Delicious British Pie Recipes Sweet and Savory

Savory, sweet, shortcrust or puff pastry, even no pastry at all, Britain and Ireland have had a love affair with pies since the 12th century. Back then the pie crust was called a “coffyn” and the pie was more crust than filling unlike the pies of today.

Pie is a savory or sweet dish which is usually cooked in a container. It has a filling with a covering/or base of pastry.

The name of the pie is believed to have come from the bird, Magpie which as you know, is a collector of many things.

In Britain and Ireland, normally a pie has both a base and a covering of pastry. A base only is usually called a tart. As always, there are exceptions; a Lemon Meringue Pie has a pastry base and a covering of meringue!

Two of Britain's most famous recipes a Cornish Pasty and a Beef Wellington are not called pies but both involve a filling in pastry.

There are even pies which don't have pastry at all, such as a Shepherd's or Cottage Pie. Trust the British and Irish to not make it easy!