flavor. Moroccans use semolina flour in harcha, which they form into patties and place on the griddle. Enjoy yours with a variety of savory or sweet spreads

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    Feta Stuffed Rolls

    Poğaça- Turkish rolls
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    Unlike many Western European countries, breakfast in Turkey is a full-on spread complete with rounds of piping hot Turkish tea. To get a taste for how the Turkish do mornings, make these breakfast rolls, which are stuffed with salty feta fresh herbs.

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    Traditional Bubble and Squeak

    Bubbles and Squeak recipe

    The Spruce

    In the UK, bubble and squeak is the go-to breakfast dish for using leftovers from the night before. Perhaps the best part about the recipe is that there’s no need for rigid conformity—it’s more about improvising with the ingredients you have available. 

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    Spicy Millet Porridge

    Hausa Koko recipe

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    Spicy millet porridge, or koko, is a fermented, blended, and mildly breakfast native to the Hausa people in Western Africa. If you like this version, koko can also be made with two other common African grains: corn and sorghum. 

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    Idlis recipe

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    India has a diverse number of languages, customs, and foods. If you’d like to enjoy a South Indian style breakfast, make idlis. They’re made from a batter of fermented lentils and rice and once they’re steamed, they can be floated into stews or topped with chutney

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    Egg Curry

    egg curry recipe

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    This egg curry is from Northern India, where the curries are often thick with vegetables and spices like cumin. This recipe calls for garam masala, which is an Indian spice blend that can vary greatly, depending on the region. To stick with the Northern Indian version, keep your eyes peeled for powdered blends. 

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    Cornmeal Dumplings

    Cornmeal dumplings
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    In the Caribbean, cornmeal dumplings are a real mealtime staple. They’ll do a fine job soaking up your runny yolks, drippings, and even broths. Experiment with fine, medium, or coarse ground cornmeal and decide which texture you like best. 

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    Potato Bourekas

    Potato Borekas recipe

    The Spruce / Miri Rotkovitz

    The Israeli breakfast evolved from the dietary laws of Judaism, which forbid milk and meat to be together or at the same meal. As a result, Israelis enjoy breakfasts filled with bourekas, labneh with pita, and salads

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    Jachnun Pastry

    Yemenite Jachnun with eggs and red zchug recipe

    The Spruce / Con Poulos

    Although Yemeni cuisine may seem obscure, it contains a world of savory and unique dishes. Make jachnun, which is a pastry bread traditionally served for breakfast in Yemen. Later drizzle it in honey or roll it together with some strawberry jam

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    Cheese Blintzes

    Cheese Blintzes
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    Ashkenazi Jews brought about cheese blintzes, which are thin pancakes stuffed with farmer’s cheese, and often topped with fruit. Farmer’s cheese is fresh and mild in flavor, but it brings a velvety texture to anything it’s paired with. 

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    Potato Kugelis

    Potato Kugelis recipe

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    The whole world-over enjoys potatoes at breakfast time, and the Lithuanians have kugelis, a shredded potato pancake. Traditionally, they’re served with toppings like applesauce and sour cream. 

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    Shrimp Congee

    Shrimp congee
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    Although many American’s vision of porridge is usually sweet, congee is here to show you a different way. This Southeast Asian recipe is a rice porridge with other classic ingredients simmered-in, like fish sauce, coriander, and galangal. 

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    Korean Rolled Egg Omelet

    Korean Rolled Egg Omelette (Gaeran Mari) Recipe

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    This Korean rolled egg omelet is simple to make—just fry-up an omelet and roll it together with sheets of seaweed referred to as “gim” in Korea. Enjoy a steaming cup of roasted barley tea, or bori cha, for a complete Korean breakfast. 

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    Thai Coconut Pancakes

    Thai Coconut Pancakes Recipe

    The Spruce / D. Schmidt

    Thai coconut pancakes aren’t traditionally enjoyed for breakfast in Thailand but they still slot-in well for a morning meal. Top them with any smashed tropical fruit that you’d like, or even a savory satay sauce