Brett Moore

Brett Moore
Expertise: professional chef

Brett Moore has been a professional chef and food writer for over a decade. He has a culinary degree and experience in the restaurant industry. 


  • Degree from the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, with studies in restaurant management
  • More than 15 years of experience as a professional chef and restaurant manager
  • Owner of a restaurant, catering company, and restaurant consulting company


Brett Moore is a former writer for The Spruce, contributing a wide range of recipes and articles on food recommendations for more than 10 years. Brett is a professionally trained chef and writer who has cooked in a number of world-class kitchens from gourmet pizza shops to five-star resorts. Brett has also worked as a manager for restaurants and caterers. He was the executive chef of a 120-seat restaurant, owned a catering company, and owned a restaurant consulting and management company. He is very passionate about food, whether it is cooking, talking with local farmers, wandering the market, or testing the newest culinary tool.


Brett holds a culinary degree from the prestigious New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, where he also studied restaurant management. In addition, he has a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife biology, which gives him expertise in sustainable farming and other environmental issues that affect the food supply.

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