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Farmers Markets, Seasonal Produce & More Local Foods In British Columbia

British Columbia could, if it so chose, lay claim to being the birthplace of contemporary local eating – after all, Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, who wrote The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating, a.k.a. Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally lived in Vancouver during their experiment in hyper-local eating. The province is home to all kinds of wonderful local foods. From salmon and oysters to wild mushrooms and wine. Farmstead cheeses, ultra-fresh produce, and...MORE tender lamb are also rampant at its markets.

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    Blackberries in a Basket
    Blackberries. Photo © Paul Williams - Funkystock/Getty Images

    A wonderfully wide range of produce is grown and sold in British Columbia – from apples and greens to traditional Asian vegetables and wild-foraged mushrooms. See what to expect when with this Guide to British Columbia Fruits and Vegetables.

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    Stand at Granville Market
    Vancouver's Granville Island Public Market. Christopher Morris/Getty Images

    Every year seems to bring new markets to British Columbia. Vancouver, in particular, is chock full of them and this Guide from the BC Association of Farmers' Markets lists most of them.

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    Wild Pacific Salmon

    Different Salmon Species
    Types of Salmon. Chris Arend / Design Pics/Getty Images

    Salmon has been feeding people living in British Columbia for centuries (that we know of!). All five varieties of Pacific salmon are available in British Columbia, although chinook/king, coho/silver, and sockeye/red are the most popular for eating fresh or smoking. New to these pink-fleshed lovelies? See How to Cook Salmon to get started.

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    Dungeness Crab

    Fresh Live Crab
    Dungeness Crab. Photo © Owaki - Kulla/Getty Images
    British Columbia enjoys a Dungeness crab season that starts later - and ends later - than its neighbors to the south, a fact that leads to such delights as summer beach crab bakes. Learn more About Dungenes Crab here.
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    Granville Market Seafood in Vancouver
    Shellfish at Market. Christopher Morris/Getty Images

    The oyster beds, mussel farms, and clam flats of British Columbia produce excellent shellfish. 

    Learn about different Types of OystersHow to Shuck OystersHow to Serve Oysters and enjoy the briny bounty of the province.

    Learn more All About Mussels and then see How to Cook Mussels for great recipes.


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    Spot Prawns

    Spot Prawns on Ice
    Spot Prawns. Taesam Do/Getty Images

    The bulk of the commercial spot prawn fishery is in British Columbia, one of the few places where spot prawns are widely available at the retail level (in California, the bulk of the catch goes directly to restaurants). Spot prawns look like tiny lobsters and have a firm texture and amazingly sweet taste that many liken to the very best lobster. Learn more About Spot Prawns.

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    Wild Mushrooms

    Chanterelle Wild Mushrooms
    Fresh Chanterelles. Sanna Lindberg/Getty Images

    Cepes, morels, chanterelles, and more. The forests and glens of British Columbia are home to lots of wild mushrooms. Learn about Wild Mushroom Varieties before you head to market.

    Want to forage your own? See Harvesting Wild Mushrooms from the British Columbia Forest Practices Branch for safety tips and regulations.

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    British Columbia Wines

    British Columbia Vineyard
    Okanagan Valley Vineyard. Benjamin Rondel/Getty Images

    British Columbia is famous for its wonderful white wines, most of which hail from the Okanagan Valley (which is, it must be said, also home to some great produce). Learn more about B.C. Wines.