Best of British Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian food and British Food are not two phrases many think do belong together: that however is nonsense. Since the sixties, Britain has been a hotbed of great vegetarian food with Cranks in Covent Garden still considered the champion of the movement. 

To many, traditional British food usually are dishes like roast beef, fish and chips, and Shepherd's pie and of course, these are truly the backbone of food heritage in the UK. An interest in vegetarian food has risen year on year over the past few decades. Also, a flexible approach (known as flexitarianism) to choosing to switch on certain days of the week prompted by Sir Paul McCartney's hugely popular meat-free Monday.

Browse this collection of vegetarian recipes and you will be surprised just how varied and exciting they are, no nut roast, just a wealth of good food but without the meat. 

One last and very important point, many vegetarian recipes can be served as starters and also as mains.

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    Make it a Starter or a Main

    Cauliflower Soup

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    Vegetarian Soups, tarts, and salads are heaving with nutritious ingredients from fresh veg, to grains and pulses, herbs and spices and work so well as both starters and mains. Make it a starter or main with these great examples of the versatility of these British vegetarian soups with cauliflower, broccoli and mustard, a mixed vegetable and bean soup or a little lighter, carrot and ginger soup

    Likewise, heaping those veggies into tarts create hearty, nutritious and tasty dishes. Make them as individual or full-sized; they still taste as good. 

    Caramelized red onion and goats' cheese is a classic in the British kitchen and makes a super starter for a dinner party or is as comfortable in a lunch box. 

    And if the show-off in you wants to perform, then why not turn to a cheese and leek soufflé not as hard to make as you may think if you take a look at these handy tips. 

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    Pack It Into a Curry

    Cauliflower Curry
    Love Your Greens

    Intrinsic to traditional British food is the curry; it is a part and parcel to the history and heritage or the food. There is no better vehicle for vegetables, beans, grains, and pulses than to wrap them in curry spices and sauces. 

    Take a look at, or better still, pack it into a curry by trying this chickpea and coconut curry and say British vegetarian food isn't great. A couple of other easy to follow curry recipes that will make vegetarian converts of the staunchest carnivore are a mixed vegetable undhiyo recipe from Chef Gordon Ramsay or this Thai golden vegetable.

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    Turn Your Side Into a Main

    Bubbles and Squeak

    The Spruce

    One way to get the family to eat vegetarian food without them being aware of it is to turn a classic side dish into a meal in itself. Turn your side into a main with a baked potato served with a delicious, hefty serving of cauliflower cheese and a side salad is a warm and filling supper dish.

    Try old favorites like bubble and squeak or Irish champ with a fried egg on top and an extra serving of vegetables makes a vegetarian supper in a flash. Or try the fancy bubble but leave out the Chorizo. Instead, add in some roasted vegetables (roast beetroot is perfect for this). Another great classic that makes great vegetarian dishes is a Welsh rarebit